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The Issue Of The Bill Of Rights art history essay help: art history essay help

The purpose of the Bill of Rights, as a whole, is a stalwart for the people, protecting them from abuses of government powers; it guarantees certain unalienable rights, including the right to a speedy trial, the right to bear arms and freedom of religion, to name a few. Among the amendments in the Bill of Rights, the one that has known the most controversy is the  

Fourth Amendment, which reads as following:  

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.…show more content…

(Cuddihy and Hardy,374)


Searches began to expand beyond the realm of religion and years later in 1637, Sir Edward Coke contested the legality of search warrants that were aimed at finding stolen goods or fugitives of the law because he claimed that they were in violation of Article Thirty-Nine of the Magna Carta (376). The saying “a man’s home is his castle” was first termed by Coke as well. Sir Matthew Hale would build on Coke, as he saw it necessary for warrants involving stolen goods to “particularize the house to be searched and warrants concerning fugitives to specify the felon..”  (Cuddihy and Hardy). Both Hale and Coke have been regarded as the men responsible for what would come to be known as the Fourth Amendment. However, it wasn’t until the revolt of the 13 original colonies that these protections evolved and found itself on foreign land. The Colonial Era saw the King of England imposing taxes on the American colonies in order to pay off debts incurred due to the French and Indian War. The Sugar Act of 1764 would see a tax placed on molasses and sugar, but the tax also included items such as wine, cloth, coffee and silk (Golden). Initially, these taxes were unenforced, but when the time came to hold the colonist accountable, the people were caught off guard. These taxes resulted in colonials turning to smuggling in order to offset the costs and it was this that set off searches of colonial warehouses and private homes. The colonials


Famous Thinkers Essay paper as history essay help

When looking at history and try to discover famous thinkers in our society, many men and women stand out. Famous thinkers are people who used critical thinking and perseverance to overcome adversity to succeed. The two that stand out in my mind are Bill Gates and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Lets discuss their contributions to society as a whole, the problems or issues that they resolved, and how they were able to come up with their solutions.  




Contributions to Society


Self made multi-billionaire, entrepreneur and philanthropist Bill Gates was born in Seattle, Washington in 1955. We recognize the name Bill Gates; it is hard not to be famous when you are the richest self-made man in America. The contributions to society made by Mr. Gates…show more content…

Despite his efforts to promote equality for all American’s, Dr. King lost his life to an assassin in Tennessee in 1968. (Martin Luther King Jr., 2011). Dr. King makes insightful and uncannily prescient pronouncements about the nature of capitalism and communism, a quarter of a century before the demise of the Soviet Union.  Dr Martin, L. K.,Jr. (1992, Jan 20).




Personal Environments  


Bill Gates first took an interest in computer programming when he was 13 years old, while attending school. The school used funds from sales and donations and was able to purchase the students an ASR-33 Teletype terminal and computer time on a General Electric computer terminal. Bill, instantly intrigued, was able to get excused from his regular classes to work with the computer. Bill, then, gained his interest in computer programming. He was able to develop a program where the students could play the computer in a game of tic-tac-toe. This was the beginning of Bill Gates career (Bill Gates, 2011).


Bill Gates mother, Mary had devoted most of her time working with charities and civil affairs organizations, the most popular name being United Way. She would bring Bill with her on many volunteer missions. Bill Gates would grow up to follow her example, only he would have the money to donate and even create his own organizations and foundations (Bill Gates, 2011).


Dr. King was born into the southern black ministry, in particular the southern Baptist. While attending college to get his


Coherent Manner For Developing Banking Sector ap art history homework help: ap art history homework help

 Digital Bangladesh must be activated by 2021 to develop the intensive technology based banking system to move forward modern banking sector in Bangladesh.  

 Successful team building with a coherent manner for developing human ware, hardware, software and web ware are required to increase e-banking in a systematic way.  

 Greater emphasis should be put on security system and on preventing fraud so that any sort of financial transactions including on-line banking payment or any other electronic fund transfer can be properly handled.

 Banks in Bangladesh should review their business strategy and create the required space for adopting technology driven banking.

 Fortify ICT department through providing training to IT employees and procuring essential hardware and software.

 Career path of hardware and software engineers should be properly designed. Otherwise professionals will be de-motivated and they won’t work with job satisfaction in modern banking sector.

 The management of the private commercial banks and nationalized commercial banks might allocate a part of their yearly profit for ICT penetration in banking activities and human resources development. They may also extend those services to the rural people of Bangladesh so that the rural people can also get the benefit of technology driven banking.

 Create separate unit in each branch for rendering ICT related operational activities under the supervision of the ICT department.

 To increase awareness of the


The Pros And Cons Of Visas In Australia history assignment help

‘We will no longer allow 457 visas to be passports to jobs that could and should go to Australians’. This is what Mr Turnbull said in a video posted to Facebook on April 18 this year marking the beginning to a series of changes to the 457 visa.


The Temporary Work (skilled) (subclass 457) visa is a visa that lets a skilled worker travel to Australia to work in their nominated occupation for their approved sponsor for up to four years (Australian Government Department of Immigration and Border Protection), most importantly this can only happen providing that the sponsor could not find an Australian citizen to do the work (The Australian, April 18, 2017). Earlier this year in April, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull announced the government…show more content…

In April, the same month as Mr Turnbull’s announcement, the 651 professions eligible for a 457 visa was cut down to 435 eligible occupations. This 33% cut might appear to be a drastic change, however 18 of these occupations haven’t been used in the past decade and include jobs such as deer farmers and turf growers. Additionally, 46 occupations have never been approved to foreign workers for the twenty years that the 457 visa has been in place.  


Removing occupations such as foreign Ship’s masters and picture framers will not ‘return’ jobs to Australians. But not only did the government remove these trivial occupations, they also decided to remove certain scientist, ICT support technicians and engineers.


The IT sector employs the largest percentage of 457 visa workers by field (14.1%) and is one of Australia’s fastest growing industries with a current value of $79 billion projected to grow to $139 billion in 2020 accounting for 7% of Australia’s GDP. According to a report released by Deloitte Access Economics, in Australia there were 640,000 workers employed in IT in 2016, approximately 2% (14,000) of whom were sponsored by the 457 visa. Not only is the problem of foreign workers stealing our jobs over exaggerated, the report projects that 100,000 more IT workers will need to be employed in the next five years for Australia to