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Aging Population’s Impact on Economies help with history assignment: help with history assignment


Aging Population’s Impact on Economies


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An older population presents many challenges to labor markets, government tax, government spending, and the wider economy. One of the great achievements of the Twentieth Century is a dramatic rise in life expectancy. Below are the impacts.


Dependency ratio increase.



On the off chance that the retirement age stays fixed and the future builds, there will be generally more individuals asserting annuity benefits and fewer individuals working and making good on personal expenses. The dread is that it will require high duty rates on the current contracting labor force.


 Increase of Government spending on medical care and benefits.



Likewise, those in retirement will, in general compensation lower annual expenses since they are not working. This mix of higher spending responsibilities and lower charge income is a wellspring of worry for Western governments – particularly those with existing obligation issues and unfunded annuity plans.


Installment of higher assessments.



Installments could make disincentives to work and disincentives for firms to contribute. Subsequently, there could be a fall in efficiency and development.


Inadequate laborers.



A maturing populace could prompt a lack of laborers and henceforth push up compensation, causing wage swelling. Then again, firms may need to react by urging more individuals to enter the labor force by offering adaptable working practices.





I am changing areas inside the economy.



An expansion in the quantities of retirees will make a greater market for products and ventures connected to more seasoned individuals (for example, retirement homes).1


Higher reserve funds for benefits may diminish capital ventures.



Suppose society is putting a higher percentage of pay into benefits reserves. In that case, it could decrease the measure of investment funds accessible for more profitable speculation, prompting lower paces of financial development.


Zuo, Xuejin, and Xiaoping Yang. “The long‐term impact on the Chinese economy of an aging population.” Social Sciences in China 30, no. 1 (2009): 197-208.


AGING POPULATION’S IMPACT ON ECONOMIES                                                                                   4







Nagarajan, N. Renuga, Aurora AC Teixeira, and Sandra T. Silva. “The impact of an aging population on economic growth: an exploratory review of the main mechanisms.” Análise Social (2016): 4-35.


Zuo, Xuejin, and Xiaoping Yang. “The long‐term impact on the Chinese economy of an aging population.” Social Sciences in China 30, no. 1 (2009): 197-208.

THE ALTERNATIVE MEDIA IN CANADA. history homework help





Alternative Media

Question 1

Alternative media includes the different sources of publications and information categorized outside the mainstream media. Examples of alternative media include anarchists, activists, and grassroots, non-cooperative and progressive sources of information. Other terms used to refer to alternative media include radicals, subversive underground, dissident and independent media. Alternative media have an objective of enhancing public awareness and actions against the restrictions or limitations of the mainstream media cutbacks and conglomeration to public broadcasts. Alternative media are increasingly becoming important avenues for political debates, and community expressions. Alternative media sources are different from dominant or established media in their production, content and distribution.  Traditional media forms describes a range of media forms such as newspapers, books, television and film. The nontraditional forms of media on the other hand includes media forms such as online publications, magazines and podcasts. Other forms of media also include mural, street theatre, culture jamming and posters.

Alternative media in Canada includes news media and the entertainment and pop culture sector. Entertainment and news media are powerful tools that can be used to develop and perpetuate negative pop culture stereotypes specifically on ethnic and racial groups. Popular or pop culture refers to the sum of beliefs, ideas, attitudes, perspectives, images, memes and other events found within the mainstream of a particular culture. Popular culture emerged in the western culture beginning from the mid-20th century and was enhanced by the emerging global mainstream media in the late 20th and the early 21st century. Pop culture acts as a uniting factor in ideals and morals, which include the acceptable type of behaviour. Popular culture is the pattern of cultural experiences that are more accessible. It has existing attitudes, especially in mainstream society and media. Examples of popular culture events include television shows, baseball games, rock, and pop music.

The Weekend and Childish Gambino Performance at the 2021 Super-bowl Games

The Weekend in under a decade transformed from a homeless individual to releasing hit songs and albums and performing at the Super-bowl. The weekend performed the greatest of his albums that instantly became the most streamed on spotify.

The weekend throughout the nine song performance included musical extras that added to his excellent performance. The performance started with the haunting robotic choir that marked the beginning of this show with the 2018 hit single “Call Out My Name.” The introduction from the choir was an extraordinary way of starting his performance and transitioning to another hit “Blinding Lights” down on the field.  The weekend also performed the song “House of Balloons,” for his staunch followers who like his darker music. The performance was perfectly executed with effectively timed transitions between songs. The choir and orchestral additions made the performance better than the studio version.

