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usage that will in turn reduce CAUTI’s in the hospital

I have to work on this paper in sections. You will see the first sections complete. I would like these reviewed for grammar because I did them myself. The next sections I need done are outlined in the document attached. The entire paper will not be complete – Just the sections listed in the rubric.

Assignment #2 Students will apply the four steps of the cultural reciprocity

Assignment #2

Students will apply the four steps of the cultural reciprocity process to conduct a home visit and develop a preliminary plan for a subsequent home visit. Students will conduct at least one home visit for at least one hour with a parent of a child from birth to age 3 years with a developmental disability. Students will try to visit a family whose cultural, ethnic, or racial background is different in some way(s) from their own¸ and meet with both of the parents (or other caregiving adults) if possible. If the parent prefers not to meet at home, they may choose a setting that is comfortable for them, so long as it is not at the school. The purpose of the visit is to learn about the child and the family’s experience, goals, hopes, and dreams for their child and use this information to develop a responsive plan for a subsequent home visit. Students will keep in mind the four steps of the cultural reciprocity process identified below as they interact with the parents:

Some information to acquire from the family through observations and conversations during the home visit(s) includes:

The daily routine:

What is the daily routine of the child?

What are some activities and routines that the child and family enjoy? What are some activities with which the child/family has difficulty?

Views on the child, child development and disability: How is the child viewed in the family?

What are the family’s goals, hopes and dreams for their child?

What are the family’s views on child development i.e. how the child learns and grows? How does the family explain the child’s disability?

How does the family explain the current services the child receives?

Cultural backgrounds and significant events:

How does the family describe their cultural background e.g. religion, race, ethnicity? Has the family’s cultural affiliations influenced their access to services?

What are some significant events in the life of the child or the family members?

Students will write a minimum of 5-7 page, double-spaced paper (APA style 6th edition) addressing the areas listed below:

Briefly describe the context, participants, and interactions during the home

Where was the meeting, what was the setting like? (10 points)

Who was present?

What were interactions and behaviors like between the individuals present?

Learn about the child and family: What information was gathered about the child and the family? Organize the information under the following headings:

The daily routine

Views on the child, child development and disability, and hopes, dreams, goals for child Cultural backgrounds and significant events

Reflect on your own thoughts and reactions: What did you learn about yourself through the interaction with the family? (5 points)

What were your initial assumptions about the family?

What were your initial reactions to the family?

What new information did you learn from the family?

What did you learn about the services or intervention processes and from the family?

What are some dilemmas you faced in listening to the family story or in developing a plan for the next home visit?

Develop a culturally responsive plan: Based on what you learned from the family what would be the focus of your next home visit? Develop a plan for the next home (10 points)

What learning objectives would you identify?

How would you use the natural learning opportunities or family routines to work towards the learning objectives?

What are some activities that the child and family can engage in to address the learning objectives? Explain your plan to the family: How would you explain your plan to the family?

What are some individual priorities or cultural preferences that you need to consider?


How will you explain some of the child development principles that guide your thinking?

*This paper should be at least 6 pages; follows APA format; has minimal errors inAPA format; Writing is properly edited and reviewed; Good construction and flow of ideas.6 full pages plus cover sheet and reference page.

The purpose of this assignment is to assess your understanding of various

usage that will in turn reduce CAUTI’s in the hospital Religion and Theology Assignment Help The purpose of this assignment is to assess your understanding of various disease processes, treatment options, how the outcomes of different pathologic conditions affect quality of life, and any adverse effects or side effects of drugs used to treat various diseases. By completing this assignment, the student will be meeting the multiple learning objectives listed below in the “Instructions.”



Complete the following steps: Considering the following 3 conditions:

1-Acute rhinitis( common cold)


3- Laryngitis

Analyze each of the conditions you chose by: 

Verifying the etiology of each condition.

Fully describe the conditions.

Identifying the implications of the condition on different body systems.

Identify the various pharmacological treatment options by: 

Describing the various pharmacological treatment options for each condition.

Identifying the application and route for each treatment option.

Define the drug classification for each treatment option (ie. Opioid, Antibiotic, ACE Inhibitor, etc.).

Explaining side effects (secondary unwanted effect that occurs due to drug therapy) of each drug.

Identifying any adverse reactions (unintended pharmacologic effects that occur when a medication is administered correctly) for each drug.

Analyze the outcomes of the conditions you chose and how they affect the patient’s quality of life. 

Reference: Pathopharmacology, Bruce J Colbert MS, RRT / Kurtis Pierce MBA, RRT

Assignment 3: Research Questions & Variables You will identify a research topic,

Assignment 3: Research Questions & Variables

You will identify a research topic, explain your research idea, construct possible research questions (1 or 2 questions), determine which variables you could potentially use for your research paper (you will need to have 1 dependent variable and 3 independent variables), and state your hypotheses. You will have to give your future survey (Assignment 4) to friends or family, so think about what you will be able to ask them and what information they will be able to provide. We will not survey or interview vulnerable populations (anyone under 18, prisoners, etc.). It is okay if your idea is still a work-in-progress!

ChapterCase Paper #3 (600 words for this paper): Please read Please read

ChapterCase Paper #3

(600 words for this paper):  Please read Please read ChapterCase 5 The Quest for Competitive Advantage: Apple vs Microsoft, Parts I and II. Please review and answer Questions 1 to 3 in ChapterCase 5, Part II.  (In PDF, pages 154-189). Also make sure to properly cite sources in APA format.

How do perspectives on competitive advantage differ when comparing brick-and-mortar stores to online businesses (e.g. Best Buy versus Amazon, Old Navy versus Threadless [noted in Strategy Highlight 5.2]). Make recommendations to a primarily brick-and-mortar retail firm on how to compete more effectively with online firms. Do your suggestions fall mostly into the accounting, shareholder, or economic point of view on competitive advantage?

For many people, the shareholder perspective is perhaps the most familiar measure of competitive advantage for publicly traded firms. What are some of the disadvantages of using shareholder value as the sole point of view for defining competitive advantage?

The chapter discusses seven different business models with a brief description of each. Given the changing nature of many industries, choose an industry you have some knowledge of and describe how the business model of a firm in that industry has changed over the last decade. (If you prefer, you can describe how a firm’s current business model should be changing in the next few years ahead.)

Please keep in mind when writing the paper, that it should:

The Assignment demonstrates excellent use of various critical thinking standards and concepts. Ideas are original and thoughtful. These may include proper use of logic, reasoning and the posing of well-considered questions. Content is very comprehensive and supported by detailed references to lectures and assigned readings. Thoroughly evaluates the impact, creativity, and value of the subject. Appropriate tool is used (e.g., submitted as a Word document with a clearly labeled file name). The organization is very clear and easy to follow. Where appropriate, the assignment contains all of the key elements (e.g., title page, appropriate sub-headings). Sentences are structured correctly.

There are no grammatical or spelling errors.