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The article Making IT Global- What Facility Management Brings to the table was written by Bartlomiej Gawain and Bartosz Marcinkowski and published in the year 2017 to discuss facility management and how it is important in IT. The authors detail the article in seven detailed subtopics. Below is a summary of the whole article.


The authors begin by introducing information technology as used in global markets and continue introducing the article by mentioning the IT solution for the management of facilities. Next, they describe related research giving the strategies of global business and global system development and issues related to GSD. Then the research design is explained with the study emplacement, and methods used being well explained. The data collection process and its analysis were then explained with the baseline analysis, the global IS aspects improvement, and the requirement specification, all as par iteration well put across. Thereafter, the research findings were detailed with SESCOM’s globalization strategy approach and the requirements for SES global being put across. Just before the conclusions, the implications were discussed with the areas that need in-depth development in the global IS induction process carefully described. Global functionalities, agile business process management, process roles and permission management, system architecture, SES Global development process management, and the application programming interface are the areas that required an introduction process. Finally, the authors gave conclusions and future work, this article being a research paper (Marcinkowski, 2017).


The authors conclude by acclaiming that the research was an opener to new areas that required further research. They said that they would further discuss the issue of GSD management in the future and integrate the agile approach to the construction of systems. With that, they aim to elaborate a proposal for a GSD approach for the ESCOM Group based on the ABPM model.




Marcinkowski, B. G. (2017). Making IT Global- What Facility Management Brings to the Table. Information Technology for Development, 1-20.



UNDERSTANDING THE SWEDISH HISTORY. african history assignment help: african history assignment help


The results follow a necessary articulation surrounding the crucial languages in Swedish history. The other products will be based on the growth of and the existence of English in Sweden. The results are also based on the fact that English is a foreign language within the country. Also, various demographical aspects are examined and guarantee positive outcomes upon analysis. For the same reason, the document seeks to ask the question revolving around Sweden being the second Language. The study examines and invites people of both ages and sexes about the efficacy of English becoming their second Language. The study sort to a quantitative approach and used the same to analyze the decision impacts at hand.

Notably, the study is carried out to come up with the general perception. It is important to note that the research and its attributes do not represent conclusive works and aspirations. However, the sample procedure and processes will ensure that the aspects guarantee positive decision-making intrigues at the said point.

The first aspect examines the results of the sexes, as presented in the graph below. From the map, it is vital to note that the male population exhibits high acceptability to English as a second language. The study is dividing the acceptance as a yes or no answer. Therefore, the male population who said yes to accepting English as a second language were about two. On the other hand, those who said no were the majority at around 8 in number. On the other hand, of the ten participants among the female populace, five said yes, and another five said no to Egnlish as a second language within the nation.

On the other hand, the female population said yes to using English as a second language. Out of the ten participants, all said no to Use of English as a second language. The finding was in contrast to the male counterparts. Out of the eight who said no, five preferred English as their Second Language. On the other hand, another two chose languages besides English, and there one male chose Chinese as a preferred language.

The second analogy sort of dividing the preference of the English Language among the age groups. The ages were divided between 13-29, 29-49, and then 50 and above. Since it was impossible to separate the age groups equally, the analysis divided the same into three. The age group between 29-49 and received 8 participants. The ones between 13-29 and also above fifty each shared 5 participants in number.

As presented below, the results look at the fact that those aged between 13-29 were six in number. Three answered yes, while three answered no. However, all but one preferred English as their Second Language. The other results worth examining look at the age of 30-49. Out of the eight participants, six Chose English as their primary Language, while the remaining two selected Chinese as the primary Language. The two aspects and measures ensure a perfect operational divide sharing the two between the sexes. Lastly, those aged above 50 chose English as their preferred Language. All of them settled on English as a preferred language.



First of all, the discussion analyzes the historical patterns that influenced English in integrating the Language to the critical factors affecting its influences. Society looks at the three vital forces of the same. First of all, we have the global presence of the Language. Secondly, we have the integration and immigration into the Swedish society, and lastly, we have the importance of the loanwords both lexically and grammatically. The bottom line from the discussion points to the Germans’ significant part in the whole development. It is argued that the grammatical aspects ensure and integrated the German Language into the Swedish, thus influence its implementation. However, the Language’s modern elements have lost the linguistic and the grammatical facets previously influencing the Swedish Language.

The other significant part and role played looks at the French Language. The French Language was applied and used as a prestigious aspect worth evaluating. The Language was then considered a global trend, thus influencing and impacting the Swedish society into adopting it. However, with the increasing presence of the English Language, it is vital to note that French, just as German, has experienced reduced use within the community at hand.

Therefore, the factor that affects English’s spread within the society looks at factors such as the global trends and distance of the same. Notably, the grammatical contexts examined and the loanwords from English do not impact the spread within the societal contexts. Also, the low amount of immigration is attributed to the articulations and the influence of the Language within society. Therefore, it’s considerable that English is the center and the foreign Language used for several reasons. First of all, there is the aspect that deals with the affluence with which the society views the Language. It is also used to guarantee and get the best possible outcomes as Swedish use the same in speeches and other affluent platforms. Finally, it is essential to highlight that no one considered Germany and French as their Second Language. It points out that the historical factors surrounding English surround and influence its use and application within the Swedish capital.

