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Why Digital Natives Are Not Digitally Immersed? Ib History Essay Help

Digital natives are not digitally immersed as earlier assumed, and so it is suggested that policymakers should not make decisions based on that assumption. Rather, they should adopt a task-based approach when deciding how teaching and learning should take place. The articles discussed in this paper prove that technology can impact education negatively and that digital natives are not proficient at using digital technologies. Learners have different cognitive abilities that impede their learning speed. Socioeconomic and cultural aspects control the use of technology. Digital technologies promote multitasking which interferes with the learning process due to information overload. Technology use is not universal and can be gender or discipline-based. The creation of digital stereotypes impedes learning, especially when the digital natives see themselves as superior in using technology. The studies have found out that all digital natives are not proficient, as is speculated. There is a need for further studies to determine task-based approaches suitable for learning or teaching in different disciplines. Digital technologies that may be needed for students studying sciences may differ from those studying arts and social sciences. Studies need to reveal the most effective approaches to be used.





Anxiety Due To Corona Virus Pandemic blog as history essay help: as history essay help

Anxiety Due To Corona Virus Pandemic

Since the emergence coronavirus pandemic in December 2019 in Wuhan, China, I have suffered from anxiety due to the many alterations in our daily activities. Worse of all is the emergence of a third wave of the pandemic in our locality, Ontario, Toronto. My anxiety is increasing daily since the healthcare department in Ontario claimed exceeded by the coronavirus pandemic patients. They claim that we are likely to experience extreme cases during this time, just like Italy and America experienced massive deaths in the first wave. The state of our region is traumatizing since we have already buried several neighbors who succumbed to the disease. Since it is challenging to avoid interaction altogether, as sometimes we meet in the shopping centers with strange people unaware of their coronavirus status, it is straightforward to contract the virus. Reports from the ministry of health claimed that the region needs extensive measures to flatten the curve, indicating that most people were infected though they exhibited no signs.

The ministry of health and the World Health Organization university history essay help

I am afraid of death, and that’s what increases my anxiety condition. I have seen my mother struggle to clear my school fees, so I am so scared that all her efforts would be in vain if she lost me. The ministry of health and the World Health Organization claims that people with other health condition are at the highest risk since they have a low body immunity. I am asthmatic, and that makes me vulnerable. I’ve had a severe cold for the past month that doesn’t seem to disappear even with multiple medications. I am, therefore, very stressed and anxious, fearing if the doctors would finally declare a Corona Virus pandemic diagnosis. I am scared since we have been forced to distance ourselves from friends as we observe the government’s guidelines on the issue. I am therefore suffering from high loneliness as my condition also discourages people from coming near me. Thus, my anxiety causes changes in my sleep patterns as I spend more nights awake due to insomnia. I am also developing feelings of rejection and unworthiness as I see how my mother struggles in her little fruit kiosk business where she risks contracting the disease while I cannot help her settle the bills in our house.

Why Society is controlled by the national government? gcse history essay help: gcse history essay help

Different bodies have various roles in coordinating the events in our locality. Society is controlled by the national government, local government, and also community elders. The functions of the federal and the local governments are determined by the state’s constitution, which dictates the parts of different bodies of the government to ensure public safety and peaceful operations in the region. The community elders comprise the elite group in the locality who makes significant decisions and guides the government on the best way to enhance development in the area. During these challenging times of the coronavirus pandemic, all administrative bodies jointly work together to curb the spread of the virus by ensuring limited public gatherings.

Society has established sanctions whereby it considers some behaviors good and others bad. In the current state of society, the community believes that good behaviors are all practices preventing massive social gatherings. This practice includes staying indoors as much as possible, avoiding cinema halls and other leisure places like clubs, avoiding social events, and adopting modern technology for meetings hence avoiding social gatherings. On the other hand, destructive behaviors encourage public groups like cinema halls, uncontrolled crowding in business centers, youths participating freely in their fun activities, including irresponsible drinking and partying without observing measures to mitigate coronavirus disease.

A very vibrant society with many socializing activities advanced higher history essay help

Our locality in Ontario has a very vibrant society with many socializing activities. Community involves many activities that involve massive public socialization. Trading activities are rampant in the region where there are small and large-scale businesses. In large shopping stores and trading centers, many people are carrying out their transactions randomly. There are also many social gatherings where people interact freely for fun or support. For instance, society is characterized by many fun moments like baby showers, pre-weddings and weddings, games competitions, cinemas, cultural festivals, and fashion shows. People also interact for emotional and psychological support like during funerals and money collecting events as contributions for financial aid due to hospital bills and accidents. These events have been in existence as the history and tradition of the region. However, the emergence of the Corona Virus pandemic has caused tremendous changes in the practices of the World Health Organization. The national government intervenes to regulate social gatherings, which are the major causes of the spread of the disease.

Society also experiences few conflicts as people proceed with their daily operations. For instance, there are few cases of a robbery at dawn and at dusk associated with few lazy young men who avoid work. Theft cases, especially robbers breaking into business facilities late, have also increased, especially during this pandemic period, as many people continue to face financial crises due to job losses and poor business performance. However, these issues are critically dealt with by the police officers who are very vigilant and well equipped to prevent the crimes and catch the criminals. There are also traffic conflicts where the high population of people in town causes commotion between people and vehicles. The local government, in collaboration with traffic police, helps decongest the streets and mitigate accidents.