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What type of executive-level support is essential for ensuring update of information system security? How should such support be Essay

What type of executive-level support is essential for ensuring update of information system security? How should such support be generated? What strategies can be put in place to ensure that executive-level support is sustained over a period of time?

Try to go off of ideas from the attachment that I have added and also please use at least one reference from it. The reference for it would be:

Dhillon, G. (2017). Information Security: Text and Cases (2nd Edition). Prospect Press.

1 5 Born a Crime by Trevor Noah Name Institution Course Date



Born a Crime by Trevor Noah





Born a Crime by Trevor Noah


The term apartheid refers to racial segregation and discrimination policy or practice. Besides race, segregation is a problem. This period of Apartheid’s strict racial isolation was from 1948 to 1994. Certain races were restricted from owning property, working, and participating in governance, among other things. In South Africa’s white minority and ethnic minority population, Apartheid ruled the roost—legalizing discrimination and segregation towards non-whites in the political and economic arenas. After a long period of benign neglect, South Africa has emerged as an increasingly crucial subject in United States foreign policy since the early 1970s. After World War II, US policymakers believed it was feasible to postpone a confrontation with the moral and ethical concerns inherent in South Africa’s apartheid regime. Trevor Noah’s transformation into a restless man who tries to make sense of his place in the world is the subject of the novel born a Crime. There’s a solid case that apartheid policy and the US role in development cooperation helped Trevor Noah’s book take the odd course from Apartheid with criminal conduct at the time of birth.

“Born a Crime”: Stories from a South African Childhood, Trevor Noah’s memoir on growing up in apartheid-era South Africa. He blends information about his country’s history, culture, and customs into his anecdotes of growing up during the years immediately before and after the end of Apartheid (Noah, 2016). As a result of Apartheid, South Africans of African descent were split into tribes before this. . “Ever the outsider, I made my own peculiar little universe” is Noah’s motto when it comes to making new acquaintances and adapting to new circumstances (p. 139). As a result, he says, “I was able to easily transition between groups since I had no affiliation.” “I was a cultural chameleon, still,”(p. 140). ‘Born A Crime’ is the tale of a naughty little child who develops into a restless young man as he tries to find his place in the world. There was a long history of fighting between these tribes, notably between the Zulu and the Xhosa. The Zulu, a warrior race, resisted European invasion but were wiped off. To their credit, the Xhosa people sought to learn from the Europeans and fought the invasion via diplomacy rather than armed struggle (Noah, 2016). A fight broke out between the two tribes after Apartheid was abolished because of resentment growing throughout Apartheid. Trevor Noah’s mother is Xhosa, much like Nelson Mandela.

Noah’s autobiography, Born a Crime: Stories from a South African Childhood, tells the incredible story of his transformation from a kid growing up under apartheid to an adult gaining Jon Stewart’s position as host of The Daily Show (Noah, 2016). As a youngster, Noah was a standout in every way. If you have one drop of black blood, you are instantly categorized as a ‘black person,’ but this is not the case in South Africa, where mixed persons are classified as ‘coloured.'” Noah’s boyhood was moulded by apartheid’s legal and cultural dominance, even as apartheid’s political hold on South Africa began to wane in the 1980s. To avoid detection, he spent much of his early life in hiding, whether it was literal or in plain sight. He had a hard time comprehending what his mother was saying at first, but he eventually came around (Rachedi, 2021). To put it another way, Noah’s mom is the moral core of his life, and she taught him all he knows about being a nice person as well as how to be humorous.

The book is the tale of a naughty little child who develops into a restless young man as he tries to find his place in the world. For this young guy, his mother is his teammate, a profoundly devout lady desperate to rescue her son from the cycle of poverty and violence that would eventually endanger her own life (Noah, 2016). Tales that are equal parts amusing and tragic, as well as heartfelt. It does not matter whether people are living on caterpillars or being kidnapped. Trevor reveals his strange world in a humorous and unflinchingly honest way. He is the kind of guy who can make you laugh and cry simultaneously. Each of his tales is an intertwining tapestry that tells the story of an adventurous young man who must face the perils of the modern world while holding on to the humour and unconditional love of his mother.

