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Tips For Writing A Good College Application Essay

Admission in a college of your choice is getting tougher and tougher every time. As the competition among applicants increase, the probability of your success decreases. Under these circumstances the key to success is a brilliant and an impressive College Application Essay. The importance of an application essay increases when there are more applicants striving for very limited number of seats.

Admission Essay by its name seems to be just a simple type of essay but behind its simplicity, a success or a failure is associated. Application essay distinguishes you from other applicants and makes you an eligible and rightful candidate for entrance. Your academic performance may reflect some of your aspects but an application essay delivers information that your past record does not disperse. In short, it affects your progress toward your desired dream. Thus it is utmost important to give an application essay the attention it deserves, so that it separates you from others and classifies you in a category of deserving candidates. Some features of a good application essay are:

  • • Demonstrates the writing ability of a candidate.
    • Shows that a candidate has researched before making a decision that the college suits him best.
    • Shows the commitment of a candidate to learn and prosper.
    • Shows a complete picture of the applicant.
    • Captures attention of the reviewing committee, and creates a positive impression as a result of which the candidate is taken into consideration.

Steps to Writing

  1. Understand the instructions and requirements
  2. Select a topic
  3. Craft a draft
  4. Write the college application letter