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You are the DNP-prepared nurse responsible for overseeing staffing for the telehealth services provided at your practice. To determine

You are the DNP-prepared nurse responsible for overseeing staffing for the telehealth services provided at your practice. To determine the number of nurses that you might need for these services, you must determine how many patients might be interested in using the telehealth services versus the traditional clinical practice setting. For a week, you ask each patient visiting the practice his or her interest in setting up a visit via telehealth services. At the conclusion of the week, you use this data and reasoning to develop a statistic of the population interested in telehealth services. You have successfully used inferential statistics to help guide your decision-making for your practice.

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The scenario outlined provides a random sampling and assumptions to develop a conclusion. With assumptions, and in this case, a small random sampling, this scenario is ripe with the possibility of error. However, how might inferential statistics be used in a valid and credible way?

The design of a study determines the validity of the results, and if done following appropriate techniques, inferential statistics can determine clear differences and help researchers to form conclusions. In your Discussion, you will focus on two forms of identifying differences in groups: t-tests and analysis of variance (ANOVA).
For this Discussion, review the Learning Resources and reflect on a healthcare issue of interest to find a research article in which to analyze the use of inferential statistical analysis. Reflect on how the study was comprised, the validity of the findings, and whether or not it increased the study’s application to EBP
To Prepare:
Consider some of the important issues in healthcare delivery or nursing practice today. Bring to mind the topics to which you have been exposed through previous courses in your program of study, as well as any news items that have caught your attention recently. Select one topic to focus on for this Discussion.
Review journal, newspaper, and/or internet articles that may provide credible information on your selected topic. Then, select one research article to focus on for this Discussion that used inferential statistical analysis (either a t-test or ANOVA) to study the topic.
With information from the Learning Resources in mind, evaluate the purpose and value of the research study discussed in your selected article and consider the following questions:
Who comprised the sample in this study?
What were the sources of data?
What inferential statistic was used to analyze the data collected (t-test or ANOVA)?
What were the findings?
Ask yourself: How did using an inferential statistic bring value to the research study? Did it increase the study’s application to evidence-based practice?
By Day 3 of Week 5
Post a brief descriiption of the topic that you selected for this Discussion. Summarize the study discussed in your selected research article and provide a complete APA citation. Be sure to include a summary of the sample studied, data sources, inferential statistic(s) used, and associated findings. Then, evaluate the purpose and value of this particular research study to the topic. Did using inferential statistics strengthen or weaken the study’s application to evidence-based practice? Why or why not? Be specific and provide examples.

Read a selection of your colleagues’ responses and respond to at least two of your colleagues on two different days in one or more of the following ways:

Ask a probing question, substantiated with additional background information, evidence, or research.
Share an insight from having read your colleagues’ postings, synthesizing the information to provide new perspectives.
Offer and support an alternative perspective using readings from the classroom or from your own research in the Walden Library.
Validate an idea with your own experience and additional research.
Suggest an alternative perspective based on additional evidence drawn from readings or after synthesizing multiple postings.
Expand on your colleagues’ postings by providing additional insights or contrasting perspectives based on readings and evidence.

Faculty of Business and Law Assignment Brief Academic Year 2018/19 Word Count

Faculty of Business and Law Assignment Brief Academic Year 2018/19

Word Count

The word count is 1750.

There will be a penalty of a deduction of 10% of the mark (after internal moderation) for work exceeding the word limit by 10% or more.

The word limit includes quotations and citations, but excludes the references list.

This assignment requires you to answer the following questions:

353FIN Coursework questions

“Managing exchange rate risk exposure is important for reducing a firm’s vulnerabilities from major exchange rate movements, which could affect profit margins, the value of assets, the value of the firm……………. “

1) Discuss why managing exchange rate risk is very important for firms and introduce the different types of exchange rate risk faced by firms. [20 Marks]

2) Critically evaluate different hedging strategies that firms can use to reduce the exchange rate risk. [40 Marks]


3) “Operational and Financial Hedging: Friend or Foe?” Drawing on literature, critically discuss financial hedging and long-term operational hedging are substitutes or complements. Will hedging add firm’s value?

