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Cultural Food Report



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Cultural Food Report

General overview of the country/culture

China is a country located in East Asia and the world’s most populous country with a population of 1.4 billion (Zhung, 2016). Food is an essential part of daily life of the Chinese people and they not only enjoy eating but they also believe that eating good food brings closeness and harmony to the family and relationships. Shopping daily for fresh food is an essential part of Chinese cooking. Chinese mainly select seasonal vegetables and fruits, fresh meat and live sea food from the local market to ensure freshness. Live seafood entails squawking chicken, snappy crabs and swimming chicken. Chinese people are less concerned about nutrition compared to western culture. Their main concern is the food’s color, texture, aroma and flavor. The daily meals of the Chinese people comprises of meat, fruits, vegetables and grains (CHDH, n.d.). Chinese people substitute dairy products with tofu and soymilk, which are believed to have large amounts of calcium and proteins. Rice and noodles are an essential part of Chinese diet and they are equivalent to pasta and potatoes in western diet. They use different methods to prepare rice such as fried rice, steamed rice, pot rice and rice soup.

Significance of food

Zongzi also known as sticky rice dumpling is a traditional Chinese food used for celebrating Duanwu festival (Dragon boat festival) (Yu, 2016). The festival is celebrated on 5th May based on Chinese lunar calendar and on 7th June based on a regular calendar. Zongzi is perceived to be a delicacy that makes the festival special and attractive. Zongzi is mainly eaten during the dragon boat festival to memorialize Qu Yuan,  a famous Chinese poet who lived 2300 years ago in State of Chu inWarring States period (Yu, 2016). Zongzi is also a symbol of the Chinese people used to express their homage to Qu Yuan’ s spirits such as his righteousness, selflessness and patriotism. It also serves as a representation of dragon-worship that is deeply rooted in Chinese culture.

Nutritional Adequacy

A medium-sized savoury zongzi provides 455 kcal of energy and it is recommended to include an additional dish of 160 g of balanced vegetable to increase satiety and compensate for lack of dietary fiber. A savoury zongzi is made of preserved pork and pork belly and thus it provides a high amount of proteins and fat. Other types of Zongzi contain preserved meat, salted duck egg yolks and Chinese ham and thus provide high-sodium content in the body. Zongzi are made with glutinous rice which provides high amount of energy to the body compared to normal rice.

History of food habits/traditions

History of Zongzi can be traced back to 2300 years ago when Qu Yuan, a famous Chinese poet and a notable figure in the government plunged himself into the Miluo river following his exile by the King and the downfall of Chu (Sun et al., 2015). Many people threw Zongzi into the river in order to preserve his body from being eaten by the fish. Qu Yuan appeared in fisherman’s dream telling him that a flood dragon was in the river and most of the Zongzi were eaten by the dragon rather than by the fish. He also told the fisherman that the dragon feared five-colored strings and angry-wormwood leaves, and that adding those to the Zongzi would preserve his body. The dream led to Zongzi being wrapped in leaves and the Chinese people celebrating the dragon boat festival by eating Zongzi as a way of expressing their homage to Qu Yuan (Sun et al., 2015). The festival of eating Zongzi and racing dragon boats helps to pass the tradition of death ritual and filial piety to future generations.

Nutrition on food specific to Chinese culture

A savoury Zongzi is often made with preserved pork and pork belly which contains large amount of fats. It is recommended that the fat layers and preserved meat be trimmed from the Zongzi before eating to reduce fat intake. Other types of Zongzi contain salted duck egg yolks and Chinese ham which have high amount of Sodium. They should be consumed in small amounts to reduce the risk of hypertension. Gan-shui Zongzi contains low fat and high amounts of glutinous rice and they should be consumed in small amounts to reduce high carbohydrate intake (Zhung, 2016). Gan-shui rice is often complemented with a dish of balanced vegetables and a portion of lean meat to compensate for lack of protein and dietary fiber.

Food security.


These rice dumplings, pronounced “Gan Sui Jong” in Cantonese language, are sometimes eaten with syrup or sugar as a breakfast or street food item.       The lye water softens and chews up the sweet rice texture, making it more delicate and chewy than normal zongzi.


Food security, also termed as grain security in China, comprises security of different types of grains such as cereals, tubers and beans and it has long been declared one of China’s top policy priorities. The policy was reiterated in the grain law that declared grain to be “a specific commodity crucial to the national economy and people’s life” (Yu, 2016). The policy also emphasized that the state would continue to adhere to the principle of basic self-reliance and the state would make efforts to coordinate market mechanisms by linking grain production, marketing and consumption to ensure a balance between supply and demand. China has done an extensive research and development in the agricultural sector to ensure that the country produces sufficient amount of rice and other grains for consumption and exports (CHDH, n.d.). Currently, China is the world’s largest exporter of grains to different parts of the world. Despite the country being able to feed its citizens by ensuring sufficient production of grains for consumption, consumers have raised concerns about the food safety of Zongzi (Zhung, 2016). Some of the leaves used to wrap the rice dumplings are harmful to human health and are likely to cause deadly diseases when ingested for a long period of time.