Apartheid’s regulations caused Noah’s fundamental concerns of isolation, loss of identity, and a longing to feel love, as he candidly and often humorously recalls them from his boyhood in South Africa (Rachedi, 2021). A fear of law authorities finding out that a mixed youngster was living illegally in a black or coloured area inhibited Noah from making friends in his neighbourhood, which hindered his social development. Due to his lack of social contacts and the fact that it was against the law for Noah to spend time with his father to foster a close bond, Noah lacked a distinct masculine identity. He adopted different guises to “fit in” with various social circles, which frequently left him with an ill-defined sense of self and how others saw him. Noah couldn’t access this love until later because of the rule-based, dogmatic connection he had with his mother and the closed-off, private, and distanced one he formed with his father; Noah couldn’t access this love until later in life (Noah, 2016). As a result, when slavery laws are repealed, and individuals are granted legal liberties, these issues may be seen in the broader context of institutionalized slavery. This happens when the harm caused by slavery laws lingers in the minds and actions of formerly enslaved people long after they have been set free. 

Apartheid’s racist ideology of dividing races for purity grounds meant that interracial intercourse was outlawed. Racism was weakened as a result of interracial relationships. Individuals found guilty of interracial intercourse were sentenced to jail terms ranging from four to five years. It was much longer than this. If a black guy had consensual intercourse with a white lady, he was almost always charged with rape. Special police units would spy on people’s windows to verify that no one was having interracial sex in their homes. When Noah’s mother turns to Christianity, she does so in a contradictory and logical way: she accepts the ideology used to explain her oppression, but she is doing so because religion provides her with an outlet for dealing with it. 

As far as white people are concerned, she is not only more religious than the majority of them but also very disciplined and confident in her ability to cross the racial divides in her own country of South Africa. As a result of these variances, it is clear that the three groups are distinct (Noah, 2016). It shows that people of various races can come together and celebrate with a shared faith. When Trevor out-Bible-quizzes the more advantaged white youngsters at church, the white church demonstrates the importance of education in the white society that benefits from accessing it (Noah, 2016). Exempt black church lifies how Apartheid has shaped the lives of black South Africans. Africans have their unique take on Christianity, as seen by how Trevor’s mother sees blessings and prayers as a kind of tit-for-tat exchange between them.

Over decades, the United States has had a significant impact on South Africa’s efforts to eliminate Apartheid by refusing to conduct business with the government. Apartheid ended because of economic restrictions, but what Noah brings to light is the post-Apartheid repercussions, which he describes in great detail (Zakarin, 2020). More has to be done to address some of Noah’s conceptual issues. A boycott of corporations that ship products and materials to South Africa were the only way humanitarians in the United States could deal with these issues (Noah, 2016). This was done until the government that provides families with healthcare could establish an appropriate free social healthcare system established after Apartheid. Following the example of US military families who have been isolated for months and years due to war, these services may be replicated. Duplicating these counselling services would be simple due to the existing model. Only a US military volunteer counsellor would be required to teach South African groups (Noah, 2016). Although the post-Apartheid circumstances were tremendous, it is considered that the most considerable and most enduring influence on the brought nation and its people closer together will begin with the repair of the family structures that Apartheid badly harmed.


It is impossible to separate Noah’s life narrative from contemporary South Africa. Even if his early years were affected by a gradual Westernization process, poverty, injustice, and violence were constant in his life. Throughout Apartheid, having intercourse with a person of another race was considered one of the most severe offences. Here one will find tales that are amusing, tragic, and heartfelt—during an abduction attempt, being flung from a moving automobile or subsisting on caterpillars for supper in rough times. Trevor’s keen wit and unabashed honesty shine through in his enigmatic worldview. Each of his tales is an intertwining tapestry that tells the story of an adventurous young man who must face the perils of the modern world while holding on to the humour and unconditional support of his mother. 


Noah, T. (2016). Born a Crime. New York: Spiegel & Grau.

