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THE IMPACT OF GOOD WELDING SERVICES. African History Assignment Help

By varying welding speeds, Alicia et al. studied the strength, microstructure, hardness and impact strength of ASME SA516 Grade 70 steel.

UNDERSTANDING ABOUT EPIDEMIOLOGY. online history assignment help: online history assignment help

The definition of epidemiology at the beginning of the paragraph was good. It helps the readers to understand details of different issues explained through the essay. However, a citation is essential in the definition sentence. I support your views on the fact that epidemiology helps many people understand the pathophysiology of disorders. The explanation of this is clear since an individual can relate to the burden of conditions and diseases. Your description of the role of epidemiology research is also important in understanding how critical issues facing population health can be addressed. Research is an important practice that aims to improve patients’ outcomes.

I support your arguments on the need to have additional research models that can reduce population health problems. It provides an understanding on how critical health issues can be addressed by incorporating scientific research into healthcare delivery. However, it is important to introduce evidence-based research as an important practice that incorporate research into healthcare delivery. It is one of the models that rely on research. It then implements research findings in improving patients’ outcomes. The goal of the research is to address population health concerns and create a platform for better interventions. Providing details of evidence-based practice will also help in understanding how research is translated into different phases that promote population health outcomes. Improving population health requires interventions from public health personnel. Therefore, reviewing different efforts implemented by public health is important in relating different ways that the epidemiological research will benefit communities. Your arguments offer an insight into the role of public health policies in promoting research. Most of them have failed to allocate adequate resources for research. Thus, research alone is difficult to address population health issues.

Know about Keto Peanut Butter Cookies gcse history essay help

Everything You Need to Know about Keto Peanut Butter Cookies

The Ketogenic diet, also known as the keto diet, is one whose popularity has increased over the years. This is because of its numerous health and weight loss benefits. However, many people who have tried the diet complain that it is too restrictive on food options. Keto diet requires maintaining a very low carbohydrate intake, which makes it restrictive and boring to most people.

That said, nutritionists have come up with interesting keto recipes so that dieters do not feel deprived. The famous keto peanut butter cookies are one of the foods that are fun and still keto-approved. Not only are keto peanut butter cookies healthy, but they also carb all starch cravings. They are crunchy on the outside and chewy on the inside, making them yummier than regular cookies.

Most importantly, keto peanut butter cookies contain a single gram of carbohydrate each. This means that you can eat five cookies without getting out of ketosis. Ketosis is the state at which the body burns fats for fuel after being deprived of glucose for quite some time. It is the ultimate goal of every keto dieter.

The Perfect Keto Peanut Butter Cookies

Unlike regular cookies, keto peanut butter cookies require great caution and expertise when preparing. The ratio of peanut butter, eggs, and keto sweetener needs to be accurate to make the perfect cookie. Altering the ratio makes the cookie either too eggy, too dry, or too crunchy. Moreover, keto cookies are only made from keto-approved flours such as almond flour or coconut flour.

The Key Ingredients

First, you will need peanut butter. This is actually the main ingredient. Most importantly, the peanut butter must be sugarless because that is what makes it keto. It is important to read the package labels to ascertain that the peanut butter contains no hidden sugars. Research into the keto diet shows that organic peanut butter is the healthiest option.

The second ingredient that you will need is a keto-approved sweetener. There are many types in the market, but powdered erythritol works best when baking. This is because it dissolves well with other baking ingredients leaving no bitter taste behind. The sweetener is what makes the cookies taste sweet despite having no sugar.

Next is almond flour, which is an optional ingredient. Peanut butter cookies do not need the almond floor, and you can skip it if it is not readily available. Most people may skip this ingredient because of its high cost as well. However, using it is highly recommended because it adds to the texture and flavour depth of cookies.

Another important ingredient is the vanilla extract for flavour. It is also an optional ingredient, but if you want to have tasty cookies, it is best to use it. However, you must take great caution to make sure it is sugar-free. Most packages indicate whether or not it contains sugar.

Lastly, an egg must be added to the mixture, to boost the nutritional value of the cookies. Eggs are high in proteins, and they also contain every other vitamin except vitamin C. In fact, an egg is equated to a multivitamin in nutrition. Regular eggs are okay for these cookies, but a flax egg can be used as an alternative.

