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The role of social media in the process of recruitment. history assignment help book: history assignment help book

The role of social media in the process of recruitment and selection for a job candidate

The increasing availability of access to the internet has added to the popularity of the idea of social media. This has led to the establishment of social networking sites like Facebook and mySpace. The recent rise in social media has effects on the use of social media in human resource practices, especially in the process of selection and recruitment. A lot of HR personnel uses social media platforms to check the profile of job applicants online. This paper analyses the role of social media in recruitment and the selection process of candidates, the advantages and disadvantages of this method.

Pros and cons of using the internet for employee recruitment. women’s rights history essay help

Pros and cons of using the internet for employee recruitment


It helps in saving the budget

The application of social media in the recruitment and the selection of a candidate for a job can result in a greater saving of the budget for the department of human resource in various institutions. This is because there is no need to hire additional people to agree and accept curriculum vitae, have a meetup, greet the applicant, provide pre-employment tests, and answer questions on the interview panel. There will also be fewer expenditures on printing and photocopying the hard copy papers because the submissions will be done online (Landers & Schmidt, 2016).

How Job candidates tend to show personality online. apus history essay help: apus history essay help

Job candidates tend to show personality online.

An essential aspect of recruitment is finding out if the candidate will adapt to the company’s culture, policy, terms, and conditions. The greatest advantage of a social media application in recruitment is that the human resource personnel can figure out the candidate’s personality by using social media and applying it to determine if they fit for that particular job. Having an overview of the candidate’s social profiles on Facebook, mySpace and Twitter will aid the recruitment personnel to have an overview of the values and personality of the candidates. There will exist no need for psychological test as well as questionnaires to prove that fact.

The application of keywords to scan recruits is easy. ap american history essay help

The application of keywords to scan recruits is easy.

Social media makes it easy to scan and go through the many curriculum vitae of the applicants to find out unique features relying on certain keywords. The candidates who will match these keywords have a greater opportunity to be selected for the job or interview. This will save time and finances because a simple search can propagate through many applications and curriculum vitae to get the required candidate.

There exists a greater talent pool.

Social media will make it easy to access a greater talent pool because the candidates can apply for the job while anywhere across the globe. These will open the company’s options when it comes to recruiting suitable candidates for the job.


Online recruitment gives several tools like pre-employment screening, assessment of the personality and testing to screen the candidates to be in apposition to chose the qualified and skilled candidates. They go in line with the companies’ values and principle with less human association. A lot of the packages and software’s of recruitment gives a number of those services that can be customized so as to meet the companies’ certain needs for every job.


Online recruitment will expose the candidates to a larger or a greater audience than other recruiting candidates and employees. Even though online recruitment will reach many job seekers everywhere globally, candidates will also be attracted to certain specific skills. Some boards of job recruitment on the internet are focused on niche industries. Also, many professional associations permit employers to post openings of vacancies on their prospective website. This will make the employer be able to get the candidates with skills and the candidates who are not serious about searching for jobs.


For a good number of businesses, the recruitment process is listed amongst the highest expenses. Recruiting involves the exact finances of hiring a candidate as well as the costs of retention and training. Every employee is needed to get training and orientation and be given a time frame to have an overview of what is required in his job. This is regarded as an investment to a lot of employers.