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The Medical Error Epidemic In Various Healthcare World History Essay Help

The medical error epidemic occurs in various healthcare settings which entail surgical rooms, nursing homes, clinics, hospital homes of patients and medical offices (Tawfik et al., 2018). Some of the most frequent errors entail; anesthesia-related errors delayed missed diagnosis, lack of proper follow-up, erratic prescription and drug administration, anomalies in the process of surgery, and failure to act on the results and procedures (Tawfik et al., 2018). Additionally, failure to adhere to the prescribed precautions and technical medical errors are also examples of issues that lead to poor health among the US population.

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There are several causes of medical errors. Among these causes is a communication breakdown. Whether written communication or verbal, these may cause errors in medical practice (Tawfik et al., 2018). For instance, a communication error or lack of communication may arise between a nurse and a doctor or between members of an inter-professional team in a facility. Inadequate flow of information is another cause of medical erring (Tawfik et al., 2018). The flow of information is vital in all healthcare settings.  Insufficient flow of information may cause medical errors when significant patient data regarding his or her health fails to be transferred to the facility to which the patient has been referred. This leads to misinformation about the patients’ health status and cause of disease, allergies and other vital information which causes erratic medication (Clapper & Ching, 2020). Generally, a lack of proper flow of information leads to a lack of significant data required to make decisions on prescriptions. It also causes insufficient communication of test results and poor coordination of medication orders for care transfer.

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Human problems and patient-related errors are also other causes of medical errors. Human problems are experienced when healthcare standards, processes and procedures are inadequately followed. For instance anomalies in the labelling of specimens and poor documentation may cause wrong diagnosis, prescription and treatment of patients (Clapper & Ching, 2020).  Other errors entail knowledge-based errors. These occur when medical practitioners have insufficient knowledge to provide the required healthcare services as needed by a patient at a particular time. This leads to partial or erratic treatment leading to erratic medication. Patient-related issues entail inappropriate identification of patients, errors in assessment, failure in obtaining patient consent, and insufficiency in patient education.

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Inadequate staffing has also been associated with medical errors (Tawfik et al., 2018).  For instance, when the nurse-patient ratio is above the recommended standards this means that the workload per nurse is high. Therefore the nurse will have to work extra hours or have excess patients take care of.  The phenomenon leads to nurse burnout syndrome which reduced a nurse’s concentration which in turn leads to medication errors among many patients. Therefore this is a significant cause of the medical error epidemic.

In conclusion, it is significant for all healthcare practitioners to be aware of this epidemic to avoid the consequences. The results of medical errors entail the loss of life which is the most costly consequence. Secondly, erratic medication may lead to lawsuits and other dire results.




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Considering the life of Robin Williams you received over the semester, what is the most important theory you learnt and why?

The most important theory I learnt based on robin Williams life is Erickson’s theory of psychosocial development. It provides a framework for human growth, development and learning. This is because it is a developmental theory that offers specified guiding concepts and principles that explain and describe human development. Erickson’s theory is centered on psychosocial development. He believed that personality developed through a series of stages. Erickson’s theory describes the effect of social experience throughout the entire lifespan. Important to the life of Robin Williams and how his lack of social connection and communication led to creating imaginary friends, conversations, substance abuse, and using comedy to develop his social life and skills. Erickson’s theory of psychosocial development provides a better understanding of this kind of human behaviour.