Centre for health protection, Department of Health – Eat rice dumpling the healthy way. (n.d.). Centre for Health Protection.

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Food Review

Figure 1: Photographed image of Zongzi

Recipe (Sweet Zongzi)

Prepare: Soak glutinous rice, red beans and bamboo leaves in water overnight.
Assemble (triangle shape): Use one wide bamboo leaf (or two overlapped narrow ones) to form a narrow cone. First, place a date in the cone, then some glutinous rice. Add a tablespoon of red bean paste. Top with more rice and whole red beans. Fold the two sides of the leaf over the rice. Then fold the top of the leaf down to cover the rice completely. Wrap the rest of the leaf around the shape. Tie with a cooking string.
Cook: Place Zongzi in a pot (ideally small enough to let them snuggle). Fill the pot with water completely covering the Zongzi. Place a heavy plate on top. Bring the water to a boil then leave to simmer for 2.5 hours (check the water level from time to time. Top up to ensure the Zongzi are always underwater).
Serve: Equally delicious both warm and cold. Dip into sugar or honey for a sweeter taste if you wish.


Coworker: great delicacy! It tastes way better than boiled and fried rice. I have started falling in love with Asian cuisine, specifically Chinese ones and I can’t wait to try this recipe over the weekend.

Family member: very tasty! I will have to try this out and the first aroma to fill the kitchen during my preparation will be sweet red bean paste steamed buns so that I stuff them on each pocket of Zongzi once they cool down. Thanks for preparing such delicious dumplings

My Review

I felt extremely homesick while preparing Zongzi. The strong aroma that lingered in my kitchen for hours reminded me of the good old days when my mum used to teach us how to prepare and wrap them. Despite my mum not being a Chinese, she was very familiar with its preparation and always involved me in the kitchen making me have such good childhood memories. Once the Zongzi was ready, its appealing view reminded me of how comforting it was to have a cold Zongzi as a snack after a tiring day in school.

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High-performance groups have been identified using a variety of characteristics. Despite the different approaches to defining high-performance teams, a set of universal attributes contributing to success has been described. These involve participative leadership, where democratic leadership is used where team members are involved and engaged—also, making decision effective depending on the nature of the decision task, using a combination of analytical and intuitive decision-making techniques (Stříteská & Sein, 2021). besides Defined duties and responsibilities, each member of the team knows what they need to do and what they don’t need to do to show their importance to the group and help it succeed.

Intrinsic motivation is when you do something because you find it personally rewarding. On the other hand, Extrinsic motivation refers to doing something for the sake of receiving a reward or avoiding punishment. At first sight, it appears that being intrinsically motivated is preferable to being extrinsically motivated. However, we don’t live in such a motivational utopia, and being extrinsically motivated isn’t necessarily a bad thing; extrinsic motivation is part of the human condition at times (Ryan & Deci,2020).

Both motivational factors are beneficial. Job performance is essential for a variety of reasons. Mainly because it enables management to achieve its objectives, companies will be put in a dangerous position if they don’t have a motivated workforce (Malek et al.,2020). Employees who are motivated are more productive and help an organization reach a greater output.


Stříteská, M. K., & Sein, Y. Y. (2021). Performance Driven Culture in the Public Sector: The Case of Nordic Countries. Administrative Sciences, 11(1), 1-1.

Ryan, R. M., & Deci, E. L. (2020). Intrinsic and extrinsic motivation from a self-determination theory perspective: Definitions, theory, practices, and future directions. Contemporary Educational Psychology, 61, 101860.

Malek, S. L., Sarin, S., & Haon, C. (2020). Extrinsic Rewards, Intrinsic Motivation, and New Product Development Performance. Journal of Product Innovation Management.


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There was no need for Dash to send the memo to the vice president without the knowledge of Henry since both of them had an agreement that they would jointly discuss with him/her. In the memo, he cast a slight smear on Henry’s reputation who is his colleague by bringing in the ‘slack’ angle. By doing this behind Henry’s back, he aimed to influence the vice president’s decision to go in his favor which was not an appropriate way to solve anything in those situations. Although there is no problem asking for help from a person of a higher authority than you, they would have also discussed and arrived at a number that is agreeable to both of them. They would have eliminated the need to involve the vice president, therefore, saving both a lot of time.

Between Dash and Henry. I would be on Henry’s side. It is not that I disagree with Dash’s evaluation but I believe henry has more experience. Time and motion study is a method used to determine the correct time used to perform a task (Arnold, & Artz, 2019). This method is implemented by most insurance firms because it maximizes productivity. It is mostly done by machines. The reason for siding with Henry is that he is attuned to the realities of job possibilities because of his immense experience unlike Dash, who is still a junior analyst and uses a standard figure he got from the calculation. Dash’s evaluation would only be possible in a perfect working environment which is impossible to create since it is human skills that are utilized in claiming processes.

