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assignment this week is to put together an argument either for or against the concept of a surveillance state. Your paper can take on either side, but your grade is going to be based on the persuasiveness of your argument. Can you defend your choice? Can you showcase why your choice is the right choice? Can you defend the ethics of your choice? Can you defend the legality of your choice? These are just a few of the questions you will want to answer. Your paper should be between 4-6 pages in length of content, i.e. excluding cover page and references.

2 Naturally Beautiful Name Professor Institution Date Abstract Naturally Beautiful, Inc. is


Naturally Beautiful






Naturally Beautiful, Inc. is an organic cosmetics manufacturer and marketer that uses only organic and natural components to create its cosmetics. Currently, the firm is looking to diversify its distribution channels, including department shops and boutiques in the upper echelons of the market. Expansion into other parts of the world is a long-term goal, starting with Canada and Mexico before moving on to Europe. Ten months ago, Jill was employed by Naturally Beautiful as a sales representative. With time, she had several new accounts under her belt. Unfortunately, meeting up with quotas and customers’ needs has been difficult. Jill has received complaints from a number of her customers, including Rick at Beauty Boutique, Sarah from Cosmetics Unlimited, and Kim from Devine’s department. Rick at Beauty Boutique complained that their order was incorrect; Sarah from Cosmetics Unlimited complained that a promise to train her consultants by Jill was not fulfilled. Kim from Devine’s department store complained about late delivery times.

Alternative Means of Handling Each Concerns of Jill’s Customers.

Customers and sellers build long-term connections when there are a series of contacts. Also, the partnership-building activities and salesperson duties work hand in hand since they are vital to the building’s success. Given the several concerns raised by Jill’s customers, here are some alternative means for handling all their problems.

Jill needs to incorporate customers’ names into future communications so that their interactions can be more personalized. She should start by creating a scheduled phone call and informing the client when calls will be returned.

There is a need to keep tabs on the progress of orders and installations. To prevent further occurrence of what happened with Kim at Devine’s department, she needs to follow up on orders and notify clients of any delays.

For the issues of customer service training, Jill should continue to train staff. Customer service training staff even if customers do not make special requests for those services.

The alternative to correcting the billing errors is to review each order before being delivered to customers.

To take care of customers’ complaints, Jill needs to put in measures to ensure that there is no need for customers to complain.

A salesperson’s job is to catch invoicing mistakes and fix them before the consumer notices them. Jill should never forget that building goodwill and providing value to customers is the key to achieving customer satisfaction. She needs to listen to customers’ complaints and communicate with the management of Naturally Beautiful to improve the product.

The Potential Implications of Jill’s Customer Handling Approach

In Kim’s case, Jill just accepted Kim’s delivery and texted her to call the shipping department about the incorrect order. Jill believed that shipping had accidentally omitted Rick’s items and that Rick could contact them to rectify them instead of her. She placed it on the back burner since she’s been so busy trying to gain more accounts. To her customers, Jill’s approach might convey the impression that she just cares about the sale and not customer satisfaction. This way, no long-term relationship is built, and prospective clients may not want to do business. By the end of the day, sales will also drop.

Jill’s Activities to guarantee Long-term Customer Relationships and Improve Customer Value

According to research, it costs four times as much to recruit a new client to maintain one. Here are some considerations to know your customer.

A Promoter—can be your finest champion and influence many other prospective customers. With promoters, your firm gains more clients.

Detractor — Many present and future people might be influenced by a Detractor, who can be your harshest critic. With a detractor, your firm will lose out on prospective clients.

Passive customers — since the client is unsure, your firm may lose out on customers.

Jill should follow up and inquire with her customers. They are more likely to tell their friends and family about their business. Jill must know that customers may encourage or dissuade you from doing business with them. Knowledge of the nature of Jill’s customers can help her retain customers and reduce the expenses of obtaining new ones. Jill’s net value will rise if she knows her Promoters and how many new consumers can bring to your firm more customers.

Managers may improve their communication skills by committing and practicing a few essential service methods that will help them identify what, when, and how to communicate successfully. One of the most critical leadership skills is the ability to listen well. Listening and taking the lead in a discussion are two aspects of effective communication. It’s about taking in what’s being said, applying it to the issue, and then offering something to further the discussion. If a customer decides to get some organic products that are not currently in stock, a professional sales representative would inform the customer that the order is unavailable and tell the customer when the goods will be available. If the customer is fine with the date, Jill should collect their name and phone number so she can contact them later. Then, she may accept the order and call them back when the order is available. Little activities like these can show professionalism and also retain the customer longer. In the case of Kim, Sarah and Rick, all the problems would have been prevented if only Jill could communicate adequately. So, fostering communication is very important to the sales representative position.

Surname 4 Name Institution Course Name Instructor Name Date Nature of Love.

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Course Name

Instructor Name


Nature of Love.

According to (Moseley) the nature of love studies the design and the ideals of middle-aged civilized love and the 19th-century romantic love and the transition between the two viewpoints. Love is a complex concept that psychologists and sociologists have interpreted in diverse ways. Love has nature, though many oppose that in an argument that love is conceptually unjustifiable in the reality that it cannot be outlined in a rational or significant argument. In Greek, love is described in four words: Agape, Eros, Storge, and Philia. Eros is part of love that expresses an intense and passionate desire for something. It is the romantic feeling we experience with one another. Storge is a form of peaceful and calm love and is mainly experienced in the family. It is primarily expressed in the mother-to-child context of life. Philia is defined as the devotion and treasuring of one another. It’s a free choice, love for friends, and loyalty to family regardless of the person’s interests in the matter. Agape is expressed as the Christian perception of God. The love for God by humanity and the love of God for a man expresses the overall love for humanity and brotherhood. This paper will address the philosophical understanding of love, theories of love, the significance of nature of love and how nature of love shapes and influences an individual’s life.

According to (Nozick), the union theory of love is the idea that intimate love is stirred by loved ones’ feelings, desires, trust, and actions. The people you love are embraced inside your borderlines, making their well-being your welfare. In this love, your well-being is attached to someone else or something. However, criticism of this union theory was brought about by the entanglement of love’s oneness and well-being. The interpretation of love as the integration of selves undermines the chances of individuality and independence of lovers. This theory is also objected to because it is impossible to sacrifice oneself for the sake of their beloved ones. Finally, this union of love can enhance the growth of skills among individuals and bring more resources to them than when they are standing apart. Love as a robust concern is identified by the disinterested concern for the well-being of others. It allows people to take care of the well-being of someone or something. Robust concern differs from union theories in explaining care for one another by lovers and connecting. Nozick states that different kinds of love for children, parents, other people, and country are labeled by extending your well-being to others. The lover and the beloved are intended to maintain their well-being and identity with robust concern.

Love as an appraisal of value is a distinct mode of valuing a person. It explores love to be the fundamental matter in appreciating and responding in a distinctive way to the value of the beloved. It imposes some dignity on a person, although love and respect are distinct responses to the same value. The tendency of emotional self-protection from another person should be put in place. Love as the bestowal of value is a project of self-indulgence. It brings about attachment and commitment to the beloved by caring about their needs and interests, protecting them, and appreciating their achievements. (Nozick)

Love as emotion proper is expressed by cherishing the emotional well-being of our beloved. With many narratives of love arguing that love is an emotion, emotion can cause people to behave in logical or illogical behavior. The shortcoming of love as an emotion proper is the failure to differentiate love from other responses such as appreciation and regard for people. Love as emotion complex defines love as emotional interconnection. It gives the beloved complete control of their emotional expression towards their lovers. Although love can be expressed as intense pleasure towards the beloved, it can be annoying and hurting, hence displaying the complexities and depth of relationships it brings up.

The nature of the love idea stood out because every individual irrespective of gender, race, and age, needs love. The feeling of some form of love in our lives is vital, and lack of it can bring some problems in life. There is an intrinsic need for all humanity to experience love, regardless of whether it is relatives, companions, spouses, or pets, to avoid desertion and isolation. Lack of love may cause an individual to lack the drive to live their lives fully, leading to depression or other health conditions. The course of life for individuals is wholly determined by their desire for different forms of love. (Bailey)

With information about the nature of love, an individual can define the various forms of love and relate with other people adequately on a different level. Having been informed about the theories of love, an individual is in a better position to improve their relationships with their families and friends putting their emotions and interest into consideration. It makes one be a better-loving person with appropriate and healthy relationships. Healthy interactions will shape our social network hence curbing the feeling of isolation and negligence. Giving and receiving love is a quest for happiness, and this expression of love motivates people to do so in return. Consistence and sincere expression of love to someone close to me can deepen the trust level, solace, and intimacy shared with the person.

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1 1 Cost volume profit analysis Student Name Institution Corse name Instructor



Cost volume profit analysis

Student Name


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Cost volume profit analysis

Cost volume profit analysis is a method of predicting future costs and profitability in a firm by checking the cost of production and the volumes produced to determine the breakeven position. At this breakeven point, the cost of goods produced equals the value of goods sold. Various components make up the cost volume profit analysis. These include activity level, price per unit, and variable cost per unit; primarily, this information will be used when discussing a company’s financial position after financial reporting (Bragg, 2022).

I worked in a Tesla Fermont company during the summer holidays, focusing on North American markets. The company is in the environmental sustainability business, where they sell electric cars and earn environmental credits that come in government subsidies. Since the company deals with a range of products with different margins, financial position is first calculated per line of the product and then compiled for the overall company performance (Bragg, 2022).

Activity level. Since the number of cars sold per year at Tesla may be abstract figures, it is best to compare them quarterly. In Quarter 1 of 2022, the company sold 127 432 vehicles, increased growth of 83.9 percent compared to 69,300 cars sold in 2021 during the same period. On average, the cost per unit for each Tesla car is $36,000. The car has three main models: model Y, S, and X, which retail at $60,000, $95,000, and $105,000 (Huang, 2019). The variable cost per car unit is priced at $28000 (Jiang et al., 2021). Currently, the company has no fixed cost of production since most of the materials it requires to manufacture the car are outsourced from third-party suppliers, especially the batteries. The company is committing much of the resources to battery research which will see much of the production being done internally, thus allowing the company some flexibility to form a fixed cost figure to work out the production process (Huang, 2019).


Bragg, S. (2022, March 19). The components of cost volume profit analysis. AccountingTools. Retrieved April 26, 2022, from

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2 New 7 New Age workplace Issue. Name Institution Course Date For


New 7 New Age workplace Issue.





For the last year, the life and structure of business have experienced total changes and general transitions. Many business operators and owners advanced to belief in unity and teamwork, thereby evolving from the power of “me” to “we.” As a result, the transitional change in the business sector has been facilitated by seven principal factors in the workplace issue within the new age, which include:

Reinvention. From the descriptive change that has caused a flipside in the current business age, many organizations have opted to try reinvention techniques. The future has proved to contain plenty of opportunities in the new era and business challenges, thereby the need for reinventions (Ferry, 2022).

Scarcity. The available goods and commodities in other specifications are limited, making the businesses initiate and adjust the survival techniques to any challenge of a limited supply of quality personnel and commodities. In the workplace, organizations have adapted to survive due to a talent shortage.

Vitality. The power of a successful business and work operation chiefly lies in its employees’ health and well-being. The current era has centered on the employee’s status as a vital factor in achieving desired organizational goals and objectives (Ferry, 2022). Companies have resolved to host responsibilities in the productivity loss and the medical expenses.

Sustainability. Today’s world of investments and innovations faces the effect of sustainable development goals (SDG) that will determine the future of the coming generations (Mangipudi & Prasad, 2020). The choice of the current organizations is based on investments with a promising future for economic changes and development.

Individuality. Every employee has personal experience with the past experiences bringing new changes to the future and current changes. The employees have learned to share career experiences and the ability to multitask. Anyone can work anywhere within the organizations today regardless of their profession (Ferry, 2022).

Inclusivity. Inviting the power of all is essential to today’s businesses (Mangipudi & Prasad, 2020). The opinion of every party in an organization is necessary, thereby inviting informed decision-making to the table. Such a realization has encouraged inclusivity of all stakeholders, thereby minimizing unnecessary mistakes.

Accountability. In order, responsibility and accountability for every activity become essential elements. In many ways, changes in the era post-pandemic, many activities have taken place, and organizations have consumed funds in several projects. Accountability to every expense enhances trust, honesty, and reliability in the future.


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