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Ethanol v. Drizin


In the case of Drizlin v. Ethanol, Mr. Drizin did not act ethically and was responsible for the loss of Ethanol’s finds. Through his initial experience as a life insurance salesman and a real estate broker, Drizin admittedly understood the sole purpose and function of the escrow account. He was fully aware that the intended purpose of the escrow account was to offer security for the plaintiff to secure a loan or gain more funds to extend its projects (Ethanol v. Drizin, 2007). Drizin was aware of the corporate resolution that the funds belonging to the plaintiff were only put on safe investments only with permission from the plaintiff. He claims that he did not know anything about the Nigerian client that he used as a ‘consultant’ to the GSIO firm (Ethanol v. Drizin, 2007). However, he went ahead and wired $2 million of Northwest’s funds under suspicious circumstances.

It only defies common sense that an experienced broker would charge $512,000 in expenses for an investment that did not yield a single cent. The investments that were made by GSI under Drizin’s direction were not safe, and Drizin went against the initial agreement and made the investments without the plaintiff’s knowledge. None of the investments were even titled in the plaintiff’s name (Mills, 2018). These investments were all incredible scams that sought to steal away the plaintiff’s money in a matter of months (Dore, 2019). As such, it is apparent that none of Drizin’s actions were done in good faith; thus, they were unethical. Secondly, when Drizin started the GSI Company, he had all the ill intentions (Justia US Law, 2019).

From the evidence produced in court, GSI was a mere shell that served no legitimate business purpose. The company was primarily used as an intermediary to conduct fraud and perpetuate injustice. Drizin did not separate his personal funds from the corporation’s funds. According to Dore (2019), when a shareholder does not segregate corporate funds, there is likely to be substantial interference that the shareholder is using them for his gains. This situation was the same in Drizin’s case. From this angle, it is evident that Drizin was not acting ethically.


The owners of the Northwest Iowa Ethanol Company were partly responsible and partly not accountable for the losses that they incurred. First, they were not liable because they thought that Drizin was a shareholder in their company and so he would have the organization’s best interests at heart. They also trusted him with the company’s finances because they knew that he was an experienced broker following his resume, and as such, he was well skilled in helping in the multiplication of the funds.  However, the firm is responsible for the losses they encountered because they were not smart enough to protect their financial assets. Islam (2019) states that every firm has a fiduciary task to keep its shareholder’s money separated from the organization’s funds.

An organization must protect its business assets, especially if it is planning for a future (Islam, 2019). Northwest Iowa Ethanol Company shareholders knew that they wanted the firm to grow in the future. However, they failed to open a business account where every shareholder had a say in the financial movements of the company. As such, they ought to take responsibility for their losses because of ignorance and negligence.


This case has its underpinnings in the Bible. In Luke 16:13, the Bible says that “no servant can serve two masters, for either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other.” In the case above, Drizin was attempting to serve the Ethanol Company and his own desires. However, his desires took precedence, and he resorted to defrauding Northwest without any remorse for the shareholders’ efforts. Concerning Northwest shareholders, they were too trustful of Drizin that they ignored the crucial steps. In Proverbs 28:26, the Bible says that “Whoever trusts in his own mind is a fool, but he who walks in wisdom will be delivered.” If the shareholders were more careful in trusting Drizin, they would have taken more effective measures.


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Conrad Discussion university history essay help

Conrad Discussion

Text: The Secret Agent

Is Mr Verloc, the hero of the tale?

Mr Verloc is not the hero of the Secret Agent tale in that he plays the double character without anyone noticing. The role that everyone in the story knows about him is a businessman and a secret agent. In that case, nobody suspects him of being involved in any activities that are against the norms of society. In secret, Mr Verloc is a member of an anarchist group which is out to overthrow the government. Also, he plays the role of an ineffectual terrorist and no one, even those in his family have an idea of what he does beyond running his business. Having failed in becoming a terrorist, he takes up the role of a person that provokes others to commit crimes.