Since ethics is the moral principle that guides a person’s behavior, it plays a big role in this situation. If Dash would have chosen to follow the expected principle, they would have not involved the vice president at all. Following the guidelines, he would have explained to Henry how he arrived at 36 claims per hour. On the other hand, Henry would have explained why his figure was not feasible. Setting a standard of 36 would be a problematic figure because the meticulousness and quality of work would reduce. At this rate, the employees would be working at the same rate as the machine meaning, it would be only a matter of time before they get tired. Thus, this prompted Henry to adjust the figure to 30 claims per hour which was realistic




Arnold, M., & Artz, M. (2019). The use of a single budget or separate budgets for planning and performance evaluation. Accounting, organizations and society, 73, 50-67.

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Essay on Big Data Analysis in Business

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Technology has turned over or is taking over all sectors of our everyday operations in our modern world. Everything these days is turning to digital, and all operations are automated in such a way that it makes it easier to perform a specific task. Modern-day businesses are transforming from paper to paperless. Computer applications and other technologies in business are becoming the new modern. Most big organizations and companies embrace the use of big data to cope with their competitors and survive in this ever-changing modern era. Extracting information from large data enables businesses to predict the future, learn individuals’ behaviours, and develop solutions that will solve emerging problems.  In these big organizations and companies, their everyday operations involve many critical decisions made by the board of directors or the managers that run their operations. In this modern era, big enterprises are adapting to big data analysis to assist them in making important decisions in their operations.

Big data has five different components, namely, variety, volume, velocity, variability and veracity. On the volume category, this is when big data is collected from different resources, volume usually differs depending on consumers. In the category of velocity, this is the pace that is taken by big data to perform its usual operations; this pace is usually measured in real-time. On the other hand, variety is the different types of accepted data and can be collected, stored and analyzed. Veracity removes the flaws so that the data does not seem to be biased, and this assures credibility of the data which will be collected and analyzed. And lastly, variability focuses on the consistency in the variety in which big data is collected.

Modern-day businesses that use the application of big data usually benefits from the following;

The first benefit of big data to business is the reduced budget when it comes to storing, processing and analyzing big data. In the past, the businesses had to pay lots of money in order for them to get these services, nowadays companies can save this unnecessary cost needed in storage, processing and analysis.

The second benefit of big data is the improved efficiency it brings to the business in its everyday operations. In the past, businesses’ operations were taking too long because of the use of papers which was the only way to store data. This way was tedious and required a lot of time to retrieve and analyze data compared to the use of computers to perform these operations.

The third benefit of big data in business is the increase of sales and profits to the organization which is caused by great decision making processes. Big data performs the operations of collecting, storing and analyzing of big data in order to use to make excellent decisions on the operations of the business.

The last benefits of using big data in business is business can now be able to know what their customers are saying about them and what are their needs. Since everything nowadays is online, it is easier for organization to protect their reputation and attract more customers. Tis can be done by the businesses listening and knowing what are their customer requirements.

As much as there are many benefits in business by the use of big data in big organizations, there are also demerits which are associated with the use of this technology. Just like humans, machines also make mistakes in some tasks they are supposed to do. The following are some of the problems associated in big data;

One of the challenges of a business applying big data is the issue of privacy and security. Big data involves storage of large amounts of data which has been retrieved from the field. There is a huge potential of risk involved here because of the increasing cases of hacking. Analysis of data usually puts the data at risk of being accessed by unauthorized hands.

The second challenge in big data is the shortage of professionals who can handle and operate big data analysis. Big data is an emerging technology, hence there are very few professionals who are certified to operate this type of system. For a business to be guaranteed of better results in the use of big data, they need to hire someone who has skills to operate this system.

The third challenge faced is the challenge of being unable to fully analyze ambiguous data. These days, data is becoming bigger and more difficult to analyze, these causes a business to make the wrong decisions in its operations because of the wrong message sent.

The last challenge is the issue of storage of this data, this has become a new challenge for businesses. Storing of ambiguous amount of data is becoming a challenge for every company. If data is not stored well, there will be some errors and loss of data which is bad for the company. In terms of storage, the quality of data is what is important, poor quality data is bad for the business.

An excellent example of a company that has benefited from big data is Netflix. Currently this is the biggest online streaming platforms and it owes all this success to big data. They have been able to beat their competitors because they listen to their customers and because of their original movies and series. They collect data from their subscribers when they are watching using their platform, it take a little time to collect data then the subscriber can resume watching their movies. These data collected has enabled Netflix to create such great customer experience for their subscribers. They have an objective of every user to be able to personalize their account according to the types of movies and TV shows the viewer prefers. This will be made possible by the use of Artificial Intelligence which will create trailers for viewers’ favourite movies and TV shows. If a viewer loves actions movies, they have a high possibility of watching a non-action movie if the action parts of the movie are displayed in the trailer.