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“The Merchant of Venice” by Shakespeare ap history essay help: ap history essay help


Women Empowerment in “The Merchant of Venice” by Shakespeare

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The representation of women in The Merchant of Venice by Shakespeare highlights the big contrast that exists between men and women. Through the women characters, Shakespeare wittingly highlights the plight of women under men’s dominance. Women’s perseverance and struggle showcase their displeasure and capability to fight back against a patriarchal society in pursuit of equality.

The plight of women during this era is portrayed by one of the main female characters, Portia. One will be wrong to think that women during the Shakespearian era were highly esteemed given the fact that a great and powerful woman ruled England then. Ironically, women at this age went through tough challenges in the hands of a patriarchal society (Sitnonian, 2010). Women in the Shakespearian era were to be seen and not to be heard. Portia, for instance, has always been a subject to men’s will and power, beginning with his father, who perceived her to be a property and later her dependence on Bassanio, her husband (Sitnonian,2010).

Even though the concept of women empowerment is seen all over the text, in the scene in the courtroom, Portia turns out to be the smartest character in the play. For instance, during the trial scene, Portia outwits the menfolk in the court when she, together with other women such as Nerissa, conceives the grand plan to help Antonio out against Shylock. The women characters have gone against the traditional standards in society to challenge men. Women were not allowed to do anything that could displease men, not even to challenge them. The women in this scene have achieved exceedingly than what the men could have achieved. This particular scene has a lot to say about women, and Shakespeare wittingly introduces his concept of women empowerment (PRODROMOU 2018).

Women are being portrayed as intelligent, outspoken, and strong. Their actions to manipulate the decisions and interests held by men indicate their potentials in society, and there is a call for all women to be treated equally as men. The reader is invited to examine keenly and to reconsider how women are being treated in the society.

In conclusion, the women in Shakespeare’s “The Merchant of Venice” portray a strong sense of women empowerment despite the numerous setbacks embedded by society. Through Shakespeare’s profound knowledge of how patriarchy is being exercised in society, the reader can understand the importance of treating men and women equally.



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“The Necklace” by Guy de Maupassant history assignment ideas





“The Necklace” by Guy de Maupassant


Things easily fall apart when they are held together with lies.


“The Necklace” is a legendary short story that was authored by Guy de Maupassant. The story is about a beautiful lady, Loisel, who borrows a necklace from her friend, Madame Forestier so that she can attend a party.  During the party, Madame Loisel loses the necklace but replaces it with a similar one from a jeweller (Maupassant 4). For the next ten years, Madame Loisel and her husband spend their time working and repaying their debts. However, Loisel loses the only wealth she had, her beauty. S then meets Forestier after ten years.  Forestier then tells Loisel that she looks aged. Loisel explains that she had aged while working to repay the necklace. Surprisingly, Madame Loisel reverts that the replaced necklace was a counterfeit.


Loisel cares hugely about her social status that it literary cost her everything she had.  She wants to live above her means and therefore makes her husband sacrifice his hobby as they work hard to pay off their debts. They offer so much luxury in their life as they ensure that no one knows about the lost necklace. Their pride leads to an iron twist as they finally learn that the jewel they worked so hard to replace was not even original. Had they been honest with Forestier, they could have realized that the replaced necklace was counterfeit and their livelihoods would never have been interrupted.


“The Necklace” main message is to let people know the importance of being happy with what they have and who they are in life. Mathilde resided in the middle-class society but wished she was a member of the high-class community. She desired to live above her means, and she could do whatever it takes to get there. Loisel lived a fake life; thus, she had to borrow a necklace to attend a party. Also, she had to replace the lost jewel through loans.  Honesty is a virtue that people should embrace to live a stress-free life.


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Maupassant, G. D. “The Necklace.”


Proposal; Improving health and education of little learner as history essay help: as history essay help

Proposal; Improving health and education of little learners by working on school health and stress management.