Rachedi, M. (2021, June 11). South Africa’s Trevor Noah: Surviving apartheid with a dose of humour. Retrieved from

Zakarin, J. (2020, October 27). Trevor Noah and His Experience Growing Up in South Africa Under Apartheid. Retrieved from

5 Emerging Trends In Block Chain And Cryptocurrency Name Institution Course Date

What type of executive-level support is essential for ensuring update of information system security? How should such support be Essay Writing Assignment Help 5

Emerging Trends In Block Chain And Cryptocurrency






This paper’s aims to educate businesses on blockchain and cryptocurency technology and how it can help solve current issues related to these technologies. Cryptography is used in blockchain systems, a type of distributed ledger, to ensure data integrity. This ensures decentralization and security. Blockchain technology is gaining popularity. It’s one of the world’s most talked-about topics right now. Using blockchain technology, you can now make automatic cryptocurrency payments. It’s changed the game for business transaction data. Also used to solve supply chain management, cross-border payments, identity theft and digital copyright/piracy issues as well as records management. Our research focused on the pros and cons of using blockchain and cryptocurrency systems and how to solve the issues related to these technologies. Before adopting these systems, people should consider the impact on their businesses.

Emerging Trends In Block Chain And Cryptocurrency


Research show that both manual and computerized record keeping methods are time consuming and ineffective when compared to blockchain and cryptocurrency systems (Nakamoto 2020). However, a computerized system can fail at any time, causing important data to be lost; this would prevent businesses from working due to lack of data. As a result, many businesses lose money and have low profit margins. Most people don’t know what blockchain systems are used for, and those who do are few in number. We decided to look into blockchain systems, and we discovered several concern about them.


A blockchain and cryptocurrency systems is a database that can store an infinite amount of data. Because the system is infinite, moving data from one database to another is free and faster. In this case, blockchain and cryptocurrency systems saves money and protects data, which can be lost when information is moved from one database to another (Nakamoto 2020).

Blockchain systems are also very secure. Blockchain systems are much more secure than other database systems because they use cryptography to keep themselves safe. When generic database systems are exploited, sensitive data can end up in the wrong hands. In order to defeat the system’s cryptography, hackers would have to spend a lot of money and time.

Further, blockchains can do more than traditional database systems. Blockchain systems can store data, and they can also be used to create apps and APIs. The system’s flexibility expands the range of applications that can be used with database systems (Nakamoto 2020). Blockchain applications reduce the number of middlemen who censor developers and content creators. That means more people can express themselves online, which is safer.

To process transactions quickly, a transaction processing system is required. Costs for adding, moving, auditing, and protecting data are reduced because systems can perform tasks previously performed by humans. The technology makes it simple to monitor a blockchain network. However, there are no any third-party vendors processing data on behalf of businesses. Businesses can save money by not having to buy them. As a result, cybercriminals can exploit systems and steal valuable customer information. Most companies don’t think about it. Using blockchain technology allows users to remain anonymous, which is great. The database keeps all data and user information anonymous. This reduces the risk of hacking or fraud. This ensures the security of the user’s data.

There are also no intermediaries, so data processing and other tasks in the system are much faster than when done by third parties, saving time. These means that people can transact in less than a second. Due to the speed of these systems, businesses can be more productive.

Further, blockchain and cryptocurrency systems creates trust between people and groups where trust is lacking or hasn’t been proven (Pratt 2021). Because of this, these businesses are more likely to do things that they wouldn’t have done or required without an intermediary. One of the most common benefits of blockchain technology is that it can help people trust each other. Using blockchain technology early on showed it could help people who didn’t know each other but needed to share data or pay. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are classic examples of how the blockchain can be used to build trust between strangers.

Owning a business is vital. Experts say blockchain technology gives people unprecedented control over their digital data and information (Pratt 2021). “Technology is good in a world where data is valuable.Through smart contracts enabled by blockchain technology, individuals and businesses can choose which parts of their digital data to share, with whom, and for how long. Smart contracts allow people and businesses to choose which parts of their digital data to share, with whom, and for how long.

There are no intermediaries, so data processing and other tasks in the system are much faster than when done by third parties, saving time. These people can transact in less than a second. Due to the speed of these systems, businesses can be more productive.

While blockchain has many advantages, it also has some disadvantages, which we’ll discuss below. First, it is not shared in the sense that the computer system is used. In this case, it needs high-quality nodes to do its job well. Second, some blockchain-based solutions consume a lot more energy. This is especially true if the networks are public and require a lot of energy to operate. Data written to the computer cannot be retrieved hence it can’t be changed. As a result, it is impossible to completely erase one’s digital footprint, resulting in some privacy rights being lost.