[30 Marks]

An additional 10% of marks will be available for presentation, referencing, spelling and language.


You are the DNP-prepared nurse responsible for overseeing staffing for the telehealth services provided at your practice. To determine Nursing Assignment Help INFLUENCE OF AMERICAN ECONOMY ON THE SALE OF SAMSUNG


Influence of the American Economy on the Sales Samsung


Sales of Samsung in America will be highly influenced by the state of economy

Introduction (Back-ground of the company and a brief overview of the problem)

Samsung Anycall is a company based in South Korea which had a very humble beginning as a small business company in 1938. Today the company has evolved to be a world-class modern corporation whose lines of products include mobile phones, cameras, network provision and digital TV broadcast services. It is the world largest technology company in terms of revenues, the biggest Smartphone maker and television maker. It is also the second largest semiconductor chip producer. Currently it occupies a very prominent place on the world market. The company continues to seek business opportunities and explore new markets for expansion of its empire.

Electronics from Samsung Anycall inspire the global population and shape the future with transformative ideas and technological innovations that allow people to discover new experiences. With a constant focus on innovation and discovery, the company keeps redefining the worlds of Smart phones, televisions, tablets, LED solutions and digital appliances. This is what has made the company to be a global giant in its industry.

In America, the company has a big chunk of the market with the only direct competitors being Apple Inc. The company operates as an oligopoly with the market fluctuations solely dependent on the state of the economy in the country. Thus the number of sales made by the company are determined by the country’s economic state. A favorable economy increases the level of disposable income to the Americans. Consequently, they can afford to buy the electronics and this translates to increased sales while a deep in the economy leads to reduced sales by the company as the little available income is used to cater for the basic needs. This paper seeks to look at how the state of the American economy will influence the sales of Samsung products in the country.

Correlation of the State of the American Economy to the Sales of Samsung Products

Samsung Company operates under foreign direct investment (FDI) in America and it has set up a base in South Carolina to facilitate production of home appliances. The sale of these appliances together with other gadgets shipped from its parent base in South Korea requires a good business environment brought about by an optimum economy. There are various sectors in the economy that combine to influence the level of sales of the Samsung electronics. The sectors that get into play to influence sales need to be carefully evaluated to provide direction and control in a bid to stabilize sales of the company. These sectors include: transport sector, production sector, currency exchange rate among others.

The transport sector greatly influences the number of sales of Samsung products in America. When the cost of transport increases, the products reach only a small group of target customers and this translates to reduced sales to the company. Some of the areas are also inaccessible and the company’s delivery personnel are unable to exhaust the potential market. Outsourcing the delivery services to companies specialized in this field, such as Amazon, is a strategy that will increase sales of the company. Some of the products the company produces are fragile and need specialized handling equipment if they are to be transported over long distances. Delivery companies are able to do this and the strategy adds to increased sales in the long-run.

Production sector is another part of the economy that impact on the sales from the Samsung Company. The production cost of the products is what determines the overall price of sale. In American economy where individuals specialize and sharpens a skill in one area, outsourcing of the production processes proves to be cheaper rather than investing capital and this is a strategy that would help in price reduction of the products and will lead to increased sales.

The dollar exchange rate impacts on the overall price of gadgets from the company. When the economy is stable and growing, the currency strengthens and increases in value. Since Samsung is a foreign company in America operating under FDI, some of it products and raw materials are shipped from South Korea. This mean that use of different currency comes into play. A weakening dollar contributes to the increase of Samsung imports. The increased prices contribute to diminished sales, and the result is diminished profits for the company in the long-run. In order to curb this influence of currency fluctuations, Samsung need to develop a stable pricing strategy for its product that is rigid and free of influence by the decline or incline in the value of the dollar. It can do this by harmonizing the prices in the different states and making the decision of using the dollar currency when setting up prices for company’s products.

As observed, there are good strategies that will counter the problems that arise due to change in the economy. The problems when not dealt with will lead to reduced sales in the company.


