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The Jazz Theory Book Summary. History Assignment Help

Jazz Theories

According to Levine in the Jazz Theory Book, there exist a few theories that explain jazz music. Such theories include the basic theory and chord scale theory (Levine & Mark, 26).

The basic theory explains the nitty-gritty of the components that formed jazz music. under this theory; there are three main components: intervals, inverting intervals, and triads (Levine, Mark 26). Intervals are defined as the spaces that exist between the notes. Inverting intervals are the necessary skills required when transposing intervals for all music, whereas triads are the ability to play intervals continually.

Chord scale theory is another theory that discusses improvisation in jazz music. As part of the revolution experienced in the development of jazz music, scales were introduced. Under this theory, various scales such as melodic, major, diminished, and whole-tone scale (Levine & Mark, 26.

Modern Day Jazz summary. history assignment ideas: history assignment ideas

Modern Day Jazz

Jazz has come a long way from the 19th century. Presently, jazz has established itself as an integral part of music, and much effort has been directed. According to an interview by Jazz standard on a renowned Jazz artist, Karin Allyson, jazz has become a local brand that is not formed along geographical boundaries (Jazz standard, 2015). In part of her work, she explains that she draws people from Brazil to take part in her music since she believes it’s a global brand.  This is explained by her desire to learn foreign languages such as Portuguese and Brazilian. In a similar interview with Bud Shank, another world-renowned jazz artist, jazz music involves choosing the best equipment in the selection of tune and theme (Jazz standard, 2015).  Production of Jazz music has become easier with the advancement of technology as the choice of tunes and themes is done electronically. It was evident also that the choice of topic to deal with in jazz music is influenced by the existing environment.

Research Community Assistant. history assignment help online

Wikimedia Foundation is a non-profit organization responsible for ensuring that Wikipedia and other Wikimedia free knowledge projects are operating and running accordingly. The organization’s vision is that every person can share knowledge and that knowledge should be accessible to anyone interested without facing any challenge or intimidation. The organization develops software that supports sharing knowledge, runs the day-to-day activities of the Wikimedia projects, offers support to partners and community behind their Wikimedia projects support, and ensures that knowledge is freely accessible. Being a non-profit organization, it relies on donations, gifts, and grants from supporters all over the state (Wikimedia 2020).

Being a community research assistant for the Wikimedia Foundation, you will be assigned duties from diverse regions, including Europe, South America, and North America. As a researcher, you will work with other teams distributed for the various task within those regions. The technical management, community relationships experts, and community resource teams will also be working closely with the community researcher. An overview of what you will be working on is preparing a research showcase and research office hours, preparing workshops, preparing the Wikipedia data set, and developing research grants (Cascio & Aguinis 2011). Although most of the work is done by teamwork, individual performance evaluation will not be ignored and rely on individual behaviours, comments from subordinate staff, supervisors, judgment, customers attended, and rating systems

As community research officer, you will be held responsible for working with the Head of Research in coming up with research outreach strategies in specific areas of interest, ensuring that the current programs for research are expanded together with internship programs, developing a monthly workshop for the showcase, developing monthly office hours with the help of the other staff, ensuring the well-being of engagements between the research communities and other parties.

The main objective towards selection is to focus mostly on the differences demonstrated by interested applicants in ensuring that the applicant who has the highest quality of desired traits upon judgment is selected(Cascio & Aguinis 2011). The applicant should have knowledge, skills, and experience in mobilizing of communities, advocacy skills, organizing communities, should also have the capability of starting a project and ensuring that it is completed in the set time frame, have the experience in leadership towards attaining organization objectives, know about the management of finances and other resources (Wikimedia 2020). The applicant should be a fluent speaker of English as well as a demonstration of quality English writing skills.

The organization seeks to consider a candidate who will demonstrate higher abilities and qualities that ensure he or she comes up with solutions for our limited resources, one who is able of committing to the organizational missions and values, self-motivated individual capable of managing projects from start to their completion, an individual with good communication which is capable of disagreeing and arguing appropriately and respectfully, someone who can empathize with the community volunteers and be guided by our principle in his or her daily routine (Wikimedia 2020).

Community research assistants should have a master’s or a PhD in any course that may be relevant to our daily task. A python programming course is a must for one to fit in this position, and one should have scored higher credits, mostly for subjects such as English and Computer Science (Wikimedia 2020). Should also be familiar with non-academic research channels such as blogs and other social media platforms. Our organization’s community researcher is under full-time job employment type with an associate seniority level.


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High blood pressure related to the Hx. us history essay help: us history essay help

High blood pressure related to the Hx

Mobility- that is related to the pain and hip replacement.

Pain- it is related to hip replacement.


DVT- Reduce pain from 5/10 to 1/10. This can be done within 30 minutes, followed by administering pain relief to the patient.

Fall-Arranging for an exercise once per day reduces DVT from 5/10 to 2/10 or uses appropriate medications for 90 days.

Dehydration/imbalance electrolyte-eating diet rich in potassium once a week and using appropriate medications to ensure electrolyte balance.

Pain management and Mobility interventions. help with history assignment

Pain management – this can be done by changing position or prescribing the patient on appropriate medication. This intervention is crucial as it helps in reducing the pain experienced by patients with these disorders.

Mobility interventions –This should be supported by encouraging physical activity. Doing this makes it easy for the patient to refrain from the illness as the blood will circulate freely within the body.