How to Make Keto Peanut Butter Cookies

Luckily, the baking process is not lengthy, and it can take up to 30 minutes. This means that the cookies are an excellent option to quickly satisfy a dieter’s sweet tooth. They are also an excellent American cuisine served as a snack.

When baking keto peanut butter cookies, the first step is to preheat the oven at 350F. As the oven heats, all the ingredients mentioned above are mixed in a bowl. Notably, the ratio of ingredients is determined by the number of servings. As you mix the ingredients, you will see that the butter is runny, but it becomes harder as you mix it. After mixing, scoop out the dough and shape it into balls. Place them on baking sheets while flattening them. You may add salt to taste.

Finally, put the dough in the preheated oven to bake for 12 minutes. Remove the cookies and let them cool before serving. In case you make too many cookies, and you want to save some for later, store them in airtight containers. They can be stored at room temperature for a maximum of 5 days. Feel free to increase the sweetener for sweeter cookies.

Nutritional Value and Health Benefits of the Cookies.

A single serving contains one cookie, which has 108 calories. It contains only 4 grams of carbohydrates, making it a perfect keto snack. The cookie also has 5 grams of proteins and 2 grams of saturated fat. Other nutrients that are present in small quantities include sodium, potassium, fiber, calcium, iron, and Vitamin A.

Apart from the nutrients contained in the cookies, it also has added health benefits. First, it is a perfect snack that aids in weight loss. A keto cookie made from peanut butter is high in healthy fats, which stimulate ketosis. It also has enough fiber and proteins that make you stay fuller longer, thus suppressing appetite.

Additionally, these cookies can be enjoyed by even diabetic persons. This is because they are sugar-free, and they do not spike insulin levels, unlike regular cookies. They can be eaten by children too, which makes them a convenient, healthy snack. Kids and adults can satisfy their sweet tooth without risking obesity.

Wind Up

A keto peanut butter cookie is not only cheap to make but fast too. The recipe is easy to understand, and it can be baked at home by anyone. Most importantly, it is a healthy snack option. With these cookies, you can lose weight, avoid obesity and manage diabetes too.

‘Our souls are dead’ Article Overview. apus history essay help: apus history essay help


The article ‘Our souls are dead’: how I survived a Chinese ‘re-education’ camp for Uighurs by Gulbahar Haitiwaji is about the author’s 2-year dehumanizing experiences after returning to China from a 10-year stay in France. Her 10-year stay in France was after Haitiwaji, a Uighur, fled to join her husband in May 2006. Her return was amid Xinjiang under draconian surveillance measures. It was a time the repression of Uighurs had dramatically escalated. According to Haitiwaji, thousands of Uighurs were sent to camps to be brainwashed, something they referred to as undergoing “transformation through education.” This paper aims at presenting a response to Haitiwaji’s article. My reaction will stress what form the work excites me, what I agree with, what I do not agree with, and how it relates to my life experiences.

She presented her story by emphasizing the reality of her experiences. She showed how brainwashing does its insidious work of killing people’s souls and minds, and make them live like shadows. In 2019, another article appeared on the mainstream media revealing mass detentions and brainwashing in Xinjiang (Rivers & Lee). I related her story with my life experiences when Haitiwaji wrote that she pretended to get along with the re-education program for two years. All the time, she asserted her innocence to escape seven years of re-education she had been earlier sentenced to. Haitiwaji has reminded me that being strong sometimes needs pretense. Throughout my life so far, I had not understood the meaning of the quote faking it until you make it. The article has made me know this.

The author demonstrated adequate knowledge of Xinjiang. The revelation that the author’s husband, Kerim, was denied a senior position and given to an unqualified Han Chinese because Kerim is Uighur is a prevalent issue in Xinjiang. Haitiwaji adds that since 1955, when communist China annexed Xinjiang as an autonomous region, Uighurs have been perceived as a thorn in the side of the Middle Kingdom (Haitiwaji). Stricter measures, including anyone setting foot outside their home, was being arrested for no reason, regulated the region. Elsewhere, Haitiwaji sounded caring when she said that she turned down an offer to surrender her Chinese nationality. Compared to her husband’s previous actions, Haitiwaji’s move was a more patriotic one.

