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The Labor Management Relations Act of 1947 art history essay help: art history essay help

Taft-Hartley Act: This is also the Labor Management Relations Act of 1947. It is an amendment of the Wagner Act. The main function of the Act is to regulate the activities and powers of the labor unions. There are several prohibited activities of labor unions listed within the Act inclusive of: jurisdictional, solidarity and political strikes, wildcats, closed shops, secondary boycotts and any form of monetary donations made by unions to state political campaigns. As a control measure regarding the issuance of employee benefits and pensions from employer funds, the LMRA has put in place several substantive and procedural standards that are mandatory to be followed by both employers and unions.







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Landrum Griffin Act: This is the Land Management Reporting and Disclosure Act of 1959. It is concerned with the internal affairs of unions and the relationships between officials and employers. This Act caters for both unions and workers who are also taken care of under the Wagner Act and the RLA. However, public sector employees are not considered to be among the beneficiaries of the provisions of this Act. In support of the rights of employees, Union members have been granted the green light to enforce their LMRDA rights by filing private lawsuits against their employers.


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Question 6: Plumber Job Description.

Job Identification

TITLE: Plumber

Division:             Southern Area

Department:     Human Resource Management

Job Analyst:       Diane Kate

Date Analyzed:  2/17/16

Wage Category: Exempt

Report to:            HR Manager

Job Code:             29-7

Date Verified:      2/24/16



Provide professional plumbing services and ensure that the water systems and all related areas are up to the required standards. This will involve installations, maintenance and repairs of pipes, fixtures amongst various other plumbing activities centered on water disposal and redistribution on large scale such as commercial areas or small scale residential areas.



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Install, maintain and repair the various plumbing systems which includes the reviewing of building plans, location of areas in need of fixtures and new connections and testing for leaks within the pipe systems.
To maintain the correct building codes in line with the required installations and legislation.
To always administer and schedule for work by preparing budgets and keeping a record of supplies.


Possess proficient knowledge regarding; water disposal as well as distribution on both large and small scale levels, the regulations and policies associated to plumbing and the building codes.
Demonstrate the ability to cooperate with other employees, admirable decision making skills and proper time management.
Ability to work independently under little or no supervision.
Must be in possession of certification in plumbing acquired from an accredited and recognized college or university.