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The Application of Psychological Disorders in the Media art history essay help: art history essay help

Outline for the Application of Psychological Disorders in the Media


Psychological disorders among movie characters have been identified and we have to accept that movie characters are a reflection of what society has to deal with daily. Psychological disorders are characterized by abnormal feelings, acts and thoughts. The causes of psychological disorders are unknown but they are usually defined by behaviors feels, thinks, and behaves. The effect is linked to specific parts of the brain (Golightley, Goemans, 2020).

Thesis Statement. Psychological disorders lead to mental distress or impairment in individual functioning. The features may be persistent or reoccur in episodes. Many psychological disorders have specific signs and symptoms which are diagnosed by a mental health professional.


 Summary of the movie

The Madness of King George is characterized by acute porphyria problems
In his last nine years in power, they were characterized by blindness and insanity
Despite the psychological problems that King George experienced, he was able to support the government because naturally, he was supportive in running the affairs of the nation (Bennett, 1995).
In 1788, when he was on a carriage through the forest, he got off and approached a tree and started addressing it as if it was the dead king Fredrick the great of Prussia.
On realizing that challenge that king George was facing, the son Prinny thought of passing a bill that would remove his father from power and lock him away (Smith, 2019).
Dr Wills tried to manage/control the dementia condition that was affecting King George.
The regency bill passed after many years when Prinny had become an anti-Whig.
The death of King George III would mean that he would become King George IV (Bennett, 1995).

Psychological concepts

Acute porphyria is genetically caused due to overproduction of heme precursors.
Confusion and disorientation of the height of psychotic problems (Horwitz, 2020).
The symptoms are episodic and attacks arise spontaneously
The condition can be recessive over several generations
Psychiatric manifestations occur with a high prevalence
Treatment is done through the administration of antipsychotic medications to control the disorder.
The causes of acute porphyria can be contributed by other illnesses and emotional stress.
Differential diagnosis
Psychosocial impacts

Application of the psychological concepts history assignment help book

Application of the psychological concepts to the Madness of King George

Psychiatric manifestations. For instance, getting out of his carriage in a forest to address a tree thinking it was the long-dead king Fredrick of Prussia.
Causes are associated with emotional stress such as he hated his sons for their actions like Prinny used to gamble and drinking debts left the king always annoyed about his actions.
Treatment and management, Dr wills tried to manage and treat the condition of King George when
The psychosocial impact is that Prinny was busy pushing for the regency bill to be passed.
Differential diagnosis indicates that the disorder mimics other diseases making it difficult to identify it.

Features associated with schizophrenia, for instance, king George experienced hallucinations when he went addressing a tree thinking it was the great King Fredrick who had long died (Hewitt, 2020).


Closing statement

Movies are a depiction of how real-life disorders affect an individual’s well-being; therefore, it is important to ensure that we care for our loved ones to ensure the psychological disorders are managed and keep them away from any factor that is likely to be a trigger to the problem.

Restate thesis: Psychological disorders lead to mental distress or impairment in individual functioning. The features may be persistent or reoccur in episodes. Many psychological disorders have specific signs and symptoms which are diagnosed by a mental health professional.






Bennett, A. (1995). The madness of King George. London: Faber and Faber.

Golightley, M., Goemans, R. (2020). Social Work and Mental Health.

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A Knowledge-Based CRM as adopted from Lambe advanced higher history essay help: advanced higher history essay help


Adoption of the new CRM system by Wal-Mart will begin by planning for a process mapping
In this phase, the implementation team will compile a list of HR processes, after which they will develop a model for each procedure. In this case, our key processes include recruitment, onboarding, performance review, relationship management, and learning and development.

Knowledge-Based CRM

Wal-Mart will adopt a Knowledge-Based CRM as adopted from Lambe (2008)
This model has laws, three main activities and relies on two primary tools (Lambe, 2008)
The high-value customers deliver high knowledge value, thus shaping innovation or bringing in other important customers.
It will involve looking at the entire customer experience, right from when they heard about the company.
Wal-Mart will profile customers by analyzing their buying patterns, thus including relevant suggestions every time they visit the company’s website or purchase products from the physical stores.
The company will also try to discover unmet customer needs develop collaborative processes to meet those needs.
The company will use the learned experience to predict new customer needs. For example, when a customer finishes college, the company may predict that their next phase in their life is family, thus suggest products to that end.
Technology and knowledge management are the two important tools that will interweave the three main activities and the two laws of CRM. The company will use applications and knowledge acquisition to understands the needs of the customers.

A Knowledge-Based CRM technology Needs. history assignment help and resources


Walmart managers will use CRM technology to manage the firm’s human capital through a process called Employee Resource Management (ERM).
The firm will provide universal access to its HR using web-based applications.
This change will emanate from the need to cut costs and expand or improve services.
Also, the change will help Walmart develop a competitive advantage to outperform its rivals that do not adopt similar technology.
The well-integrated ERM will provide a Human Resource Information System (HRIS), which will offer a better interface for the human resource department to handle internal employees and review the problems concerning the relationship between the employees and the organization.
For Wal-Mart, the focus should be capturing data and consolidating workflows in a single application instead of implementing a global solution that would be complicated to manage.
Some of HRIS features will include:

Payment: details concerning employee’s payroll will be automated from the headquarters

Profile management: the employee-related information to be managed within a single tool.
Training: The training will be both manual and online-based. The online program will help train the international employees from, say, the headquarters. The training will help improve individuals’ knowledge, attitudes and skills, leading to effectiveness and eventually cutting costs (Presbitero, 2017).
Meetings and certification: The employees and managers will book and hold meetings online. There will be an and automated notification to alert the employees on the date and timing of meetings, and certification will be awarded online.
Leave management: the employees should be able to apply for leave through a portal. The leave granted is deducted automatically from the annual buddle, and relevant notifications sent through email. This will help manage the leaves for the international employees from the headquarters.
Import/ export feature: any employee/manager should be able to import or export any data to/from the portal in formats such as excel sheets.