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In John’s book from the first chapter, all through to the twelve chapters, the apostle John utilizes the term sign instead of miracles as other disciples because he is pointing out the things people need to know about Christ. In contrast to Mathew, Mark, and Luke, John only records seven miracles, which tell God’s Son’s unique attributes. Like other signs that give direction and essential information concerning a matter, John highlighted the seven signs John meant to point out unique attributes regarding Jesus. According to John (3:16), the Almighty loved the world so much that he sacrificed his son to save humanity. Thus, when Jesus came to earth, he performed significant signs not common to man so that people would believe who he said he was.

Unlike the previous gospel books, John used the term signs instead of miracles to highlight that the acts Jesus did showcased him as a God and not a human. According to Bibleref (n.d.), the miracles were meant for the disciples so that they would believe in his sovereignty. To John, every miracle had substantial significance. For example, turning water into wine represented how Jesus was about to purify humankind and return them to God (John 2:1-11). According to John, these signs presented Jesus’s main service, which was to restore humanity to what God had intended.

When he raises Lazarus, he shows that no human being can live, except through him as only he can give life (John 1:3-4). Thus, as it was at the beginning where he was the word, which was with God, all beings came into life through him, and nothing can manifest except through him (Jessica, 2015). Thus, according to John’s (20:30-31) gospel, the bible states that although Jesus performed many miracles, these specific signs became recorded so that people would believe in the Sovereignty of Jesus.

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Business owners understand how running a business can be hectic. From securing capital, paying employees to comply with laws, it can be overwhelming. Additionally, every business must comply with tax laws. That said, it is only wise to hire a tax agent to help in relieving some of the pressure.

What is a Tax Agent?

A tax agent is a person or a team who has the elite authority to represent taxpayers. They can represent business taxpayers or individual taxpayers. Tax agents are also commonly known as enrolled agents. They act on behalf of their clients while dealing with tax authorities like IRS.

Taxpayers assist in all matters relating to tax. This includes filing tax returns and handling tax payments. They are also playing the role of advising their clients on all issues related to tax.

How a Tax Agent Can Help Your Business

Ensure Tax Compliance

Tax agents ensure that a business is aware of all its obligations that relate to tax. Secondly, they educate the business owner about the easy ways of fulfilling their obligations. Tax payments and filings often have strict deadlines. The agent makes sure that the deadlines are met to avoid penalties.

Assist in Tax Obligation Calculations

Most of the time, taxpayers do not know what they owe in tax. A tax agent eliminates this obstacle by helping in liability calculations. They formulate statements that explain the business’ liability. They are educated about tax policies and are in a better position to determine liability.

Saves Money for Taxpayers

There are many legal ways through which taxpayers can reduce their tax liability. Unfortunately, most taxpayers are not aware of these mechanisms. Tax agents advise taxpayers on the various ways of reducing tax liability. That way, the taxpayer does not spend as much money on tax payments.

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Medical practices have always faced challenges ranging from lack of equipment, supplies to inadequate knowledge on how to deal with some community health issues. In the implementation of medical practice, sometimes various ethical problems arise, undermining the whole process and the common good. Socially, some cultural values do not conform to medical procedures such as genetic testing and even manipulation. Additionally, some religious groups such as Christians believe that humans are perfect creations from God, and therefore any attempt to manipulate human structure is wrong. In his interview on the coronavirus vaccine, Dr. Francis Collins admitted that his experience as a scientist, atheist, and later as a Christian allowed him to understand science and faith. His experience in studying genetics, Bible, and directly involved in the human genome project enabled him to comprehend the ethical issues raised by society and Christians in general (Reed, 2020). Therefore, in this paper, his views and others will be considered in analyzing the ethical issues for society and Christian healthcare professionals.

The evolving science surrounding the genetic composition of humans has presented more ethical obligations among clinicians. Genetic information is used to reveal the health conditions of fetuses as well as their sexual status. Through genetic testing or screening, any prevailing health conditions involving the mother or the child can be dealt with earlier to prevent future risks. However, on some occasions, such information has been misused, posing ethical issues socially. DNA testing has been regarded as “a coded probabilistic medical record,” which, if carelessly handled, may lead to discrimination among patients (Wauters & Van Hoyweghen, 2016). Information on individuals’ genetic contents, especially job seekers, may prevent them from obtaining their dream jobs, especially if they possess high-risk factors for certain diseases. Additionally, further discriminations have been witnessed among employees who wish to obtain insurance covers. On some occasions, they have been turned down by insurance companies due to their high health risks. Since individuals’ medical future can be determined through genetic tests, such information may be used to stigmatize others, leading to family discord and psychological distress.

