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Ways Firms Deliver Products And Services. African History Assignment Help

Distribution channels are ways firms deliver products and services to the end-users; some organizations sell directly to their clients while others retail. Organizations can use agents to act as a link between the company and the customer. There exist many choices in deciding the best channel of distribution. Sells through retail fuels the brand’s image and visibility, reaching many clients in different locations (Migliore & Gray, 2018). This minimizes the income potential without many resources. Direct sales are a distribution channel where the company reaches the retailer without an agent. This enables the company to have economic flexibility and lower prices to customers due to slashing the intermediaries.

Selective distribution makes result when a brand and commodity is not swapped out with an exchange. High-end brands are mostly selective about their products and are placed with how they are represented. The exclusive distribution uses several intermediaries and sells wares; under this model market model, companies ally with a single retailer in a particular market (Tuten, 2019). This leads to restriction availability and protects the brand image and project only company’s image. Distribution partnership depends on the type of branded leverage, and high-quality items appeal to upscale clients.

Retail is a channel of distribution for consumer brands using agents such as supermarkets and departments and convenience. Visual merchandising displays aspects used to highlight the appearance and advantages of the commodities and services being sold. Visual merchandising includes design and terms in use both in-warehouse and online merchandising. Digital merchandising includes advertisement activities used to sell a commodity online (Howard & Gray, 2018). It includes everything from site performance and product technological marketing, and email marketing. On-channel merchandising is creating a united client experience across all pick points of the customer journey. On-channel merchandise is used on a single customer basis.

Market strategic planning Summary. art history essay help: art history essay help

Strategic planning is a long-term process that aids a firm in distributing its resources and take advantage of opportunities. Market strategic planning occurs at different levels in a company: the top-level plans, the business level, and the departmental level (Hockenberry, 2019). The corporate level includes directors that plan the organization’s mission and vision in the long run. The business level is the product line and profit center for accounting purposes. The number of levels varies in a firm; depending on the firm’s size, not all organizations will have the three levels of management.

A market is segmented based on geographical, demographic, psychographic, and behavioral segmentation. Behavior division of the market includes buyer’s status to the product and potential user, how often the product is used by the consumer, the sought benefits to the user (Gray, 2018). Demographic segmentation includes income level of the consumer, gender, family life, occupation, level of education, class, and religion. Geographic segmentation includes the size of population density in a region and the climatic conditions of a certain place.

Marketing strategies help organizations to meet their intended sales and market endeavors is an important tool for analyzing the competitors in the market. It is also crucial in predicting the future of the markets and the changes that may arise (Howard, & Gray, 2018). Consumer behaviors vary from one customer to another from gender, age, occupation, to level of education. E-marketing is done electronically through the internet and online marketing. Social media is a form of communication online that helps an organization reach the potential target group.

Five consequences of malnutrition and dehydration. apus history essay help

Five consequences of malnutrition and dehydration.

Loss of appetite is one consequence of malnutrition and dehydration as it disrupts eating and feeding because of behavioral and cognitive problems. Changes in metabolism and regulation of appetite play a key role in the loss of appetite for older adults.

Mobility constraints are brought by malnourishment, which increases dependency and the demands for care to elderly people and leads to reduced mobility due to weakness.

Lack of income. Low-income people are mostly associated with poor intake of diet compared to high-income earners. Additionally, they (low-income earners) tend to consume fewer vegetables and fruits. Most older people do not work, while some depend on pensions which do not cater to all of their needs.

Difficulty swallowing. Dysphagia is capable of leading to the inability to meet the needs and fluid and foods, which means that it affects the ability of an individual to drink and eat and the inability to maintain hydration and nutrition.

Oral health. Without adequate hydration, a person’s body is not able to make saliva that the mouth to bathe the gums and teeth. This is an issue for older adults as dehydration makes their mouth uncomfortable and, in the process, causes dental decay as saliva helps in washing away the decay-causing bacteria.


Nutritional and hydration are important for health and quality of life in general. For older adults, adequate drink and food can help them recover from any illness, be independent, and reduce the time they stay at the hospital or even avoid readmission at the hospital. The nursing staff must ensure that they try to hydration and good nutrition and make the mealtimes to be enjoyable for the people they care for.










Malnutrition and Dehydration Introduction. gcse history essay help: gcse history essay help


Nutrition plays a vital role in people’s wellbeing, regardless of age. Food, together with nutrition, is the manner in which the human body gets energy as well as fuel into the body. Nutrition consists of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. Also, water has been an essential component of quality nutrition. Maintaining crucial vitamins as well as minerals is also considered maintaining quality health, particularly for older adults. Moreover, the adult body is made up of sixty percent water, and it requires water for numerous metabolic processes within the body. Good hydration has been key for maintaining functions of the body, including the brain, muscles, and heart. Maintaining good hydration prevents individuals from contracting UTI (urinary tract infection), which may be disastrous to older adults. This paper will discuss the problem of nutrition and hydration faced by older adults within a hospital.

Malnutrition and Dehydration

To identify as well as treat older adults suffering from malnutrition and dehydration, nurses ought to understand the manner in which malnutrition and dehydration have been explained. As per NANDA, malnutrition has been “intake of nutrients insufficient to meet metabolic needs” ( ). The criterion for malnutrition includes:

BMI (Body Mass Index) < 18.5 kg/m2

Unwitting weight loss > 10% within the previous 3 to 6 months

Body Mass Index < 20kg/m2 as well as unwitting weight loss > 5% within the previous 3 to 6 months

Dehydration definition has been more advanced as it may allude to both volume depletion and loss of water in the body. Upon water loss in the body, it has been defined as an advanced condition leading to a decrease in the body’s overall water.

Minnesota Department of Health (MDH). history essay help

This week as I was going to attend my clinical, I was saddened by the public’s lack of concern which has also fostered feelings of frustration within professional nurses. The public does not seem to abide by WHO rules and regulations regarding healthcare and does not take the pandemic seriously in fact they have essentially forgotten about it. These nurses giving chest compressions and holding their patient’s hands as more and more people die certainly haven’t forgotten … those treating COVID-affected persons must cope with grief when a patient dies.I hope the public can look back at how the pandemic started .



Minnesota Department of Health (MDH). (2019, March). 15th annual public report: Adverse health events in Minnesota.



The future is so uncertain. I never thought that at any given time I won’t be able to go for my clinical rotations freely as a nursing student. Then the pandemic came in and the unbelievable happened. Those were the most stressful times of my life. Nevertheless there’s still hope and a bright future ahead. I’m happy all the healthcare workers worked together to manage it somehow. This is has been the ‘Year of the Nurse’ indeed! We are often the only ones allowed into the patient’s room. As a profession, we decide to care for people when they need us most this is one of those times, but this will not be the only time.



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