The problem

The proposal is based on enhancing the dropping psychological needs and health needed for the little learners to perform well. Most of the schools have complained that the health-related and psychological issues such as stress have been the major aspects affecting the little learners’ performance in the school. The point is that every year we have more than two thousand cases of little learners dropping out of school. Most of the surveys support that little learners dropping out of the school are affected by diabetes, which contributes to aspects such as depression and stress all the time.

Justification of proposal

Health-related challenges such as disease control and psychological issues affect the performance of the little learners in school. According to…………most of the little learners have been experiencing difficulties in aspects such as stress and depression, which in return results in poor performance in the school. The whole idea is that in every ten schools in the country, we have more than a hundred little learners who have dropped from the school because of illnesses such as diabetes and other psychological challenges. Healthcare-related disorders such as diabetes are the major cause of stress and depression among the school’s little learners. Thus, the proposal emphasizes the crucial aspects that will enhance well-being among the learners at lower levels of education in the country.

Psychological theory and principles

The psychological principles play a key role when it comes to learning and health. According to ……….we have five areas of psychological principles. Some of these areas include the motivation, assessment, context and learning, social and emotional dimensions, among other key aspects. The principles outlined focus on inducing apt concepts that aid in supporting crucial aspects that teachers can use to enhance the health of learners in school. The idea is that psychological motivation elements remind teachers of the best approaches to deal with psychological pressure. Motivation is the only key to enhancing morale hence improved performance in learners. The principles direct on how teachers can use the intrinsic motivations to support the fundamental needs of the little learners in the school. Besides, the social and emotional dimensions are the key to support the issue of well-being in the school. The analogy is that psychological principles include different well-being components in various levels of psychology, such as self-esteem and self-concept.


Different sources have been used to support the subject of health and stress management in school……………. supports that different aspects impact the health of the learners. Some of the common aspects culminating in health challenges for little learners in school include obesity and diabetes. Most of the time, these diseases tend to interfere with the psychological setting, forcing patients to incur stress. The whole concept applies to the little learners who are prone to obesity and stress, thus incurring poor performance while in school.


[00:00] The video is based on the crucial strategies employed to work on the research problem identified. Different strategies can be employed to improve health in the school.

…………..shows that health among the little learners in the school has been affected by diseases such as diabetes and obesity. Most of the obesity and diabetes school-based cases affect the little learners. The point is that a large number of learners consume a lot of daily calories at school. The increased number of calories in the body subjects the body to the issue of obesity and diabetes. As the families work hard enough to make sure that their children take a good meal, there is a need to ensure that young learners can get healthy meals. The fundamental aim of improving the little learners’ health is to make sure that the students remain physically fit and active in the class all the time [01:00].

The whole idea is that schools have to make sure there is a suitable criterion for enhancing food quality. Various strategies can be used by the school leaders to induce the issue of food quality in school. The first aspect is to make sure that all learners participate in a healthier school challenge. …………. argues that in the United States, we have a Healthier US School Challenge that works on creating awareness on the issue of health and well-being. The whole idea is that there is a need to ensure all schools provide the school breakfast. The program will have to regulate the types of diets consumed by the learners in the school. According to …………. nutrition programs are the only essential tools that can help in enhancing health in schools. The analogy is that through nutrition programs, it becomes easy for the little learners to appreciate health and well-being. Most of the country schools have also worked hard enough to make sure that their students appreciate the nutrition measures employed. Besides, the ministry of education ought to incorporate nutrition concepts in the school curriculum. The idea is that there is a need to make sure that learners are free from diseases such as obesity, which are caused by increased intake of foods with high calories [02:45].

On the other hand, there is a need to work on physical activities to improve little learners’ health in the school. …………shows that we have more than 95% of the total students who have been enrolled in physical programs. Most of the schools have initiated various physical programs to support the little learners’ health and well-being in the school. The learners have tried to enroll and engage in physical education lessons, after-school programs, and physical activity programs. The idea is that physical activities play a crucial role in improving the health of the little learners in the school [03:55].

