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Use APA 7 (click for link to Purdue Owl guidelinesLinks to an external site.) format to write a 3 Essay

Use APA 7 (click for link to Purdue Owl guidelinesLinks to an external site.) format to write a 3 – 4 page paper (NOT including title page or reference page). Incorporate information from at least one peer-reviewed journal article. Be sure to cite all author(s) including the textbook author (Arnett). You MUST use the textbook and at least one peer-reviewed article as a reference (click here for Albertson’s Library Database; you must log in to your Broncoweb firstLinks to an external site.). Respond to one of the following prompts:

1. Think about what you learned in Chapter 3 — Cognitive Foundations. Explain the principles of Piaget’s theory of cognitive development, including mental structures, maturation, schemes, assimilation, and accommodation. How does at least one current researcher (from the year 2000 to the present) think about or incorporate Piaget’s theory of cognitive development? Consider including critiques of Piaget’s theory.

2. Think about what you learned in Chapter 3 — Cognitive Foundations. Describe how thinking in adolescence becomes more abstract and complex, using metacognition, metaphor, and sarcasm as examples. How does at least one current researcher (from the year 2000 to the present) think about or incorporate the transition to more abstract and complex thinking during this time?

3. Choose any topic explored in Chapters 1 through 4. How does at least one current researcher (from the year 2000 to the present) think about, incorporate, criticize, etc. this topic?

This assignment will be graded based on completion (following directions), format (APA 7), and content.


This is for pre anesthesiology clinic in Hospital Create an annotated bibliography

This is for pre anesthesiology clinic in Hospital

Create an annotated bibliography that consists of 10 scholarly, peer-reviewed articles relevant to your area of specialty/topic of your chosen case study.

For each article:

Provide a brief summary of the article (4–5 sentences).

Explain why this article is relevant to your specialty/topic of your chosen case study (1–2 sentences).

Explain the application of the findings of the article to practice (1–2 sentences).

Use proper APA format and style.

Written Expression and Formatting – Paragraph/Sentence Structure: Paragraphs make clear points that support well-developed ideas.

Jd post 1: Communication and collaboration are keys to nursing. It is

Use APA 7 (click for link to Purdue Owl guidelinesLinks to an external site.) format to write a 3 Essay Psychology Assignment Help Jd post 1:

Communication and collaboration are keys to nursing. It is a topic that is discussed monthly in hospital nursing orientation.  Conflicts are part of working with various people. “If conflicts are not resolved, or if they are managed in an inappropriate way, they can have a negative influence on organizations, individuals, and patient outcomes. “(Arvekle, et al., 2018). There are several items that improve communication including: respect, accountability, listening and nonjudgement.


Three scenarios that can occur in nursing that can involve incivility include:


Students in conflict:

In this scenario, two nurses are working together on a project and are disagreeing on the topic. The students could discuss why the topic is important to him/her and how he/she wants to present the information. They could also see if they have a list of topics and one, they have in common.


Instructor and student

In this scenario, a nurse and a student disagree over a grade. The student feels they answered everything appropriately and the instructor stated she is missing some items on the rubric. The importance of this scenario is the rubric. The instructor would need to show the student how it was not followed and what was missing.


Instructor and colleague

In this situation, two instructors are differing on how long the students should be giving to complete a project. To minimize conflict, the important item would be asking why there is a difference in due dates and if they could come up with a compromise. Understanding where the person is coming from is essential to developing a beneficial working relationship.


In all of these cases, (Walden, 2020) mutual understanding, trust, transparency and honesty are necessary in order to create positive working relationships.  “Nursing practice is guided by codes of ethics detailing the moral and ethical imperatives for nurses.” (Clark, 2017). It is this code that can help nurses maintain civility when working with others. 




Arvekle,S., Berg, L., Wigert, H., Morrison-Helme, M., and Lepp, M. (2018). Learning About Conflict and Conflict Management Through Drama in Nursing Education


 Journal of Nursing Education, 57 (4), 209-216. doi:10.3928/01484834-20180322-04


Clark, C. (2017). An Evidence-Based Approach to Integrate Civility, Professionalism, and  Ethical Practice Into Nursing Curricula. Nurse Educator, 42 (3), 120-126. doi:



Walden University (Producer). (2020). Building and managing professional relationships  [Video]. Walden University Blackboard.


Post 2 IR:

  The conduct of nursing as a whole is influenced by codes of ethics as stated in the International Code of Ethics for Nurses and the American Nurses Association (ANA) Code of Ethics for Nurses With Interpretive Statements (Clark, 2017)). It is, therefore, the responsibility of every nurse, no matter what setting or position to cultivate a healthy, respectful and safe work setting.                                                                                                                                                               

           One scenario that could potentially arise in my professional setting in which students are in conflict with one another is bullying. In a study conducted by Abdelaziz & Abu‐Snieneh, (2021), nursing students report experiencing one or more bullying incidence a day or week while in nursing school where another student is the perpetrator. Some of the identified results of bullying include loss of sleep which could lead to lack of concentration and fatigue, fear, increased stress levels, and low self-esteem (Luhanga et al., 2019). A critical consequence of bullying is a lower grade point average (Abdelaziz & Abu‐Snieneh, 2021)      

           In a study by   Zhu et al.(2019), in a nursing clinical education setting, behaviors of incivility can either be made thru words or in deeds and openly done or concealed, which are grouped in the following, professional misconduct, disrespect, feeling unwelcome, unfair treatment, cruelty and sexual harassment. A scenario that I believe could happen in my professional setting between an instructor and a student is unfairness in an assignment. A student might feel the workload is more than a classmate’s, which could negatively impact learning.   