On the one hand, though, he becomes influenced quickly as the moment he meets Mr Vladimir, who has a high rank in the government, he agrees to commit a crime to redeem himself. That is after being threatened of losing his job for performing poorly as a secret agent. For Mr Verloc to earn the title of becoming the hero, he should have sacrificed his position other than taking part in a terrorist attack.  That is considering that his brother-in-law died in the same attack which angered his wife, Winnie. Either way, before taking part in this act, he is undecided on whether it is the right or wrong thing to do, considering that he has no political interest. That though does not make him a hero as he finally succumbs to pressure to blow up the Greenwich observatory as earlier advised by Mr Vladimir.


Benefits of a contract management system ap history essay help: ap history essay help

Contract Management Service

What is a contract management service?

Contract management service is a process whereby the purchaser and the vendor both interact to ensure that both parties meet their respective obligations in a procurement relationship. Following a survey conducted by the Local Government Division, it has been determined that the majority of local councils do not have a contract management service (Malta Minds, 2019, p. 4). The contract management service aims to ensure the business, operational, and functional objectives are met by both parties as they are required by the contract that binds them to develop an interaction that is profitable and beneficial for all of them.  Contract management services is a fundamental process that makes it easy for different parties to play their various roles as obligated by the contract they have made or signed.

Do you agree with the above statement? 

Yes, I agree with the above statement on how the local councils are now required to have a contract management service. This was after the Local Government Division realized the advantages of the local councils having contract management service. After a survey was done by the Local Government Division, it was later found out that most of the local council did not have the contract management service. After the survey was done, the local government division made a directive that made it mandatory for the local council to engage a contract manager.  The contract manager in the local council had a responsibility of ensuring that all the contracts signed by the local council and the contractors were in good faith and all the activities were smoothly running. The contract manager was to ensure that all the services and duties that were stipulated in the contract and given to the contractor are being done in the right way.

Benefits of a contract management system

Improves compliance

The use of contract management services improves compliance because both parties are bound by the contract they have made. Consequently, this ensures all the parties involved in the agreement signed plays their role accordingly.

Improves commitment to completion

A contract management service is one of the ways that organizations can use to improve the completion of different projects. This is because all the parties in the contract have an obligation they are required to do within a given period. Therefore, the contract management service forces them to be responsible and play the role they are supposed to play. For example, if the local council gives a contract to a contractor to complete work on a road for ten months, then they are required to complete a road within the next ten months. On the other hand, if the contractor and the local council had agreed-upon payments to be made in five months, then it is the responsibility of the local council to ensure they are obliged to pay the contractor on time so that they can finish the project on time as per the contract management service.

Spend visibility

The contract management services help buyers to know if they are buying or making a contract with the right seller or contractor if it is the right time, prices or quantity. Contract management services help business on consistent contracts conditions and terms.  Contract management services help to identify contracts with vendors in zones with high risks as a result of the uncertainty in the economy, political unrest or natural disasters. The agreement allows organizations always to choose the right suppliers or contractor to sign a contract with.

Gaps in contract management services

Potential time delays

Potential time delays are one of the significant drawbacks of the contract management service. Although the buyers and the sellers have deadlines spelt out in the contract, the contractor at times can delay the project and not meet the deadline that was indicated in the contract. Another potential drawback of contract management is that the contractor might not be able to meet the deadlines spelt out in the contract (Bianca, 2019,p. 2). This can be a challenge to the organization because it might be depending on the completion of the project to deliver essential services to customers. The contracting organization might end up losing time and money if the deadline agreed on the contract is not met.

Compliance and legal issues

Although contract management service is viewed as a legal agreement between the contractor and the contracting organization, the contracting organization can face huge loses in courts when enforcing the document. The contract management service should always have measures in place that requires the contractor to deliver the services as needed in the contract.  However, the contracting organization should still prepare themselves to the unforeseen situations and legal cost if the contractor fails to deliver as agreed in the contract.

Describe ways of improvements to this system

The best ways to improve the system is through having effective communication between all the parties involved in the contract. Communication is essential because it helps to create harmony and understanding of each other. Defining everything is also another meaningful way of improving the system because it helps each part to understand the role it has to play.

In disagreements how do we to handle them

Those who are in disagreement on the opinion of having contract management services should be educated on its benefits. Providing workshops and training will help to educate and inform those in dispute on the advantages and benefits of having contract management service.


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