Bajaj, A. (2017). A Study on Market Segmentation of Samsung Electronics Ltd. With special References to Mobile Phones. International Journal of Advance Research, Ideas and Innovations in Technology, 3(5), 367-372.

Choi, P. P. (2016). Evolution of Samsung group and its central office: Imperfect market and capacity-building. Asian Business & Management, 15(5), 370-398.

Lebergott, S. (2015). The American Economy: Income, Wealth and Want (Vol. 1412). Princeton University Press.

Running head: Implied Terms and Exclusion Clauses 1 Implied Terms and Exclusion

Running head: Implied Terms and Exclusion Clauses 1

Implied Terms and Exclusion Clauses 4

Implied Terms and Exclusion Clauses

Name of Student:

Name of Institution:


This paper seeks to determine the nature and extent of Fabien’s liability and analyze the applicable legal rules. I will be advising Sian on the implied condition as to quality of goods, circumstances under which a person might be held to have breached the condition.


Did Fabien breach implied term relating to quality or fitness for purpose?


The provisions for the implied term as to quality or fitness for purpose is found in the SGA 1979 section 14 (1). Under section 14 (2), it is an implied term that the goods supplied by the seller in the course of business are of satisfactory quality in every sale of goods contract. A term providing that the goods shall be fit for purpose shall be implied to the contract where the seller, directly or by implication, was aware of the purpose for which the goods were being supplied. This is in accordance with section 14 (3) and Griffiths v Peter Conway [1939] 1 All ER 685.


Fabien’s website is designed to appeal to business customers who are running their own restaurants. Being his target market, it is possible to imply that Fabien knew the purpose for which the recipes were supplied (he knew the recipes were to be used in restaurants). The recipe was not fit for purpose for which such recipe was supplied thereby being in breach of s 14 (2). The loss suffered is not too remote.


Fabien breached implied term as to quality and fitness for purpose.


Whether the clause is capable of limiting Fabien’s liability?


Section 55 of the SGA 1979 permits parties to vary or limit liability arising under a sale of goods contract. This includes liability which is implied under SGA 1979. However, this is subject to the Unfair Contract Terms Act 1977 (UCTA 1977) and Consumer Rights Act 2015 (CRA 2015). The limitation is applicable to both warranties and conditions. This was held in Air Transworld v Bombardier [2012] EWHC 243. The limitation or exclusive clause are always strictly construed against the person relying on them.


The limitation clause is clear and limits the Fabien’s liability to the contract price. It can be construed to limit the implied term provided under section 14 of the Act. Such similar application can be seen in Air Transworld v Bombardier. The contract exits between parties from different countries. UCTA 1977 is not applicable based on section 26.


The limitation of liability clause is capable of limiting Fabien’s liability.


Is Fabien liable for the loss resulting from the virus?


Section 14 of the SGA 1979 provides for circumstances under which a term relating to quality or fitness for purposes can be implied into a contract. Based on the definition of goods under section 61 of SGA 1979 and the elaboration provided in St Albans City and District Council v International Computers [1996] 4 All ER 481 it was held that software not supplied in a tangible disc cannot be said to be the goods.


The contract was for the sale of the recipe. There is no contract relating to the supply of software and virus, thereby limiting the application of the SGA 1979, CRA 2015 and the UCTA 1977.The virus and the recipe were both downloaded and thus not good based on the section 61 SGA and St Albans City and District Council v International Computers [1996] 4 All ER 481 and as such loss cannot be recovered under the SGA. Sale of Goods Act only applies to a contract for the supply of goods.


Fabien is not liable for the lose arising from the virus.

Final Conclusion

Fabien supplying defective recipe was in breach of implied term relating to quality and fitness for purpose. Fabien, by implication, was aware of the purposes for which the goods were supplied and the supplied recipe caused stomach pains to Sian’s customers making it defective.

Fabien’s liability, however, it limited by the clause in the contract. The clause limits this to the extent of the contract price. In getting legal redress, Sian can only sue Fabien for the contract price. He cannot obtain damages beyond the contract price. He cannot therefore obtain compensation for the loss suffered from the bad recipe.



