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The Concept of Hearing and Language ap american history essay help: ap american history essay help

Hearing and Language

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Hearing and Language

Prompt I

Georg Von Bekesy research provides important knowledge to the hearing process, especially the workings of the inner ear in human beings. Bekesy manages to provide knowledge on the mechanical and physiochemical workings of the human ear. Through his investigation, von Bekesy was able to elaborate on the knowledge of the working of the inner ear by critically examining the vibration patterns and the ossicle movements ( 2020). He shows the features that result in the vibration patterns in the ear. Through his investigation von Bekesy shows how movements in stirrup footplate result in creation waves that travel from the outer ear to the inner ear which is more flexible, increasing at first then decreasing ( 2020). He examined the stimulation of the hair cells in the ear that result in the different vibrations experienced. Through his investigation of the mechanical working of the outer ear, we can understand how it acts as a frequency analyser determining the level of the sounds that are generated in the ear.

Von Bekesy further shows the physiochemical workings of the inner ear. He examined how the mechanical energy created in the outer ear is transformed into the physicochemical processes that lead to the creation of nerve impulses in the inner ear ( 2020). Von Bekesy discoveries provide valuable knowledge that is used in analysing how the outer ear and inner ear work. People can understand the transformation of sound into nerve impulses through examining how the mechanical and electrical actions take place in the ear ( 2020). Von Bekesy study has great importance because it provides specialist in the field of audiology to create better means of handling and treating era diseases.

Prompt II

The voices of children and adults have numerous differentiating aspects when singing or speaking. Children have less ability to control their voices because their vocal codes are still developing, affecting how they articulate words and sounds (Vorperian 2019). Because of this inability to have total control, there are differences in speech, formant frequencies of the sounds, voice spectra, and their rate of speaking. Unlike in children, in adults, there is a consistency in their speech, formant frequency, and a consistent speaking rate (Vorperian 2019). Even though the formant frequency in children aged 12 years and below is higher in the second and third formants, they are unlikely to exhibit a consistent fourth formant. The inability to control their speech leading to inconsistency in the formant frequency shows the consistency in the male voice is unlike to be a child’s.

Examining the Childs spectra would have revealed the inconsistency in the values, and thus the results of the formant frequency will have to be inconsistent as well. Also, a consistent fourth formant frequency is achieved through voice training, and it is unlikely that then the child had achieved the level where she was able to develop her fourth format and present it in the consistency shown from the evidence (Vorperian 2019). The inability to present her voice where it could be amplified for the audience is another issue that could be used against the ten-year-old. It can be argued that another person was the one singing the song while the ten-year-old girl was only lip-syncing. If the voice belonged to the ten-year-old, it would reveal an inconsistency in the formant frequency.

Exciting Ways to Remodel Your Home for the Holidays global history essay help

Exciting Ways to Remodel Your Home for the Holidays

With the holidays fast approaching, there is no doubt that you want to make your home look the best it can be. Fortunately, you can complete many home improvement projects in a short period while working within your budget. To accomplish this, ensure to get all your remodeling concept ideas estimated through CostCertified. Read on to learn seven exciting ways you can remodel your home for the holidays.


Repainting is an easy and affordable way of updating the style of your home. Start your home remodeling project by applying a fresh coat of paint. Depending on your space’s size and the amount of prep work needed to be done, you can easily repaint in a day or two. When painting your home’s exterior, remember low temperatures can affect how paint adheres to walls.


Replacing your light fixtures can add both functional and aesthetic properties to your space. For instance, upgrading or adding outdoor lighting can make your home safer by deterring thieves and intruders. However, when installing a new electric wire or junction box, hire a certified electrician for safety reasons.


Changing up your home’s flooring can make a huge difference. You can opt to buy either a new rug, carpet, hardwoods, or laminate flooring. Feel free to try it out yourself, or hire a professional remodeler to get the job done.

<h2>Renovate your Bathroom</h2>

Since you’re working on a tight deadline, there’s only so much you can do when renovating your bathroom this holiday season. You can only replace existing fixtures such as faucets, sinks, counters, and tiles. Tearing down walls and moving plumbing lines can be quite time-consuming. Therefore, opt for a minimal remodeling project when it comes to the bathroom. Before you start, have a qualified professional remodeler assess the situation to help you determine the total amount of time your project will take. Also, rely on your remodeler to help you find pieces that fit your budget and schedule.