Childish Gambino performance was also exciting and worthy remembering. Viewing this virtual concert is that attending the concert is an exciting and unique experience that made me appreciate classical music. The performance captures the contagious energy, innocence, and the will of a struggling generation to survive. The work maintains a rebelliously celebratory tone even though it illustrates a sorrowful theme. The soaring strings octet is used to drive the steady momentum that sends the other dancers hurling across the stage in rapid rolls, slides, and leaps resonating well with the composition. This dance displays a lot of enthusiasm and admiration, considering the way it is performed. The pedestrian movements used in art convey a universal language that bridges various cultures and societies. This work can engage modern dance fans, Gambino fans, as well as dancers.

Question 2

There are several similarities and differences between the media activist practices as documented in Ai Weiwei’s iconic images and Al Jazeera’s images of revolution.


The first similarity between the two activist practices is that they use non-traditional forms of media such as social media to reach the audience. The artistic endeavours of WeiWei make him one of the most popular artistes globally. He is described as a provocateur, activist and the art market beneficiary. The second similarity of activist practices between Ai Weiwei’s iconic images and Aljazeera’s images of revolution is that they are against the violation of human rights in various places in the world. The third similarity is that the two rely on technology and online activism. The fourth similarity of the two activist practices is that they deploy social media as an artistic space and an activist platform in a revolutionary way. Finally, the two activist practices are major contributors to socio-political events in their countries and in the world.


The first difference is that Ai Weiwei uses art to promote his activist ideas while Al Jazeera’s images of revolution uses photograph and video images. The second difference is that Weiwei challenges the actions of political powers by highlighting clear issues discussed in the world political stage using alternative media whereas while Al Jazeera’s images of revolution uses mainstream media to highlight its political issues. The third difference is that Ai’s art has been a key contributor in the censorship of Chinese social media while Al Jazeera’s images of revolution cannot be censored by the Arab governments. The fourth difference is that Al Jazeera’s images of revolution does not encourage people to entirely reject their culture but Weiwei in his art promotes perverse machinations of the Chinese government and rejects its culture. Ai is an artist and an activist while the Al Jazeera’s images of revolution is the work of a journalist that merely works to unveil poor economic, social and political conditions on behalf of ignorant global citizens. Ai in the process of criticizing global political institutions such as capitalism exploits the system for individual benefit unlike Al Jazeera’s images of revolution which exploit the system for profits. Political participation and connective actions have seen electoral politics becoming more personalized and less ideological in ways similar to consumer branding and marketing. Voters are often resold in every election cycle. In the last years of the 21st century, a global wave of policies on free markets, finance and business deregulation and the privatization of public goods and services swept several; business and political elites. Interest groups encourage political participation as they provide a convenient platform for citizens to participate in politics. For instance, the Tea Party protests provided the citizens with a platform to offer their views and present their opposition to government control. The system of checks and balances has, in some cases, been used for political and partisan reasons. The Senate has the authority to impeach the President, to initiate constitutional amendments and control over courts, which provides various checks and balances to the executive.



THE ALTERNATIVES TO INCARCERATION. ap world history homework help: ap world history homework help


Alternatives to Incarceration

Joe Ihure

South Western University


The society has been increasingly relying on imprisonment as the perfect response to crime. Incarceration has been the chosen method to punish the offenders rather than converting them into better citizens (Frana & Schroeder, 2008). As a result, better alternatives have been put in place to assist in converting the offenders into better citizens. An alternative to incarceration is any kind of punishment other than time in prison or jail that can be given to a person who commits a crime (FAMM). Some of the most frequently used alternatives to incarceration are described below.

Community Justice and Restoration Justice

Community justice employs mechanism which involves members of the community and which is place driven (organized around a specific location). Restoration justice is case driven and seeks to involve offenders, victims and community representatives, where offenders are held accountable to victims and community members (Patchin & Keveles, 2004)


This is the most basic form of community correction. Probation keeps the offender in the community but puts limits and obligations on his or her freedom. Probation can come with many conditions attached as long as those conditions are not broken. The conditions include; regular meetings with a probation officer, staying under geographical jurisdiction of the court, remaining drug-free, refraining from driving a motor vehicle, doing community service, and participating in substance abuse or mental health treatment (United Nations, 2007)