Description of ways through which MacDougall family represents a rare and valuable resource to a global company

There are a number of ways through which the MacDougall family represents a rare but valuable resource to a multinational company. To start with, MacDougall family is a clear representation of expatriates in their professional fields. A close look at the case study reveals a number of things about some of the family members who are knowledgeable in more than one field. Looking at the case of Lachlan, it is very clear that he is not only an excellent information technologist, but is also highly skilled in business and architecture fields. He had gained these skills through a series of trainings that he went through different institutions of higher learning. Lisa on the other hand is also a skilled researcher while at the same time having management consultancy skills. Having these skills contributed significantly towards helping them get opportunities in different multinational organizations while at the same time getting promotions within a very short time period in these organizations.

It is also evident that Lachlan goes beyond every barrier in his way to become the second in command in one of the best information technology firms in the region. He managed to rise to power in the organization despite being an architectural undergraduate whose skills were not in line with the skills needed in the Information Technology organization. It is also worth noting that getting the trust of a global entity doe not just happen out of nothing, but is a result of an individual’s hard work towards delivering the organization’s goals and objectives.

Achieving the above mentioned achievements is not an easy task because it requires the involved parties to work hard for purposes of achieving the required standards in their preferred organizations. Working in multinational companies also requires parties to make a lot of sacrifices because the global organization that employed Lachlan kept on moving him from one part of the country to the other. He was moved in different cities of the world including Chicago, Shanghai, and Philadelphia.

To reciprocate on the employee’s hard work, their employers offered to meet all the expenses incurred by the families when relocating from one city to the other courtesy of the organization. Meeting these costs was a clear indicator that Lachlan was offering the company some unique and highly valuable qualities that made it almost impossible to separate its operations with what he was offering. The majestic rise towards achieving the second highest rank in the organization and the kind of trust that the company had to him is a clear proof that his operations and practices were highly valued by the organization. The type of professional expertise that he had was therefore considered to be amongst the things that made him an asset to the organization.

Approach to adopt for purposes of dealing with Lisa’s dual-career

The situation that is being experienced by Lisa is generally a difficult situation. I would however have approached the situation differently if I was the one going through what she was experiencing. Looking at Lisa’s situation, it is very clear that while her husband was always on the winning side, she was always on the losing side. She was however affected most by her husband’s constant relocations to different parts of the world. The relocations not only affected her career, but they also affected her social life. If I was the one in her shoes, I would have made a decision to remain in Sydney while my husband relocates to different parts of the world as a result of his job engagements.

The case study presents Lachlan as a dynamic individual who keeps on moving from one party to the other. Despite the relocations that he is subjected to being financed by his employer, moving from one location to the other significantly affects his wife’s career and social life. Due to these effects, remaining in Sydney would work effectively for her because she will have a chance to nurture her career and any other life goal that cannot be nurtured while changing from one location to the other. I would have just let my husband to travel and be visiting him from time to time rather than changing my location every time he moves or relocates. Remaining behind would also work significantly towards helping her daughters to get used to one climate, make friend, and work concentrate on their education from one school. Moving from one location to the other will not only confuse the education of their daughters negatively, but will also affect their social life as they will have to make new friends each time and relocate before they get adapt to the new cultures.

Changing their locations constantly will also affect the health of their children both mentally and psychologically. As such, instead of moving with my husband, we would make arrangements on how we will be visiting each other while my husband is away at work in a totally different geographical location. The visits will work perfectly because they will make it easy for the parties to catch up and talk more about their family rather than keeping on moving from one geographical area to the other. If this failed to work, I would have requested my husband to talk with his employer and let him work in their local offices. The request would involved letting him know that our movements are affecting our kids and that my career was in the verge of collapsing because I have already left a couple of jobs in the last few years just to cope up with the transfers. Convincing him to talk to the boss and maintain him in one of the nearest offices will perfectly work towards helping solve the issue and avoid the consequences that might develop from the constant movements.