The System Analysis and Design Concept. ap history essay help


System Analysis and Design


Brian Mwakio Ngure


Taita Taveta University




A gym needs a new software solution to manage bookings for their classes and personal trainers. Discuss the documentation that the software projects should have. You should support your discussion with examples of the types of documentation and what documentation will include. (20marks)

System documentation- provides an overview of the system and helps the stakeholders understand the underlying technology. Examples include source code and validation doc.

Requirement document- provides information about the system functionality, for example, business rules and use cases. Additionally, this document should contain enough text to outline the software’s purpose, features, functionalities, and behavior.

Software architecture document- this section includes significant architectural decisions in the software’s development. Some documents included in the software architecture document are, design document template, architecture, and design principles.

Source code document- this section explains the code’s functionality. Some of the details entailed in the source code include HTML frameworks, data binding, and security measures.

Quality Assurance documentation- these documents include the different types of document testing. They include test strategy, test plan, and test case specifications.

Maintenance and help guide documentation- this document should showcase the frequently asked questions and software challenges and their solutions.

User documentation- this is for the software users. This section is mainly divided into two categories, the end-users and system administrators’ category.

Process documentation- this section covers all activities surrounding the product’s development. This section includes the software’s plans, estimates, and schedules. Similarly, it also provides the software’s reports and metrics.


Concept of delivery on the website of Taco Chaco history assignment help and resources: history assignment help and resources

Introducing the concept of delivery on the website of Taco Chaco would be of benefit to the business. This way, they may reach many customers, mostly those who cannot visit the premises physically to access their services. This marketing concept would be beneficial to the people working around in the offices around the shop. For Taco Bell to fully realize this, they can develop an app that the customers would use when placing their orders. In their app, they can introduce the use of coupons that customers can redeem.

Zoyo could also employ the marketing strategy used by Taco Chaco in the delivery of their products. They could develop an app with different features to help the customers when placing orders of their yogurts. This would be beneficial to customers who cannot visit the store in person and would also help save time on the customer’s side as, at times, the shop may be fully occupied. Apart from the concept of delivery, Zoyo can also use rewards, where customers get a chance to pile up their points, which they can redeem for meals.

Take Control of Your Sexual Health Today ap world history homework help

Take Control of Your Sexual Health Today With These Birth Control Methods

Birth control is one way to control your life; however, finding the best birth control method can be confusing and overwhelming at times. That is why Boca Raton birth control offers you a place to find the right advice and the right methods to take control of your life. You will find an all-women team ready to help you with any reproductive issue. Additionally, as a woman, you need a place where you can freely let out your fears, one component you will find at MyDoc Women’s Health Specialists.

Why you should have birth control services

Contraceptives help you make important decisions in your life without influencing your sex life. Children are a blessing; however, they must come at the perfect time. A variety of birth control methods exist, with many advantages to your overall and reproductive health. Apart from pregnancy, contraceptives help prevent STIs. Further, birth control solutions vary when they help you stay safe, some do so for a few minutes while some are effective for many months.

How birth control methods work

Contraceptives have many uses, and your doctor will help you decide the most suitable for you. Types of birth control methods in the market include:

Sterilizations: These work by blocking the natural movement of sperms from your male counterpart. During intercourse, sperms must reach the fallopian tube for fertilization purposes. However, sterilization prevents the action of keeping you safe from pregnancy.
Barriers: These are the most used contraceptives in the world, as they include condoms. The principle behind these devices is that they prevent sperms from reaching the productive parts of a woman.
Cycle Tracking: Includes natural forms of birth control that often include counting the days that a woman receives her period. During peak times, you must avoid having sex and only do so when the risk drops.
Hormones: These birth control methods influence your natural production of sex hormones. When taken, they can prevent your body from releasing eggs.
Intrauterine devices (IUDs): These work by placing plastic devices, usually T-shaped, in your reproductive system. The presence of the devices blocks the natural movement of sperms to the ova.

Birth control methods available

MyDoc Women’s Health Specialists offers many ways of receiving contraceptives. The most common ways include:

Surgical sterilization (tubal ligation or Essure®)
Oral contraceptives
IUD (intrauterine device)
Surgical sterilization

How to pick the right birth control method

Contraceptives have many advantages; however, you will need your doctor’s help to pick the right one. Your doctor will check your health status and what you hope to achieve with your reproductive health before choosing a  birth control device for you. Therefore, you will have to surrender your medical history and explain what you hope to achieve with your reproductive health. Further, your future sexual life will play a part in deciding the best birth control method. Factors considered when selecting a contraceptive include:

Side effects
Their suitability in protection against STIs
Reversibility of the birth control option

Control your sexual life today with birth control options available at MyDoc Women’s Health Specialists. Reach the facility through a call or online to book a consultation.