Electronic Home Monitoring

Home detention requires offenders to stay in their homes except when they are in certain pre-approved areas (i.e., at court or work). Often, home confinement requires that the offender be placed on electronic home monitoring. Electronic home monitoring requires offenders to wear an electronic device, such as an ankle bracelet, that sends a signal to a transmitter and lets the authorities know where the offender is at all times. (FAMM)

Community Service

Community services requires an offender to do unpaid work for a specified number of hours or to perform a specific task for the benefit of the community. Community service requires close supervision to prove that the offender does the work as required under acceptable conditions without being exploited (FAMM)

Economic Penalties

This is the most effective alternative in keeping many offenders out of prison. Fines are not issued at flat amount, but are based on the gravity of the crime and the offender’s daily income. Wealthier offenders pay more and pay an amount that is a meaningful loss of income, while those with lower incomes pay an amount they can afford and avoid jail. (United Nations, 2007)

Of the incarceration alternative methods discussed above, community justice and restoration justice are the most effective. According to study by Patchin and Keveles (2004) 15.3% of the offenders who were sentenced through restorative justice recidivated after one year compared to 37.5% of the similar offenders who were sentenced to probation.  After two years, 27.8% of the restorative justice and 54.4% of the probation group recidivated.  Moreover, after three years, significantly fewer members of the restorative justice group recidivated (34.7% compared to 66.1%).

Independent of whichever alternative program is ultimately implemented, an appropriate treatment component should be included. Combining elements of multiple approaches has also proven valuable by matching the needs and risk levels of the offenders. Low risk offenders require few services while high risk offenders require more intensive programming. It is important, then, to consider the needs of each offender in order to identify an appropriate program to implement (Patchin & Keveles, 2004).


Alternatives to imprisonment are often more effective at achieving important public safety objectives, such as greater security for the population, than imprisonment. Properly designed and implemented, they may infringe less on human rights while costing less in the short and/or long term. A first strategy is keeping offenders out of the criminal justice system entirely.














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Factuality of reporting and bias of news media sources online history assignment help



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Part 1

Politicians construct and use phrases and words that are aimed at attracting and maintaining voters to the side. Most of the terms used in politics are manipulated to suit the politicians and sway voters of their side. As such, phrases used have multiple interpretations and may result in generality (Kartik et al., 2017). Take an example of Baraka Obama slogan of “yas we can”, which he used in 2008. This gave a sigh of hope and generalized all Americans. These phrases are repeated during different occasions to attract voters’ attention and ensure they stick to that politician. The use of these ambiguous and generalized phrases is meant to create faith and trust among the vote. For example, “make American great again, and Change We Can Believe In” are two famous phrases used by Baraka Obama to sway voters to his party. This can be used to persuading customers to buy more products.

Part 2

Media sources provide a variety of information used in human beings’ daily lives, but not all media sources are credible. Some sources may contain that are irrelevant to the topic and thus make the incredible. Also, some cannot provide evidence to the media source’s information and thus make them untrustworthy. Evidence of sources of information is crucial as it proves that such an event or incident occurred.  Some prove to be incredible because of the flawed interpretation of the information presented (Baly et al., 2018).

Always we should question the credibility of media sources of information to ensure we acquire the relevant information that concerns the topic in the study. Also, it is essential to examine media sources to ensure the information is reliable and of high quality. This is because some sources present information just for the sake of doing it. We should question media sources so that we can eliminate biases, incorrect information and outdated information. All these ensure quality information.

Part 3

The debate is about allowing college students to smart drugs to alter intelligence to exercise the right to choose what to use. These drugs are consumed every day as we take coffee or tea in our home.

Personification, you can use the drugs for a particular purpose. He used the device to emphasize the use of smart drugs for medicinal purposes.

Accismus, where the use of these drugs increase competitiveness, focus, attention and memory, we should celebrate that. The use was intentional as she persuaded the other speakers to join and see the positive part of these drugs’ use.

Part 4

Appeal to Emotion, this fallacy is used to create pleasant emotions in people and influence them to make choices while buying products.  For example, cheap is expensive. If you want to buy quality products, go for the most expensive. This makes people buy expensive products sold by an organization. This creates an emotion that everything sold at a higher price is always of higher quality than cheap products.




Baly, R., Karadzhov, G., Alexandrov, D., Glass, J., & Nakov, P. (2018). Predicting factuality of reporting and bias of news media sources. arXiv preprint arXiv:1810.01765.

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