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Using the topic you selected and the outline you followed in week 3 assignment, please write a 7-10 page Essay

Using the topic you selected and the outline you followed in week 3 assignment, please write a 7-10 page research paper using APA Format. Your research paper must include an extensive explanation and have a thesis statement. A thesis statement is a strong statement that you can support with evidence. The research paper should have a abstract, literature review and discussion (body of the paper addressing the issues listed below), recommendation, a well-defined conclusion, and reference pages. You must use at least 5 resources.

Please see the attached template for more information.

In your paper, you must address the following:

An overview of the issue
Why is this issue a concern from a health care economics perspective?
Who are the major parties involved in this issue?
Which market forces have an impact on this issue?
How is demand illustrated in this issue?
How is supply illustrated in this issue?
How has the affordable care act impacted this issue?
How are health disparities demonstrated in this issue?
How has this issue been improved in other global markets?
What is your recommendation for making improvements based on economic principles.

I strongly suggest that, as part of your research, you take advantage of the university’s online library link. There are a wide variety of resources there including many full text papers and articles. Ask the Librarian for help; they will answer your questions and help you find what you need.

APA Style refers to the editorial guide for academic documents published by the American Psychological Association. APA released the newest 7th edition in October 2019. The APA Style rules and guidelines are presented in the seventh edition of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association. The major changes from the 6th edition include:

An updated title page for student papers
The elimination of the running head in student papers
Updated DOI and URL guidelines when citing electronic resources
The use of the singular “they” pronoun for bias-free, inclusive language

Attached are the outline and annotated bibliography I did in prep for the paper

Discussion Thread: Cognitive Changes MANAGE DISCUSSION This is a graded discussion: 70

Discussion Thread: Cognitive Changes


This is a graded discussion: 70 points possible

A newspaper reporter interviews you for a story about memory and cognitive changes in adulthood. What will you tell him? Your answer should include characteristic changes that occur in the aging process, what is considered normal or abnormal, and concepts related to healthy habits that might impact outcomes. Also add at least one comment about what the Bible says about aging. Should we consider this a positive or negative process?

3 1 Discussion One Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Course Number: Course Name

Using the topic you selected and the outline you followed in week 3 assignment, please write a 7-10 page Essay Economics Assignment Help 3


Discussion One

Student’s Name

Institutional Affiliation

Course Number: Course Name

Instructor’s Name

Due Date

Discussion One

Jay Nolan violated the integrity principle of the Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative by failing to act with honesty at all times. For instance, he lies to one of the investors that their account balance held over 6 million dollars whereas the proper credit was lower than 300,000 dollars (Nolan, 2016, 09:05). Further, Jay contravenes the transparency principle of the Daniels Fund Ethics initiative by providing erroneous information to the investors. Blinded by the hope of trading successfully and making up for the figures initially quoted, Jay keeps the investors’ factual information. This information details the immense losses he has been making by trading commodities (Nolan, 2016, 06:52). At first, Jay blatantly violates the transparency principle by telling the investors verbally that their accounts were making profits. After that, Jay resorts to creating fake statements when required to back up his claims with tangible evidence.

Moreover, Jay breaches the viability principle of the Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative, which requires traders to create a long-term value for all their relevant investors and stakeholders (Daniels Fund, 2017a). Jay violates this principle by duping the investors into thinking that their investment is accruing profit (Daniels Fund, 2018, 07:56). In all his actions, Jay betrays the trust of his investors by engaging in unlawful acts that are against the rule of law principle of the Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative (Daniels Fund, 2017b). Jay’s actions are indeed disrespectful in the way they dishonor the rights and property of the investors whose money he holds in trust.


Daniels Fund. (2017a). Blind Spots Learning Module Transcript. Helios Digital Learning.

Daniels Fund. (2017b). Blind Spots Mini-Documentary Transcript. Helios Digital Learning.