Businesses should use of blockchanin and crytocurency information systems is vital because they are long-lasting and can also solve many problems with record keeping and database systems, making them the best option. We figured out the benefits of using blockchain systems and how well they work in a business setting, which is huge. It’s only open to a few. With enough time and effort, blockchain issues can be resolved. As a result, the systems’ value and effectiveness are not diminished in any way.

Our research led us to believe that blockchain is the future of business. It’s been around for a while, but the rise of cryptocurrencies like bitcoin has given it the attention it deserves. They work because they are quick, safe, and permanent. To encourage more businesses and corporations to use this method of record-keeping, we propose making it mandatory.From record-keeping to international payments to accountability issues, identity theft, digital copyright, and piracy, to name a few of the many things that could benefit from the time and money saved. Using this method will save them money and help them make more money.

Further, businesses that want to use blockchain systems should first consider their goals (Smith 2016). During this process, they should consider the problems they are trying to solve and how blockchain technology might help. They must also consider what aspects of technology give a product, service, or component of a technological architecture a competitive advantage or benefit. So they can decide if blockchains are the best option. Individuals should also consult with all internal stakeholders, including employees. So, the technical team shouldn’t be the only ones working on blockchain-based systems.

To ensure that their solution can handle any regulatory, commercial, or technological issues that may arise, they must immediately contact the company’s employees (Smith 2016). Ultimately, they must ensure that they have chosen the correct market. This lets them know who is affected and what steps they need to take to use your solution or product. This report covers all competitors and opportunities, as well as the most significant legal threats and risks.


Pratt, M., 2021. Top 10 benefits of blockchain technology for business.[Online] (Updated 2 Jun. 2021).

Smith, G., 2016. Eight Recommendations for Business on blockchain.[Online] (Updated 17 Jun. 2016)

Nakamoto, S. (2020). A peer-to-peer electronic cash system. Bitcoin (2008).

Employee Survey Name: Institution: Date: Part A I have developed an employee

Employee Survey




Part A

I have developed an employee satisfaction survey for the

company “IT Fast” as an Hr. consultant. The explanations behind the turnover of employees would be uncovered here so

that Stacey the vice president of HR can put new policies and strategies to effect.

These surveys enhance asking of questions for sure info and support to identify which red flags are connected with the technique in particular categories of workers are handled. It is habitual,

however, to allow the responses answers to be anonymized.

Mission and goals

1. Is their inspiration through teamwork to perform better by the employees.

The team is the most imperative advantage and the main source within the organization. The workers feel heartened and stimulated on a day-to-day basis as the firm

is not able to perform without them making them so essential.[ Gragnano & Miglioretti,2020 ].

2. Is the employee able to understand the connection between his or her work and the corporate goals of the company

Employees need to be aware of the company’s vision and the ultimate goals of the

business. The employees work together with the company to attain resumes that are better a beg able to establish specific

measurable, achievable, realistic, and timebound goals in line with the mission statement of the organization and vision consistently [].

3. Is there an understanding of the tactical purposes of the company as a whole.

The Strategic Planning Process through the involvement of the employees is more beneficial and productive since it guarantees that

every person is aware of the organizational objectives as the execution stage of the forecasting progression and

enables personnel to make better decisions and put the plan into result for usefulness and purpose of planning [Ferenczy,2021].

Work environment

4. Is there connection and respect by fellow employees.

The most vital element in edifice is actual and competent

The workplace is the connection of the employee with coworkers [Deer,2020]. The firm respect the workers by appreciating

their concepts and asking them to give their opinions on numerous matters and difficulties. Connection and respecting employees within a firm lead to

alliance and solutions that are more creative and innovative, and the business experience benefit and improvement as a whole[ Bastion,2018 ].

5. Is the workers comfortable sharing their thoughts and opinions in the company.

Through the exposure of the leader by employees within the organization when they share their thoughts, trust is built among employees, and cooperation is facilitated. The employee shares their thoughts freely and ideas openly, whatever they think is wrong and thoughts they are yet to say when there is a feeling of respect and trust among employees.

[Forbes,2021 ].

6. Is there clear support from the supervisor within the work period and the company.

Provision of benefits, guidance and recognition to the employees help exploit the better employee

rendezvous, retention of employees increases and builds a good rapport to the company to the employee evaluation thereby creating a more positive general workplace[


Safety and wellness

7. Is health and safety measures provided by the company allowing safety and wellness of the employees.

The main factor for all businesses is the health and safety perspective which helps improve and endorse the welfare of all workers and employees[Kelloway &Gatien,2020]. The organization has a moral responsibility and duty to take care of the employee’s health and safety, hence shaping the trust, respect and

Loyalty perspective to the firm [Bastion,2018].

8. Recommendation of healthcare services should be provided to the IT test company

There is a substantial effect on the productivity of the company when it has good working conditions since the employee is not distracted while carrying out their performance in the company hence they concentrate on bringing better output. When we have a healthy environment the company experience productivity satisfaction and creativity. There is motivation both intrinsic and extrinsic motivation in an environment that is stress-free and energetic more engagement and commitment to their work.[Kalloway & Gatien,2020 ].

9. The company encourages and leads us to have a good work-life balance.

Maintaining a work-life balance can help reduce stress and prevent workplace

burns[Gragnano Et Al,2020) ]. Work stress can also adversely affect mental health, as it

is associated with an increased risk of depression, anxiety, and insomnia, which can adversely

affect a company’s productivity.

Compensation and benefits

10. I have a competitive salary compared to other jobs in similar fields.

A given job requires a fair wage to attract and retain employees. Not only does salary serve as a tool to retain satisfied employees, but it is also useful for

encouraging high performance[Kokemuller,2017 ].

11. I understand and am satisfied with my current compensation and benefits package.

Benefits and Rewards make Employees tend to work hard, encouraging employees to

stay on the job even in difficult times and giving them a sense of security[ Jehanzeb& Bashir,2013].

Career development

12. I have ample training opportunities to develop my professional skills.

Training promotes job satisfaction and enhances employee skills. The skilled

employees provided contribute to the development of more rounded skills sets for the

company[Jehanzeb & Bashir,2013 ].

13. I like the current employee development initiatives provided by the company.

To keep employees motivated, the organization needs formal development

initiatives and regular training programs will re-evaluate employees, their skills and

performance[ Jehanzeb, & Bashir, 2013 ].

Holiday and paid time off

14. I have a better number of vacation, sick and personal days.

Unlike many other countries, in Canada, many employers choose to offer such

benefits to their employees to prevent work stress and boost employee

morale[workplace Fairness,2021].

15. I like our company policy regarding paid time off.

Continuous work without rest or vacation can block people and distract them and

cause attention problems. Surveys show that about three-quarters of people who take regular

vacations are more energetic, creative, and ready to deal with the tasks at hand[Forbes,2021 ].

Part B

Employee Engagement/ satisfaction Plan

Employee experience involves a deep focus on improving the overall work experience

of the employee’s career path through the evolution of technology, learning, development,

physical space and culture. As an HR consultant, I believe that organizational efficiency,

profitability and competitive advantage are directly related to employee engagement and

satisfaction. In the case scenario of the ‘IT Fast’ company, there is no visible indication as to what is causing employees to leave the already growing company. However, based on the key areas of improvement highlighted in our survey questions, we are going to propose a plan for the company which will help them regain, retain, and boost employee engagement/satisfaction. This will eventually help them to reduce the turnover rate as well.

Compensation and benefits.

Creating the team and introducing intriguing offers – After the tasks and objectives are completed and/or achieved, the team members need to be appreciated for their successful efforts and contribution. ‘Fast It’ should recognize its employees’ efforts and contributions by acknowledging them and providing them constructive feedback. There needs to be a mechanism set by the HR department of the company to identify team members and their roles in each of the high-priority tasks. These members, upon giving them the lead in each rotation, would increase employee engagement. In the case of ‘Fast IT’, there can be introduced a unique program for employees to achieve maximum employee retention and engagement which is the EOSP (Employee stock ownership program). This was a strategy implemented at a tech company and several startups and it turned out to be highly effective and successful (Delcie, 2019). Other small contributions such as bonuses on employee referrals, awards, and vacation trips (apart from paid vacations and paid time off) are also healthy in terms of employee motivation, retention, and engagement (Reis, 2010). The company pays even higher wages, first of all, the compensation package should be simple, clear, and understandable to the employees [ Jehanzeb& Bashir,2013]. Also, most of the compensation budget of the company should be earmarked for people with great success and long service life. The employee has realistic expectations of how big an offer can be from a rival company. Therefore, retention compensation should be competitive compared to other rival companies. Providing a high percentage of income to top performers is not as difficult as losing them and their performance. Therefore, I suggest providing 20 to 30 percent of the salary is fair to encourage their dedication. Furthermore, I suppose that staff should receive an appreciable voucher, holiday, gift or another small but equally important privilege To this end, it is important to set a target extension that employees can try and achieve. These tactics help motivate and excite employees to stay within the organization.