<h2>New Appliances</h2>

You can choose to replace your electric stove with a gas stove or add a mini-fridge to store your drinks and facilitate entertaining. Fortunately, new appliances can easily be purchased, shipped, and installed within a week. However, the duration of time the remodeling takes depends on whether you’re switching out utilities or changing appliances’ location.

<h2>Kitchen renovation</h2>

During the holiday season, the kitchen needs to be easily accessible, efficient, and inviting. There’s no better way to achieve this than to install a new backsplash, countertop, kitchen island, and switch up the kitchen faucets. If the items are in stock and permitting goes as planned, you can complete the whole project in less time than when doing a major kitchen renovation.

<h2>Improve Curb Appeal</h2>

Spruce up your front porch by upgrading your mailbox, adding flower boxes, or lighting up the exterior. The front door is also another place where you can easily upgrade and add some flair to your home. There are various front doors to choose from; find one within your budget, and exudes your style. If you want to make the process more affordable, opt to repaint your current front door.


Holidays are meant to be spent with friends and family. Hence, it’s easy to look at your home and want more out of it. We hope the above ideas will inspire you to start remodeling your home for this holiday season. If you want the best results, don’t hesitate to hire a contractor or remodeler to do the job.

The Internal failure regarding IT Concept. history assignment help company: history assignment help company

Internal failure regarding IT

According to Boris Shiklo in his article Business-IT-alignment: challenges and rewards, Companies always look for new benefiting IT solutions, increase in market demands customer expectations trigger business managers to build their own IT strategies. IT can be a challenge to deal with digital solutions within the goals of a company. IT solutions have always been viewed as secondary tools, but they are more than just a support tool to automate routines and collect data. Companies must align their IT as it has substantial benefits such as cost reduction tools, improves decision making, a better approach to managing risks and compliance issues, and improves products and services delivery. Companies fail to integrate business strategy with IT strategy and treat them as separate entities. This is because of technical illiteracy, blurred business strategy, and lack of a strategic plan. Most businesses emphasize business strategies and put little focus on IT strategies. To use IT strategies, the leaders need to: assess business strategies by using data collected and processed using IT tools, discover other benefits of IT solutions, gather the best suggestions and ideas by collaborating with the IT team, and consult other IT experts to get an opinion. In order to align business and IT strategies, technology leaders need to: have a better understanding of the business as a whole, get to understand the IT trends and patterns, train the IT team, and always be keen on signs of misalignment. IT strongly influences business operations. Business-IT alignment focuses on the benefits IT has on business goals by making reasonable investments that increase productivity.

COBIT 2019 categories and processes

COBIT stands for control objectives for information and related technologies. It is an IT management framework established to help businesses develop, organize, and implement strategies. COBIT 2019 is an updated framework that addresses new trends, changes in technologies, and security needs in modern businesses (Steuperaert 2019). The article above is in the category of aligning, plan, and organize COBIT 2019. This category has various processes, but the problem discussed above falls for the managed IT management framework and managed strategy. Align, plan, and organize category focuses on using IT to achieve the business goals and objectives. Business-IT strategy alignment helps increase the productivity of the business by automating business processes and routines. COBIT framework provides consistent management that complies with the information technology governance requirements. This is done by ensuring effective policies are implemented and educating the staff on implementing policies.

Decision making processes

Stakeholders’ engagement in decision making has a lot of benefits to the organization. Involving more stakeholders in decision making helps to: understand a wide range of needs that can be considered in making decisions, improves the accountability of the organization as well as outside markets, helps manage risks by highlighting risks that would otherwise have not been seen if one person was making the decisions alone, and stakeholder engagement in decision making helps build a lasting relationship based on trust. If more stakeholders were involved in making decisions in the article above, there would be little or no business problem. According to (Bertone et al. 2016). More stakeholders would come up with great ideas on how to align business strategy with IT strategies; it would provide an opportunity to understand the business better, it would be easier to identify new trends and patterns in IT, and provide a way to integrate both strategies.

Impact of business-IT misalignment in BestBuy Inc. Co.

BestBuy Inc. Co. is a multinational electronic retailer based in America. It sells a wide variety of related consumer electronics and offers after-sale services to its customers. BestBuy Inc. Co. has an online platform where they communicate with their customers their experiences with the products and get feedback on the raised issues. BestBuy Inc. Co. business strategy is to merge technology and consumers in the retail environment by educating the consumers on technology benefits with electronic products as well as maximizing productivity. Business-IT alignment is where organizations integrate business and information technology to attain the business objectives and improve the overall performance. Business-IT misalignment has a negative impact on a business organization (Ori 2017). BestBuy Inc. Co. may experience strained customer relationships, especially with the customers they interact online, the decline in profit generation and low-quality products, and poor delivery of services.