            In my professional setting, a scenario where an instructor and a colleague have opposing views is the use of available resources, such as the time allotted for the use of the skills lab. I witnessed an incident during the peak of Covid 19 when an educator did not allot enough time for OR nurses to practice using the different equipment used in med-surg before being assigned to work in the said unit. It was eventually resolved after the OR educator explained what OR nurses are used to using. Conflict arises when people or a group of people have different viewpoints or beliefs, which, when not resolved, can lead to confrontation and animosity, resulting in a toxic work environment (Beserra et al., 2018).


Abdelaziz, E. M., & Abu‐Snieneh, H. M. (2021, May 5). The impact of bullying on the mental health and academic achievement of nursing students. Perspectives in Psychiatric Care, 58(2), 623–634.

Beserra, E. P., Gubert, F. D. A., Martins, M. C., Vasconcelos, V. M., Figueiredo, G. A. D., Silva, L. A. D., & Lima, M. A. D. (2018, October 7). Conflict management in nurse training. Revista De Enfermagem UFPE on Line, 12(10), 2891.

Clark, C. (2017). An evidence-based approach to integrate civility, professionalism, and ethical practice into nursing curricula. Nurse Educator, 42 (3), 120-126. doi: 10.1097/NNE.0000000000000331.

Luhanga, F. L., Puplampu, V. A., Arvidson, S., & Ogunade, A. (2019, December 10). Nursing students’ experiences of bullying in clinical practice. Journal of Nursing Education and Practice, 10(3), 89.

Zhu, Z., Xing, W., Lizarondo, L., Guo, M., & Hu, Y. (2019, February). Nursing students’ experiences with faculty incivility in the clinical education context: a qualitative systematic review and meta-synthesis. BMJ Open, 9(2), e024383.

Running head: 5-2 MILESTONE THREE 1 4 5-2 MILESTONE THREE 5-2 Milestone

Running head: 5-2 MILESTONE THREE




5-2 Milestone Three

Qualitative methodology

What are the effects of police brutality due to racism on law enforcement’s relationship with communities and their ability to police?

Quantitative methodology

What factors influence the disproportional numbers of African American police brutality victims in America?

Mixed methodology

How does the African American Offending Theory influence police brutality in America?

I believe that the research question that best suits my topic is understanding the factors that lead to the disproportional numbers of African American police brutality victims. African Americans are more likely to be incarcerated and arrested than other people of color. This disparity is likely due to racial discrimination and the overrepresentation of this demographic in disadvantaged communities. However, the mixed methodology study seems more in line with social scientists’ research methods to analyze the relationship between race and police brutality.

The concept of mixed methods research has gained momentum in social scientific research. This approach aims to provide a framework for combining different methods. While some questions could be quickly answered by one research method, the mixed methodology is becoming increasingly popular because findings complement each other (Timans et al., 2019). The use of mixed methods research offers social science an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of its participants and improve the validity of its findings (Timans et al., 2019). It also allows for more comprehensive analyses of phenomena. 

One interesting thing I discovered when developing these research questions is that this process is essential to a meaningful research topic. The choice of a research question is the most critical element a researcher must consider when developing a conceptual framework for their studies. This process can help them establish the type of study that they should conduct. Developing a research question can help the researcher identify what questions have already been answered on the topic and the available gaps in research.

In the qualitative research question, I discovered that feasibility is wanting, despite the goal of racial reconciliation, to help communities and law enforcers come to terms with their differences and find common ground. It involves identifying the factors contributing to the harm they see and the opportunities to work together. However, this possibility is hindered by the lack of response from policymakers and law enforcement agencies on cases concerning police brutality.

For the quantitative study, it was interesting to note that while racism is the foundation of disproportional impact, other factors contribute to the cases linking police brutality and racism. This finding is also relevant to the mixed methodology question. The theory of African-American offending (TAAO) states that African Americans are more likely to commit criminal behavior due to their experiences with racial discrimination and the criminal justice system (Isom, 2015). It also argues that racial socialization can influence the pathways to crime for African-Americans. The RGST theory, related to the African-American offending theory, states that African-Americans are more prone to experiencing strains conducive to crime (Isom, 2015). These include economic, educational, familial, and community strains. Due to their unique social position and history, African-Americans are more likely to encounter stresses such as victimization and prejudice (Isom, 2015). African-Americans are also more likely to believe that pressures are unjust, which increases their likelihood of adverse outcomes. Effective research can help society provide relevant solutions to the structural issues affecting the relationship between law enforcement and communities.



Isom, D. A. (2015). Race, Racism, & Crime: An Empirical Assessment of African American Offending (Doctoral dissertation).

Timans, R., Wouters, P., & Heilbron, J. (2019). Mixed methods research: what it is and what it could be. Theory and Society, 48(2), 193-216.

1. A short descriptive summary of 5 lean techniques Paul Ackers integrates

1. A short descriptive summary of 5 lean techniques Paul Ackers integrates at Fastcap.  For all 5 points copy and paste this title and provide your responses with a clear separation of a, b, c, d, and e and do not exceed 50 words for each technique description. Note, the responses for this part of the assignment is a descriptive summary of how the techniques are used at Fastcap and it is NOT a description of how you would use them at your company.

2. A description of how I could, or would like to, integrate 2 of the above techniques within my industry partner project. Use a and b designations and do not exceed 100 words for each concep

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