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Why Lovecraft’s Story Resonates With The Contemporary World History Assignment Help In Uk


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Despite H.P. Lovecraft’s archaic style of writing, his stories feel at home in the contemporary science fiction, which emphasizes on eco-horror. One can be able to see the environmental concern in the various modern-day science fiction movies and novels, such as the mutated landscapes displayed in Southern Reach Trilogy, the scarcity of resources in Stephen King’s series Under the Dome, and the radioactive wastes effects shown in Mad Max: Fury Road. Most of the current sci-fi movies display climate change and nuclear war as the superseding force the brings enmity between human beings and creates monsters. Any horror writer can succeed in frightening the readers, but only a master can frighten his initial reader’s great-grandchildren, like Lovecraft’s works does. Notably, Lovecraft’s works have inspired many science fiction writers to be authentic and produce masterpieces that will live for decades if not centuries.

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Lovecraft remains one of the best and influential science fiction and horror writers in the history of literature as evident in the discussion above. Even though he is fairly renowned, at least in the circles of ardent horror fans, but he arguably more popular now than during his time. His work, such as “The Color Out of Space;” have permeated the contemporary culture in many ways. Undoubtedly, he has been a major literary influence to today’s readers and horror writers. His works resonates with the modern-day occurrences, such as pollution, nuclear contaminations, and people’s unwillingness to heed early warnings. His fingerprints can also be seen in movies and television series. His narrative is equally frightening and educative. The question that lingers now is: will our social media-addicted society, where stolen identities are the everyday thing be able to appreciate the works of good writers like Lovecraft?



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Performance management system – an approach to measure the performance of employees
Performance Appraisals /Assessment
Employees – reward and recognition


Purpose of implementing PMS

– Communication

– Strategic

– Developmental (feedbacks from the staff)

– Administrative (identify the performers, non-performers or under performer employees)

– top down management (strong leadership) – employees take orders from the top and do their responsibility

Benefits of PMS

– provide data to find the skills and knowledge gaps of employees in order to improvise them through trainings, coaching and mentoring systems.

– new opportunities to employees for their growth and development in their professional careers

– new challenges and innovate through process

– down top management

– proper reward and compensation
Introduce in China

 (cultural difference)


Human Capital Biography sampled summary history essay help

Human Capital Biography

My strategic intention is to work for a state agency or a non-governmental organization that fosters organizational success assists in the improvement of partnerships and optimizes member participation. As I am good in information technology, arithmetic, and finance, I believe that I have the ability to deliver the best in communications and economic field. Moreover, I can efficiently and successfully handle matters concerning public relations, promoting association, and offering marketing information. Due to my extensive knowledge and flexibility, I am more suitable to work in the marketing and promotion department despite my passion being finance.

My main strengths are communication and creating good customer relationships. I am good at talking and convincing people since I rarely annoy anyone. Excellent communication skills also make me a good public speaker. Throughout my school years, I had no problems in delivering professional speeches in topics that I am conversant and knowledgeable about. Punctuality and preciseness also make me outstanding. I can be able to beat deadlines even under minimum or no supervision. Keeping time has always been my philosophy and I always make the most use of the time I have. Therefore, being late is out of the question when it comes to fulfilling appointments. Moreover, I am a critical and creative thinker who understands how to discover new ways to deal with different challenges that may arise in my line of duty.

As a product, I am competent, and I have some financial and marketing experience that can be of significant use to the organization. My core competencies include communication management, marketing, and financial management. Also, I can be able to conduct outreach and promotional plans for the organization using my proactive nature and extensive knowledge. My exemplary attention to details also complements my skills and abilities and I believe these could be of great use to the company. Therefore, I believe that my abilities, skills, and knowledge will be instrumental to the success of the organization.