Genetic studies have also revealed that some diseases are predominant among a group of people. For instance, sickle-cell anemia has been discovered to be more dominant among African American heritage, and therefore such information may lead to racism. Preconception and prenatal genetic testing and screening present both opportunity and ethical challenges. This is because results obtained can be used to take precautionary measures against future health issues in patients. Genetic tests revealing prevalent disorders or chronic diseases such as cancer in a family can favor young siblings as earlier medications can be adopted. However, the same information can be misused to wrongfully terminate pregnancies, especially among expectant mothers who might have conceived accidentally (Wauters & Van Hoyweghen, 2016). On some occasions, parents and clinicians have used such knowledge to manipulate the fetus’s genetic structure, hindering natural reproduction and messing with God’s creation. Others have explored genetic engineering procedures to improve the genetic makeup to raise a better child.

For a Christian health professional, genomic screening that detects certain genetic defects in the fetus can pose ethical challenges, mostly when the mother prefers abortion. Among Christians such as Roman Catholics, abortion is immoral since life begins at conception, and therefore, ending a pregnancy is equal to murder (Williams & Wienroth, 2017). Similarly, another challenge posed by DNA testing is the concern that should carriers for genetic abnormalities be encouraged to reproduce or are people better off not knowing their conditions. Ethical issues regarding the sanctity or purity of human life may be affected when genetic screening may recommend manipulating the gene pool. Christians believe that humans are created in God’s image and are perfect; hence need no improvement. Improving the genetic makeup of embryos by eliminating undesired genes or adding desired genes is viewed as a deliberate attempt to interfere with God’s creation.

Protection of human dignity is another concern that has been raised by Christians, especially when the information regarding an Individual’s genetic results is shared with third parties. In such cases, unfair discrimination and stigma based on undesired genetic makeup have been metered against such individuals and in the process, undermining their dignity. Denying people’s jobs and insurance covers based on high health risks has been viewed as immoral and discriminatory. As such, Christians advocate for confidentiality and privacy even if it means not undergoing any genetic screening. Changing human reproductive cells or gene pool through positive or negative eugenics is viewed as a way of interfering with individuals’ social liberty and responsibility; hence people should be accepted as they have been created (Williams & Wienroth, 2017). Through genetic alterations, safeguarding God’s creation has been undermined, posing some ethical concerns. For instance, alterations geared towards developing biological weapons or for economic gain have been criticized by Christians as a means of exploiting forms of life as designed by God the creator.

Consequently, any Christian health professional should be mindful of patients’ wellbeing and safeguard God’s creation. Genetic testing and interventions should be based on alleviating humans from suffering, prevention, and treatment of diseases, but should not be used to destroy natural balance or degrade creation. Preservation of an individual’s confidentiality and privacy should be embraced by practitioners who wish to engage in DNA testing. Upon obtaining information on patients’ genetic constitution, it is imperative for Gynecologists to safely keep such knowledge and only share it with the patients or a third party of their choice. This can prevent eventualities such as biased discrimination or stigmatization. The principles of Christianity require individuals to be truthful and honest in everything they do. Therefore, healthcare providers who engage in genetic testing should honestly report findings to the person tested. Freedom of choice as one of God’s values should be upheld at all times by allowing patients to decide whether to be tested genetically and what action to be taken based on the results obtained. Peace and love as promoted among Christians should be observed by avoiding genetic manipulation, which may lead to the development of biological or warfare weapons. Similarly, human dignity should be protected at all costs by avoiding engaging in genetically destructive practices but instead accepting individual qualities.

In conclusion, genetic testing has faced numerous ethical issues since it affects both science and faith. Socially, it has been viewed to limit human liberty and responsibilities as initially designed. Information on individuals’ test results, especially those with undesirable genetic constitutions, has been stigmatized and discriminated against, raising some ethical concerns. Among Christians, DNA testing has been identified as a factor aiding the abortion of unborn babies, especially when results show disorder elements. The decision to terminate a pregnancy is considered immoral and is equated to murder. For a Christian health professional to engage in DNA testing and uphold God’s values, information obtained should be used to prevent and treat diseases. Human dignity should be upheld by allowing individuals to make their own choices and honestly report the findings.

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