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The reign of Viceroy Francisco De Toledo do my history assignment: do my history assignment

The first connection between the number of divisions between the Andes people and their past role in their life. During the reign of Viceroy Francisco De Toledo, the people belonging to the polices were hell-bent on imposing policies. For instance, behind the scenes, the same man is cited as the strength of policies earmarked for the imposition of results, particularly regarding the role of a radically new phenomenon in people’s lives, establishing a new form of social and economic life. Life was measured through the institution but in line with the first new visitors. During the Spanish soldiers’ occupation, the Spanish soldiers targeted the fact that the leader was meant for its people’s resettlement. To some extent, the practice is regulated by the slow resettlement plan used to distribute the residents. The participation of certain people in their life do not civilize individuals and protect them distancing themselves. The participation involved a full closure of the native to Christian selection and mobilization of such people against Christianity conversion. The Spanish’s participation against the people is influenced by the fact they were perceived as uncivilized brutes, with certain parts of the town assuming the dominating role as a religious and administrative center.

The Andes population subjected to citizenship limits history essay help

Further, the Andes population was subjected to citizenship limits imposed by the Spanish. The Castile established and provided people’s participation according to the pre-existing county council within which people were ruled. The Castile municipal government led to the establishment of townships under domination by the Spanish. The Castile system of leadership was mobilized the Spanish city council style of leadership under which cabildo being the rank composed of individuals elected per month. Cabildo’s position preceded the hereditary alcade, considered superior, and could not be countenanced by cabildo (Penry 205). The priests alongside the cabildo worked together to establish legal petitions writing as tools to speak against the Andes abuse, especially against the community

‘s economic abuse.

The letters of insurrection sought to speak against the present and impending socio-economic abuse by the Spanish colonial authorities. For instance, the first letter from Nicolas Catari and the Communities addressed to the parish of Yokala against the impending military operation against the natives. The letter sought to impede the military operations scheduled in the royal districts. The priest of Macha town authored the letter to forewarn his constituent of the impending military attack against them and urge the Spanish authorities to call off the attacks. The letter sought to prevent the execution of a military mission against the natives as they risk wiping them out. They would do whatever suited them in their unquestionable power. Thus, the letter is calling for collective action from the community members, the Indian people, to cooperate and work against their victory once they launch attacks on them. While the priest used the letter to communicate to the rest of the community members, it served as an avenue within which the Spanish authorities clashed openly even as the priest seemed to incite the native population to rebel against the impending mutiny.

The indigenous population treated with contempt global history essay help: global history essay help

Besides, the indigenous population was treated with contempt by the Spanish authorities. This is evident in the letter by an assistant priest Joseph Bazelda who forwards one of the rebel letters to the priest. The letter contains a language that bespeaks clearly the hatred and contempt held by the imperialists against the indigenous communities as can be observed by the priest “every day we have more surprises with these Indians without either God or King” (206). As used in the letter by the assistant priest, the foregoing statement goes a further step of illustrating the extent to which the Spanish colonial masters treated the indigenous population. The statement shows that the colonialists’ general attitude against the indigenous to the extent they lacked a formal religion or kind of modern governance.

In a similar vein, the letter reflects the priest’s attitude and, to some extent, Spanish colonialists against the native Indians. The priest indicates that they have charged the Indians with manning the church precincts and are featured to have a sling, bats, and other things to carry out their defense roles (207). The indigenous community was subjected to economic abuse, as illustrated by one of the letters. For example, the letter forwarded by the priest of Tinquipaya to the Senor Governor Dr. don Jorge Escobado illustrates how impoverished the natives were in terms of economy. The priests request the governor to pay the boy dropping the letter to him in the letter, as they have not raised enough revenue to run their operations (207). The priest attaches a thirty-three peso equivalent of taxes collected and due for remission. The priest indicates that the taxes were reduced because of the increased deaths and operating below the expenses estimates. The indication of low tax collection indicates the poor living standards of the indigenous and the extent of economic exploitation meted on the natives.



Online social media usage and grades of college students history assignment help australia

A. Social Networking

A study was conducted by Whittemore School of Business and Economics students to determine the relationship between online social media usage and grades of college students. Results shows that there is no correlation between the amount of time students spend using social media and their grades. The most popular online network was Facebook with 96 percent of all university students saying they use it on a typical day. Further, there was no correlation between grades and the social media platform used. Almost the same number of heavy and light users of both Facebook and YouTube received the same category of high and low grades. On a typical weekend day, 41 per cent of students increase their usage of the social media networks, five percent of those significantly increase. Majority of students use these networks for social reasons and entertainment.

Don Tapscott, author of Grown Up Digital says in an article that ‘there is not a shred evidence that Facebook is bad for young people. On the contrary, it is a wonderful thing that with balance, helps them grow, helps their mental abilities develop and it should be encouraged.