However, reading it with an open mind, I realized that the author made that I struggle to agree with. When the Uighurs were transferred from the central office, at the oil company in Karamay, and moved to the town’s outskirts, Haitiwaji declined to be among the small group that dared to object to the move (Haitiwaji). Indeed this act showed the author had patience. Her action could have been inspired by what she revealed later in the article that politics was not her thing. However, I’m afraid I have to disagree with this kind of patience that allows workplace discrimination to thrive. Haitiwaji’s move is an indication that one is okay with the current situation and is prepared for more. Here, whether politics is someone’s thing or not, the author demonstrated some cowardice traits that I am sure to have changed after the 2-year re-education program.

Additionally, it does not add up to me when I learn from the beginning Kerim had been built as a character who gave up early on Karamay, Xinjiang. Abruptly he changes and approves of Haitiwaji’s return journey. According to Haitiwaji, Kerim convinced her further that there is no worry about returning to Xinjiang. With the kind of personality the author presented Kerim, I expected him to be the first person to be suspicious of the return to Karamay call. Here, Haitiwaji failed to achieve some consistency. Or, I need clarification if Kerim had given up on Karamay or his wife. Or, maybe there something Haitiwaji is not revealing.

Therefore, Haitiwaji’s article was a fantastic piece. She has made me develop an interest in reading personal experience that contributes to my life. I can admit that Haitiwaji’s item moved me. The experiences she shares are heart-warming. I feel like contacting the author and whisper to hear the words: you are a strong woman. She demonstrated a robust understanding of the discriminations going on in Xinjiang. The history behind the prejudices and demonstrations were well covered. However, I managed to share my criticism of her personality and consistency in presenting her husband’s character.

The Collection of Data through Survey. history assignment example

Primary Source: Surveys

Surveys are a useful data source containing health and social science information regarding the community in which a public health program needs to be developed. Survey data is collected from people’s samples in a standardized way to understand the entire population. Several survey methods include questionnaires and interviews via email, phone, and in-person. Sakshaug & West (2015) reveal that health surveys usually cover health behaviors, risk factors, and non-health determinants or health correlations such as socioeconomic status.


Surveys offer a quick method to get results. According to Sakshaug & West (2015), it is fast and easy to collect results online, using mobile tools. Surveys don’t need a researcher to wait for another company to deliver the results because they are based on sampling. Therefore, the samples collected predict the health needs of the target population.

Surveys also allow the researcher to gather information from a large audience. For example, a researcher may distribute questions online to reach the target population members in different geographical locations (Sakshaug & West, 2015). In this sense, surveys are relatively cheap because a researcher can use multiple data collection points.


Dishonest answers are a crucial disadvantage of surveys. Due to many positive questions, participants may be dishonest. Sakshaug & West (2015) argues that respondents might not be 100% truthful with their answers. Various factors, such as privacy issues, bias, perceptions, and moods, lead to dishonest responses.

Moreover, answer options might lead to unclear data, especially when respondents interpret the questions differently. For example, the answer option “strongly agree” may represent different meanings to different respondents (Sakshaug & West, 2015).

Secondary Source: Government Publication

Many US government agencies produce publications about health and other medical subjects (Boslaugh, 2017). These publications contain useful data for developing a public health program. Most of the publications are available on the internet, containing various health statistics and medical information of specific subjects and groups.


Government publications are extensively available because they can be found on the internet and in libraries. Boslaugh (2017) argues that published data is often available in all market aspects and accessed via different sources. Thus, public health workers can find relevant publications for their programs.

Government publications also provide a supplement role in developing a public health program. While primary sources might be inaccurate, the publications contain evidence-based information regarding the health subject (Boslaugh, 2017).


Publications are not specific to the researcher’s needs because they are designed for a different purpose. Therefore, government publications might be unreliable for developing the public health program.

Another disadvantage of publications is that they are not tile. They might lead to inefficiency in developing public health programs due to the outdated information (Boslaugh, 2017).