Some of the benefits incurred by physical exercise include;

Physical activities help in reducing and preventing chronic illnesses in the body. We have aspects such as stroke, cancer, and heart diseases, which can be prevented through exercise. The idea is that the schools ought to come up with programs that will emphasize the importance of the schools’ exercises. Also, the physical activities will help the little learners to control their weight and, at the same time, reduce their fat in the body. The analogy is that exercises are the crucial aspects that help reduce the excess calories in the body. Through physical activities, it becomes easy to enhance health and well-being. Most of the schools must ensure that the little learners are aware of the role played by the physical activities in their bodies.

On the other hand, physical activities will help the little learners to decrease the chances of becoming depressed, relieve stress, and increase their self-esteem and energy. The whole idea is that exercises help build overall endurance, thus avoiding the issue of stress. Most of those who are yet to appreciate the importance of physical activities have been suffering from heart diseases, stroke, and high blood pressure. The group also experienced mental-related issues such as stress and depression, thus low performance in the class [05:00].

Moreover, a couple of evidence indicates a strong link between equitable and early opportunities for the little learners’ health and learning. The point is that the government has the primary role in promoting those conditions that will enhance health and stress management in the schools. The only possible condition to enhance health in little learners is to come up with health-promoting schools. According to ………….a health-promoting school is the one that works on improving the healthy setting for living, learning, and working all the time. The school will have to allow the entire community to work together with all its stakeholders to ensure a positive structure that protects and promotes health. The concept of promoting schools to the set health standards is growing, and this shows that little learners will be appreciating the entire concept of health and well-being in the future. It is the school leaders’ mandate to ensure that all learners get the psychological counseling services [06:00].

………..cites that counseling programs have been on the frontline helping the schools and other education-based organizations handle stress and depression. The counselors used in advising the learners must be competent enough to disperse the apt directions that will help handle the mental issues experienced by learners when in school. To conclude, the health-promoting social and physical strategies in school should be supported by policies and concepts that emphasize dietary habits to prevent chronic illness, subject to depression and stress [07:00].

Annotated bibliography


The selected source in this paper is




The article includes various aspects that encapsulate the whole idea of improving health.  The research supports the need to develop implementations that will aid in supporting the Health Promoting School program initiated by the World Health Organization. The article’s primary aim was to come up with data on how health can be one of the critical aspects of improving the performance of learners in school. The authors have emphasized the major indicators that can enhance health literacy and health change in schools. According to the study, the issue of Health Promoting School supported by the WHO works in supporting initiatives that aid in enhancing social and physical health concerns.

The source has used a retrospective correlation that includes how the data was collected and analyzed. The aim was to come up with adequate data supporting how schools have tried to respond to the whole idea of health and stress management. A total of six indicators were identified in the research that culminates in the whole idea of health in learners. Some of these concepts analyzed include the physical environment supporting exercises, the social environment, health school-based policies, and the community role in health and well-being.  The study has concluded how the indicators used to play a vital role in health and its related outcomes. According to the source, the indicators used are very important in motivating a change to both learners and the schools at large. The indicators are considered the only elements that embark on the health-promoting journey in schools, thus inducing better performance.

On the other hand, the article supports the entire concept outlined in the video transcript. The idea is that the article has summarized some of the summarized crucial practices that can help learners handle depression. According to the source, aspects such as exercise plays an important role. The point is that the research outlines exercise as an antidepressant that will help learners experience better health all the time. Exercise is a crucial element that underutilizes treatment for handling the issue of stress and depression. Stress can make people unable to do some exercise, but at the same time, lack of exercise can make the issue of stress worse. Most people experience stress more, so the learners must work hard enough to indulge in any exercise-related activity at the school. Working on small aspects such as walking, jumping, and jogging can help learners refrain from diseases and other aspects of mental incapabilities.

