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The Ghost Of Hamlet In Shakespeare’s Hamlet

Throughout Shakespeare’s play Hamlet, the Ghost of old Hamlet prods young Hamlet toward action and informs him of recent events which lead him to act either sporadically insane or sane, evidently, making those around him believe that he has completely gone mad. The purpose of this essay is to show through research and evidence that Shakespeare tried demonstrating to his audience that Hamlet was not insane for just any reason, but because he had recently made conversation with a ghost that happens to be his father. In fact, I believe that Hamlet was only acting insane in order to cover up his real reactions and feelings after knowing that Claudius murdered his father. However, there are many reasons and enough proof to say Hamlet lost his sanity toward the end of the play. During the Shakespearian Era, many people believed ghosts had different purposes and could have truly changed someone if they wanted to. Could Shakespeare have been influenced under these ideas or beliefs when we created Hamlet? Questions as such will arise as I explore this topic, but they will be answered as you …

Hamlet’s Ghost Father

Hamlet was a very deep and emotional story that was filled with murder, death, and other crazy events. The story also has a supernatural perspective to it, this will be shown throughout the story. One of the supernatural events was Hamlet’s ghost father, the ghost father could be interrupted in many ways. From one perspective it can be seen as the ghost of Hamlet’s father that came to deliver an important message. The message of which was the truth behind his death and that Claudius was the assassin. However, another perspective was that Hamlet was indeed going mad, and the ghost was nothing more than a phantom of his subconscious mind. This theory would be supported by the fact of Hamlet was the only person who could see the ghost.
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Having seen the king, now he has a perfect opportunity. He draws his sword … and does nothing,” (Cutrofello). Hamlet greatest mistake was not killing Claudius when he was praying, he had the perfect opportunity to kill his enemy that ruined his life and stole his destiny. Hamlet made a mistake and let Claudius live, this would cost him his life at the end. If only Hamlet would have killed Claudius, this make no sense to any logical person. Hamlet should have listened to the ghost, the ghost told him all the information he needed to know. However, Hamlet wasted a lot of time being sad and depressed over his father’s death. Hamlet being depressed was a waste of time for him, he had a lot of events that he needed to face. Hamlet’s destiny was to face Claudius, the whole story was structured around this. He should have been training for combat if he was smart, Hamlet could been an obese man. Hamlet was not athletic because he sarcastically compared himself to Hercules. However, he could use a blade decently because he was able to fence with the poisoned blade at the end. Hamlet must have received some training in fencing which would be a common hobby of a prince. Hamlet other than his fencing training was unprepared for his battle with Claudius, Hamlet should have spent more time training and learning Claudius’s weakness. Hamlet’s decisions were controlled by his emotions. Hamlet was a slave to his mind, he even talked about…show more content…
Hamlet conducted a fencing match, the blade of his opponent was poisoned. Also the wine was poisoned as well, this was all planned out by Claudius. Claudius was dedicated to ending Hamlet, Claudius knew that Hamlet was his biggest threat. Killing Hamlet was Claudius’s only way out, one or both of them had to die. Hamlet foolishly walked into Claudius’s trap, Hamlet’s mother drank the wine instead of Hamlet. This was a tactical error made by Claudius, once his plan was started there was no way back. Once Hamlet’s mother died they knew that poison was being used, Hamlet knew Claudius was responsible and Hamlet killed him with the poisoned blade. The same blade that ended Hamlets life, this one blade was able to slay both of them. Claudius and his plan fell apart quickly, Claudius only cared about himself which is why he

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