Daniels Fund. (2018). Part Two: Learning Module [Video]. Helios Digital Learning.¤torg=Blind_Spots_Module_02212017_2_ORG&scoid=150&sesskey=CnyVDRWf92&display=popup&mode=normal

Nolan, J. (2016). Part One: Mini-Documentary [Video]. Blind Spots.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging Plan Diversity & Inclusion for HR Professionals

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging Plan

Diversity & Inclusion for HR Professionals

Using the templet below, outline DEIB Plan for your organization and discuss which items you have selected to work in as you create a more diverse and inclusive workplace.

Look at the big picture, what are the 2-3 areas you believe would have the most organizational impact you create your DEIB strategy?

When you successfully accomplish these, how will it alter or change the way people connect? What behaviors or conversation might shift? How can you capture some of those anecdotal stories to share with your leadership team?

How will accomplishment be celebrated? Change occur incrementally, so acknowledging the small” Wins” provides encouragement and hopes?

Project Requirement


Overview of Inclusive Process Strategy

Stakeholder and Support

Focus Area Checklist

Action Plan


Utilize this strategy format as you develop your plan forward to create a more inclusive, diverse environment where employees feel connected and that they belong. Be sure to include any key business partners who can provide ongoing support.

Inclusive Process Strategy

How will you make this process inclusive? How can those who are on the frontline, provide input to your DEIB plan? What are some probable business outcomes that could occur when you reduce bias and exclusion from processes? How can you leverage those “probable outcomes” to obtain stakeholder and or leadership support?

Stakeholders and Support

By title, who are the key stakeholders that can support your Diversity & Inclusion initiatives that would add value to reviewing internal HR processes? How do you include hiring managers in the changes to recruiting and interviewing practices to obtain their buy in? What resources do you have available to support you as you review processes and systems to mitigate bias?

Focus Areas

Recruitment & Selection




Use ATS to filter candidates, based on qualifications directly related to the job without any biases

Interviewers have a specific process for objectively evaluating job candidates when selecting who to hire

Interviewers following a standardized interview and evaluation process that is used with all candidates that is bias sensitive

Defined what “cultural fit” means in terms of competencies, ensuring these competencies do not prevent inclusion

Interviewers trained on unconscious bias in the selection process

Sourcing market appropriate diverse candidates

Sourcing candidates using multiple channels to ensure a diverse job pool

Performance Management




Train managers on your Performance Management process and ratings, making sure managers are evaluating performance without bias

Managers/evaluators of performance are thoroughly trained on Performance Management process and ratings before completing any performance reviews

Review overall performance ratings to be sure there are not any managers consistently scoring diverse employees lower

Review data on diverse employees ensuring they have similar performance rating averages as non-diverse employees

Total Compensation




Verified there are no pay inequities between men and women

Verified there are no pay inequities for diverse employees

Verified that employees that earned higher performance ratings and receiving larger raises and/or bonuses are diverse

Clear performance metrics defined to ensure unconscious biases don’t affect pay equity

Learning & Development




All employees have the opportunity and access to drive their own Learning and Development through online resources

All employees have development plans that point out learning resources the employee can use to complete their development plan

Train employees and managers on unconscious bias, microaggressions, diversity, inclusion, and equity

For development opportunities that require manager/leader sponsorship, verifying that these opportunities are being awarded without bias

HR Communication




Images in your communication diversely represent all employees, to include those with visible disabilities

Consider the range of communication to your employees, whether printed, online, or in apps, and ensure your employee base is accurately displayed in these communications

Talent Management




Have an internal job posting board allowing employees to self-identify for job opportunities

High Potential talent is well represented across all diversity attributes

Succession planning is well represented across all diversity attributes

Engagement & Employee Surveys




On a cadence, survey your employees to check in on:


Being treated equally

Perceive they have equal opportunities

Analyze any engagement survey data to ensure diverse groups are answering questions in a similar fashion as the non-diverse groups

Action Plan

Based on the top priorities you’ve identified, share your action plan below: