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According to a thesis developed by Jacob Brett, the policy makers and planners will have to work in conjunction with the autonomous technology developers in order to ensure that the arising issues such as confidentiality, availability, and integrity in regard to the use of automated vehicles are adhered to (Lee 1996, p. 190). The autonomous technology is considered to be radically evolving at unimaginable rates and it is expected to improve in the coming years. In the 1920s, Linricann Wonder was the primary vehicle that utilized the self-driving concept. This early 20th century innovation used radio control in navigating these automobiles. Technology in the 1930s changed and self-driving cars progressed with the use of electromagnetic driving forces as the control method. Later on, computer technology was invented and the developers combined radio signals and computer systems to navigate autonomous cars. Recently, this technology has grown and advanced to another level with the use of Radar, GPS, and satellite signals that guarantee the efficient control of these vehicles.

The business idea in this case is the introduction of fully autonomous, battery-electric advanced automobiles and other related mobility services for business applications. The business aims at creating a broad-based hardware and software ecosystem (vehicle control technology) support that is designed to assist several companies to reduce human negligence and labor costs. The legal form of the venture is a limited liability company but the company will be able to formulate private partnerships with the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration’s federal motor vehicle safety standard. The company’s mission and vision statement is: to develop a network of interconnected mobility solutions and a flexible purpose-built vehicle to serve the customers better. The vision is to reduce the number of refunds and ensure that the companies using the autonomous mobility technology become more organized in order to reduce many mistakes arising from human negligence and error.


The proposed entry strategy for the company summary history assignment help

The proposed entry strategy for the company is through direct exporting partnering. The new idea from Toyota is a technology that is designed to be fully customizable both inside and outside so that it can be tailored to conform to the immediate needs of a business or a consumer. The autonomous mobility system will have some space for a person to work on while on the move and even a room for a company to deliver goods to its customers. Currently, the automakers and firms that are interested in testing the new self-driving technology have to apply for exemptions to the relevant authorities in order to be allowed to purchase and utilize the new autonomous technology.

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Financial Plan Overview

The company plans to use the revenues generated from the cars as its major source of funding. A reliable source of funds ensures that the organization’s operations do not stall and also ensures everything runs smoothly (Jain et al 2013, p. 16). The plan entails having one single production line for the first five years with an emphasis on the East of United States before expanding to other markets in the subsequent years. It is in line with this plan that the company envisions to have two production lines in a period of eight years, expand to global markets and widen its production to driverless transport for human to ride. The revenues will be the source of funding for advertisement and production of other units. The projections show the capital the requirement for the business and the point at which the business is likely to break even. Key financial requirements include; the cost of setting up the manufacturing plant, production technology, research and development, cost of management, the cost of selling and the manpower involved in the entire process.  The contingency fund and the inflation rate in the financial projections are considered at 20% and 5% respectively. The company plans to borrow money from financial institutions to sustain its operations. The loan will be payable in a period of five years assuming that production and sales remain constant.

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Business Objectives

Applications are also necessary to enable the car to be able to carry out these functions. These applications will have to contain all the information relating to an effective health and wellness program that will cover patients of all ages and conditions (Dror 2017, p. 10). This is in synchronization with Ford’s plan to increase their connectivity, mobility, autonomy, and customer experience and data analytics. These applications need to be able to measure wakefulness, heart rate and blood sugar in conjunction with the in-vehicle technology. The car features can however not be fully autonomous. This is because there are some instances where a human behind the wheel may be required for instance, in cases of roadblocks or construction. As a result there is need for a feature that allows for the switch back to human control. This will be done by expanding the services of Toyota Sync which is already in use for infotainment purposes and enable the company to be able to develop monitoring capabilities. For instance, Ford sync can be able to give alerts when it comes to location-based allergies and pollen alerts. The system also needs to have a voice command system as it is not advisable to operate manually when a person is driving. Additionally, cloud-based health management systems should be incorporated.

It will be important for the company to come up with partners that are well versed in medicine that can be able to provide their systems with the information necessary so as to enable the Ford sync features to be able to respond accordingly in cases of heart attacks, asthma attacks or even allergy attacks.  Additionally, the company will contract other manufacturing companies of the physical and technological resources to ensure these products are readily available at a cheaper price (Stefanović et al. 2015, p. 500). This will ensure that the production cost of the new automated cars is not extremely high. Additionally, the companies providing different physical and technological resources will provide their expertise in incorporating the resources into the designed cars. This will ensure the shortcomings of the Toyota Company’s core competences in such areas are covered.

Partnering with other companies producing the physical and technological resources required will be vital to lower the production cost.  Keeping the production cost as low as possible will be a good strategy to produce cars that are relatively cheap and affordable. This strategy will enable the company to sell its automated cars at $100, 000-200, 000, which will be a coup for customers. Customers like to get value for their money and this is what the automated cars from Ford will give them. The company will therefore ensure that customers get the best price and value relations for purchasing a worthy car.