Business Management and Organization world history essay help

Business Management and Organization

The topic ‘business management and organization’ is quite a crucial one to understand for the good of both the workforce and the workplace. It offers a variety of opportunities for managers to enhance their expertise in return, traverse great heights in productivity. Agreeably, the success of any business is solely dependent on its management processes and the relations it shares with its workforce. Poor management will automatically result in great consequences that, more often than not, constitute a negative standing. Likewise, proper integration of the business to its workforce boosts the relations amongst themselves and with the business, consequently leading to amplified productivity. However, to achieve this success, the topic provides in-depth insights on dynamic factors that are massively relevant to the workforce and workplace. This paper seeks to offer a comprehensive understanding of the relevance of the topic in the workplace and to the workforce.

To begin with, business management and organization allows for proper planning of the resources available within a workplace in relation to the desired goals and objectives. Planning is undoubtedly the stepping stone for the success of every business. Without it, chaos and pandemonium occur, and the operations of the business definitely lose sight of the desired goal. Otherwise, tasks are assigned according to schedule, and it enables every department of the business to promptly meet schedules aligning fully with the wants of the business. The time and effort used to achieve a particular goal are also reduced as the efficacy of the business operations is doubled. Again, the personnel also become well informed of the expectations of the management team, and so there is an intimate bonding between the workforce and the intended objective of the business. Owing to these facts, the business is able to relish competitive advantage, thus achieving a substantial market grip.

Moreover, the topic also provides a profound understanding of controlling the activities of the workforce. Controlling essentially compares the actual performance of the business activities with the desired goals by monitoring each operation’s effectiveness. Its essence becomes apparent when managers need to evaluate the performance of their workforce and, if need be, resort to corrective measures to align every activity with the objectives of the business or organization. Therefore, controlling determines how a specific goal is to be achieved by providing a robust analysis of every business operation while, at the same time, correcting any unnecessary errors. Any deviation by the workforce from the expected standards are minimized as the operations are kept on track as expected. Again, the relevance of controlling can as well be pegged on its altering of the future as it offers coordination in action. This gives order and discipline to every task in line with the expected outcome and allows for a smooth flow of adjustments whenever the need to change arises.

The relevance of the aforementioned topic can also be embedded in the organization of the business. Organization entails the art of making a business’ workforce work together to achieve a predefined objective. In its process, the organization establishes proper relationships between various personnel within an organization. This may include workers and workers, managers and workers, or even between managers and managers. As a result, it offers many benefits not only to the workforce and the business but also to the society at large. The organization also offers the safest platform for proper utilization of resources. These resources may be in the form of human resources or physical resources. It is crystal clear that an efficient organization of human resources enhances its capabilities and potential to achieve the business’s goals promptly. Nonetheless, the organization forms the backbone of management as it facilitates effective communication between the workforce and the management while seeking to meet the organization’s goals and objectives.

Leadership is also a vital benefit of business management in the workplace. In essence, it is an art that requires the executives to direct, guide, and influence the behaviors of their subordinates in line with a specified goal. This can be achieved through motivating the subordinates and seeking to resolve conflicts whenever they arise. Leadership helps to improve the overall morale of all the workforce of a particular business. The boost may mainly be achieved through motivation where the feelings of the workforce are induced by, say, rewards for tasks well done or seminars that enhance growth achievements. On the other side of the coin, leadership is overtly portrayed when the executives act as mediators whenever conflicts arise amongst employees. Agreeably, workplace conflicts are prone to occurrence as none is perfect, and human beings possess different perspectives when dealing with issues. The best way of alleviating such conflicts is for the employer to utilize arbitration, mediation, collaboration, and negotiation or, if need be, take disciplinary actions. Each of these actions proves how leadership is relevant in the workplace and to the relationships of the workforce.

At length, business management and organization has proven to be quite essential to both the workforce and the workplace. Perfect utilization of the concepts in this topic assures the perfect organization of the workforce to achieve the targeted goals and objectives of any business. Nonetheless, the topic dictates the best ways of influencing the staff to adjust to the expectations of their superiors. Likewise, the superior personnel is also taught on the most effective ways to deal with the workforce and any prevailing circumstances that may compromise the organization’s goals and objectives.