Problems that may affect Amelia and Emily if the family relocates to another location after Shanghai

Emily and Emilia can be considered to be young based on their individual ages. However, despite being young, they are still undergoing through some growths and different development stages. However, their childhood experiences have however contributed significantly towards determining the kind of development that they go through, thus making it important to consider the kind of experiences that they went through in their childhood while determining their right development strategies.

Young children should therefore not be exposed into environments that could confuse their growth and development. As such, by having the kids move from one part of the world to the other due to their father’s constant transfers, they will be exposed to a series of some growth disorders that will translate to some social life abnormalities later in life. The kids are therefore exposed to psychological, emotional, and physical stress due to moving from one part of the world as they keep up with their father’s job transfers.

Some of the studies that have been carried out in the recent past have indicated that kids who are constantly moving from one part of the world to the other are more vulnerable to a number of psychological disorders. Relocating constantly from one region to the other is also linked to an increase in the risks that the kids are exposed to, leading to a significant deterioration of their health. Additionally, the constant relocation will also make Amelia and Emily lose their friends, be exposed to a new neighborhood, go to unfamiliar schools, and change to a completely new environment that could affect their ability to study effectively. Though the changes may not appear significant to the parents, it may take the kids quite some time to adapt to their new environments. The psychological development of the kids could also be affected because they will have to deal with new environments, find new friends, and have to keep on adjusting to new environments that are totally different from what they have been used to. The kid’s educational backgrounds and progress will also be affected by the constant travels as they will have to keep on adjusting to new teachers and curriculums. Moving from one country to the other where the learning curriculum is not similar will definitely affect the children learning abilities because they will have to take time to understand the new curriculum.

However, they may be reluctant to learn and settle down for fear that they will move into a different environment and probably start life all over again. Definitely, these kids have had to adapt to so many environments as a result of their father’s constant transfers and travel just to keep up with his highly demanding job that requires him to physically move into the organization’s regional offices to make sure that all the operations carried out are in line with the organization’s operational goals and objectives without making any violations.

Impacts of international mobility on MacDougalls’ marriage

Though not indicated in the case study, international mobility has had a series of impacts on the involved family’s marriage. Moving from one part of the world to the other in this case can be said to have a positive impact to the involved party’s marriage. One of the reasons why the movement did not affect the marriage of the family can be linked to the fact that each of the family members was ready to support the other party in all their endeavors. Lisa is a supporting wife who makes sure that she supports her husband in everything that they engage in professionally. Moving from one geographical area to the other seems to improve their relationship as the family has remained together throughout the relocations without noting any issues.

Being a good wife, Lisa understands each of the situations that her family is exposed by the constant travels that they make in different part of the world. She is never reluctant moving around with her whole family as a way of showing support to her husband. The movements also contribute significantly towards helping Lisa open her eyes, thus making her to visualize and maximize on all the opportunities that are presented to her as she travels from one part of the world to the other.

Despite the encounters making the family stick together, Lisa’s development does not go all well because she has to look for a new job each time they move to a new location. The glitches that Lisa experiences, it is through these travels that make her find the right ways of getting her research Doctorate degree, something that she was not getting along well in her previous travels. The results of their mobility is contrary to what has been evident previously because many of the couples that have been involved in global travels have ended up being separated or even divorcing when one of the spouses cannot cope with the constant travels from one part of the world to the other. Additionally, learning some of the different ways of living that are adopted by different cultures has also been very instrumental in helping them to strengthen their family because they have been sticking together and learning more about their new cultures as opposed to different

However, despite global mobility having had a positive effect to the family in question, its encounter can be termed to some negative effects to Lisa. The meaning of this is that, despite having been complaint and very positive with her husband’s movements, she was always forced to quit her various jobs for purposes of impressing her husband. Leaving her jobs was not positive for her because her career growth was affected every time she left a job that she had worked tirelessly to acquire. Additionally, though not noticeable, their movements affected their two kids by exposing them to all the dangers of constant relocations. It is however important to understand that Lisa was in a position to overcome all the challenges that presented themselves just to make sure that her family remained intact. She played a key role in making sure that her family was intact and did not succurb to the pressures that were exposed to them by their constant relocations.