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Abolishment of Slavery in America ap history essay help: ap history essay help

Abolishment of Slavery in America

To the masters, slaves were the institution that they depended on in a great deal for work. To some other Americans, slavery was a sin that needed to be ended. There were whites who joined hands with the activists who were against slavery and advocated for the abolishment of slavery. The northerners were against slavery and sent their sentiments to the south to stop slavery. For instance, the abolitionists from the north used the safe house to ferry the slaves to the north by the use of underground rails. This led to the creation of feud between the south and northerners as the latter assumed that the northerners aimed to destroy the institution that southerners had created and were a way of sustaining them. The tensions that came about between the two sides led to arising of civil wars. It was at the end of the civil war when the slave trade was also abolished.

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The Actual Abolishment

One of the greatest minds in fighting slavery was Abraham Lincoln, who co-worked with Republican Party members who were leading anti-slavery movements. Lincoln’s major objective was not to stop slavery but instead to stop spreading of slavery to new areas in America. Nevertheless, the southern leaders did not acknowledge this idea as they felt that if every state became free, then power could be threatened. With Abraham Lincoln being elected in power in 1860, it was a good position for him to abolish slavery. Since southern masters and leaders did not support the ideology of Abraham Lincoln, they broke to form their different political group, the Confederate State of America which was the key reason for breaking of civil war.

The year 1862 was the new age of change and integrating aspect of equality and abolishment of slavery. The first thing was prohibition of slavery in all the United States territories. With the rebellion of this idea too high in some states, Lincoln looked into imposing proclamation of emancipation. Thus, the proclamation by Lincoln did not abolish slavery in all the states, but rather, the Confederate states stilled their slaves as they were protected by the Union armies. However, the war ended in 1865 with ratification and of the 13th amendment which was the official way to abolish slavery. Irrespective of the amendment which was to see the change in the slavery, the southerners remained ‘conservative and did not end the slavery direct and the conditions of the slaves did not change significantly. This led to more time being taken to granting equality that crosses different races, that is, blacks and whites.

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The Contemporary Slavery

According to various researches, there is a prevalent modern slavery in the United States. This acts as an indicator that the 13th amendment did not sort out everything for the slaves. The paradigms has just shifted to new methods of slavery with new and different masters. According to research carried out by the guardian, there is close to 400,000 slaves in the modern United States. The latter population live in bondage and servitude under the conditions that could be closely compared to those of 1800s slavery. These are people working under forced labor and harsh conditions. The modern slavery is mostly possible because the ‘slaves’ might have allowed it to happen, thus the term ‘tolerance of exploitation’. A modern slavery that is taking serious discussion in the United States is the forced marriage of the young girls and women, and it is prevalent in the African-American families. The power of vocal human rights activists has changed a lot of things to the modern slavery. There has been various organizations that explain the rights of every human being and the need to be respected regardless of the race and status.

Some of the companies are overexploiting the Americans. For instance, some of the employees does the works that are above what the companies are paying them. Slavery includes unfavorable working conditions, late pays, half pays and being mistreated at the company on the basis of race. The industrial actions has been key in identifying such loops in the job market. There have been bodies that protect the interest of the employees and acts as the ’13th amendment’ in fighting the rights of the employees and ending industrial slavery that acts as the modern slavery that is facing workers. Also, there has been human trafficking in the United States. In essence, Nevada, Texas, Ohio, California, New York and Florida are human trafficking hubs where people are ‘sold’ to other countries. All these points have proximity to international borders and such people are sent to work in forced labor.

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