Career development

Employees feel more valued and appreciated as they learn and improve their skills. The company must provide opportunities for their employees to grow and develop their careers to motivate and achieve great results. Providing training, skills, counseling, or coaching proves that investing in employees enhances their satisfaction and engagement with the employer. Therefore, the company not only achieves satisfied and loyal employees, but also gains additional skills and privileges that may be provided by them in the future[ ]. Moreover, displaying a clear path to promotion increases employee efficiency, confidence, and trust in the company. Performance measurement is crucial for any organization to keep track of their employees’ engagement and participation (Abdioğlu, 2010). ‘Fast IT’ should implement a continuous improvement and monitoring program for its employees so to increase employee retention and lower the turnover ratio. In the continuous improvement process, regular feedback, informal interviews, and appreciation are key aspects. Analyzing, evaluating, and rectifying – Strategies should be examined and re-evaluated more often. Sometimes despite seeming to be the right decision, the objectives are failed to achieve because of the wrong implementation of a strategy or maybe due to the wrong assumption throughout drawing that strategy.

Work environment

Close friendships with co-workers and supervisors in the workplace greatly enhance

employee satisfaction. However, providing communication facilities can encourage

employers to socialize and communicate. Organized social

activities outside of working hours, such as birthday celebrations or parties, can be helpful in

increasing job satisfaction and satisfaction. It helps to create a strong corporate work

environment within the organization. In addition, employees need so much attention and

support from their superiors to create a healthy work environment. Further, Not only does the

flow of communication between the employer and the employee keep them updated on what

they need to do, but we can also listen to their ideas, opinions, and feedback. This will

ultimately have a positive impact on the business because they have transparency and trust in

the company. These strategies help employees to feel connected and recognized by the

company and they feel comfortable sharing their ideas with superiors. Scanning the environment is a better strategy.

Internal environment – First thing for the company to do is to scan its internal environment and reassess each of the units of the business process. Scanning helps the management to identify potential areas of improvement within the boundaries of the organization. It also pinpoints several areas which are left unconnected or unattended. It can be in the form of disputes resulting from a miscommunication between the group or team members or between employees from different departments or between employees and their supervisors/managers. It also helps the company to ponder over its existing work environment, culture, values, strategies, resources, and offerings (Joseph, 2020). Sometimes, like in the case of ‘IT Fast’, employers believe that they are open to communication with their employees, but they still leave is because maybe they are just heard but their concerns are left unattended or unresolved. Or maybe there is a blockade between the management and employees which presents an incomplete picture on the management’s table, contrary to the actual scenario or concern of the employee. There can be several other factors too such as discrimination about gender, pay, promotion, perks, benefits, etc. There can be issues about discomfort and uneasiness amongst employees working with opposite gender or employees belonging from different races, colors, cultures, caste, etc. For instance, there have been cases where young graduates in entry-level positions tend to leave after serving for a maximum of two years because of constraints in growth and a rise in career opportunities (Anas & Hamzah, 2020; Jones, 2016). External environment – Despite having a strong, ethical, and positive culture, employees still tend to leave because of the intriguing benefits being offered in the market. Sometimes people also tend to switch to an entirely different industry for a better career or growth. It also exists in the case of fresh graduates who are likely to move to different places until their potential capabilities get matched with the employer or in some cases there are too many candidates for the position, they are applying for, so they forcibly change their career direction (Anas & Hamzah, 2020). Second, because of abundant opportunities available for candidates belonging to a certain domain such as programmers and software engineers, there is much to offer by various companies in the highly competitive market. Tools such as market research, industry analysis, trend analysis, and benchmarking can be used to help assist this type of scan (Joseph, 2020)

Therefore, I believe these strategies will make employees stay in the organization.


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