On the other hand, the article has supported the issue of diet regarding health and well-being in learners. Healthier food helps in enhancing the issue of health. The whole analogy is that healthier food helps in preventing aspects such as stress and depression. The major purpose of consuming healthier food is to make sure the body incurs aspects such as mental well-being, which plays a crucial role in learning. There are different types of diets suggested by the article that can be used to enhance the learners’ health and well-being. Some of the healthier food for mental well-being include fresh fruits, whole grains, and fish. The idea is that fresh fruits and vegetables produce the antioxidants that serve a crucial role in preventing cell damage and stress.

Besides, the article has supported the need for taking therapy to diagnose mental disturbance. Psychotherapy is essential in helping people refrain from stress and depression. The whole idea is that the article has included a couple of options that schools can use to enhance education through health and stress management programs. According to the author, learners have to be provided with counseling services all the time. Counseling is the whole process for advising individuals on various issues. According to the article, learners can be subjected to cognitive behavioral therapy that helps them find ways to act and think all the time.

Lastly, the article argues that there is a need to avoid those common triggers that induce stress and depression. School is characterized by various activities, which sometimes they can contribute to the issue of stress. The author calls the learners to work on the positive sides, thus avoiding most of those practices that can expose them to stress. All these aspects form a basis for handling the problem identified in the paper.


The Relationship Between Poverty and Crime help with history assignment

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The Relationship Between Poverty and Crime Among Blacks in Memphis

According to the Memphis Poverty Fact sheet of 2019, the poverty rate of Memphis stood at 27.8%. Of that rate, 44.9% was child poverty, while that of people over the age of 65 was the lowest among all age groups whose data was collected at 15.8%. The data indicated an increase in poverty among non-Hispanic Blacks while decreasing for non-Hispanic Whites and Latinos. The poverty rate for non-Hispanic Blacks was 33.8%, which was an increase from 32.3% that was recorded the previous years. That of non-Hispanic White decreased to 11.8%. In the Memphis Statistical Metropolitan Area (MSA), which includes the parts of Tennessee, Arkansas, and Mississippi, the overall poverty was 18.8%, 29.3% child poverty, and 11.4% poverty for people aged 65 years and above. Further, non-Hispanic Black poverty was 27.6%, non-Hispanic White poverty was 8.9%, and Hispanic or Latino poverty was 23.5%.

From the data, one can gather that even though there was a considerable increase in the poverty rate among non-Hispanic Blacks of the Memphis population, and an even huger disparity between the poverty rate among non-Hispanic Black people and non-Hispanic White People. Besides, the poverty rates for the metropolitan area of Memphis continued to be higher than those of Shelby County across all age groups in the population that formed part of the research. The information gathered ties to the issue of crime in Memphis directly and, most especially among Blacks. Therefore, the inference is that poverty among Blacks is the lead cause of high rates of crime in the Memphis Metropolitan area. Memphis Crime Data indicates the crime rate of Memphis as being 84 in 1000 residents. Memphis has one of the highest crime rates in America compared to all other communities. The crime rate is higher in the Memphis Metropolitan area compared to all the others, with there being a one in 12 chance of a person being a victim of either violent or property crime. The paper seeks to establish the relationship between poverty and crime among Blacks in Memphis and further ascertain the strategies that have been put in place to combat poverty and lead to the resultant outcome of a decrease in poverty levels in the state. It is evident that poverty has been racialized in Memphis.

The paper seeks to understand why there is a continued increase in poverty levels among Blacks while Whites continue to experience a decrease, yet the two groups reside in the same state. While people have argued that poverty is not a direct cause of crime, the truth is the ravaging effects of poverty heavily contribute to individuals exploring the possibility of crime to earn a living. Further, joblessness often leads to depression, especially among young people who resort to drug and substance abuse, which is a crime and increases their chances of getting involved in hardcore crime. In a state where there is grave disparity between the access to opportunities between Blacks and Whites, Blacks are highly predisposed to engage in crime to make even for what they feel they are deserving of but are constantly denied on racial grounds.