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The Mechanical Structure Summary History Homework


Organic models discussion history assignment help: history assignment help

Organic models are usually flat, usually using cross-level and cross-functional teams, and have a comprehensive information network. In addition to downward communication, it also has the function of horizontal and upward communication. Google Corporation is a good example of a business based on organic structures. Encourage its employees to use creative problem-solving skills and develop new products. The organic structure includes:

Large-scale authority, control, and communication network.
All employees are encouraged to solve the problem.
Employees are more goal-oriented than job-oriented goals.
Encourage employee empowerment.





The definition of a borderless organization as history essay help

The definition of a borderless organization is the basis for lack of structure and a business approach based on the free flow of information and ideas to drive innovation, efficiency, and growth in an ever-changing world. Examples of borderless organizations include Boing and Apple; both companies try to eliminate hierarchies to enhance the capabilities of employees and teams.


The learning organization is a company that promotes learning and the continuous transformation of its members. The concept was established through the work and research of Peter Senge and his colleagues. Companies that use organizational learning are a good example. According to “Toyota Way” by Jeffrey Liker (2004), the company sees every problem as an opportunity to discover the root cause and develop countermeasures.

A change proponent discussion help me with my history homework: help me with my history homework

A change proponent is someone in the organization who has nothing to do with the change, but he/she uses his/her influence to support the change. Employees should become leaders of change. Change advocates need to be optimistic, cognitive, and resilient. My theory is that two other change owner information is required between two different conversions if you choose the proponents of the change wisely according to the changing environment.

The change includes the;

The transition from an existing equilibrium state to a new equilibrium level. It destroys the old balance and develops a new balance. The new way of working becomes part of the system.
Whole or part: It may involve changes in certain parts of the organization (technology, structure, or personnel) or the entire organization.
Response to environmental factors: Changes are affected by internal and external factors within the electronic organization
Continuous process: the organization constantly changes its policies to survive and thrive in a highly competitive market.




A well-organized organizational model history assignment ideas

A well-organized organizational model can facilitate the achievement of everyone’s goals by properly coordinating all activities. Its advantages include;

Reduce the overall conflict between individuals and team members;
Eliminate duplication and overlap of work;
Reduce the possibility of accidents;
Promote personnel promotion;
Help salary and salary management;
Easier communication At all levels of the organizational structure, an appropriate organizational structure provides a good foundation for effective planning in the organization members.