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The Facility ‘s Risk Management Program History Assignment Help Ireland


Currency Conversion Integration Test history homework help: history homework help

~Application-Level Requirements List~

1. Menu-Driven Program  

2. User has option to select 1 of 5 international currency types. (Canadian dollars, Mexican pesos, English pounds, Japanese yen, and French francs)

3. Program converts foreign currency to U.S. dollars if values provided are valid.

4. Program displays the equivalent dollar amount.

5. Program returns to main menu, user has option to enter another conversion or quit the program.


~Input-Process-Output Chart~

Input Process Output


Menu Options: User selects 1 of 6 Display Menu Currency Type (Integer) 1 – 5


International Value (Real) 0 – 1,000,000 Get Foreign Value Int_Value (Real) 0 – 1,000,000


Currency Type (Integer) 1 – 5


International Value (Real) 0 -…show more content…

Currency Conversion Integration Test: Valid Selection = Canadian


Inputs: Nation = Canadian Int_Value = 200.00 U.S._Value = 293.60

Expected Output The conversion for $ 200.00 Canadian Dollars is $ 293.60 US Dollars.


~Test Case 2~


Display Menu Test: Valid Menu Selection = Mexican  

Inputs: Menu Selection = 2

Expected Outputs:  Nation  = Mexican


Get Foreign Value Test: Valid International Value (Mexican) = 100.00


Inputs: 100.00

Expected Outputs: Int_Value = 100.00


Convert Currency Test: Valid International Currency = Mexican


Inputs: Nation = Mexican Int_Value = 100.00

Expected Outputs: US_Value = 950.85


Display Results Test Cases: Valid International Currency = Mexican Inputs: Nation = Mexican Int_Value = 100.00 U.S._Value = 950.85

Expected Output:  The conversion for $ 100.00 Mexican Pesos is $


My Interest In Job Shadowing Day history assignment help cheap

The job that I would like to have is an engineer.  That is why I am interested in Job Shadowing Day.  This is a great opportunity for me to learn more about engineering and to see if I really want to do it.  I am interested in this particular job because I enjoy the subjects of math and science.  Engineering uses a combination of math and science and other aspects depending on what type of engineer.  There are many different types of engineers.  The type that I would like to be is a genetic engineer.  I have various reasons of why I would like to become a genetic engineer over all the other variations of engineers.  




Genetic engineers deal with the DNA of organisms.  They rearrange the genetic code to improve the performance of the organism.


Cognitive Developmental Delays do my history homework: do my history homework

Young Children with Cognitive Developmental Delays Nothing hits an educator harder than seeing a helpless young child being hindered by developmental delays. These children want to learn so much, but are often held back by their abilities because of developmental delays. In the case of cognitive delays, thinking skills and memory can be impacted, causing children to miss out of major cognitive milestones. As such, educators need to understand the uniqueness of each child’s cognitive delays to be best able to help support more healthy development.


Children with cognitive developmental delays see an impact on their normal growth. This impact is most often not physical, and can be much harder to spot, especially with very young children. Still, these cognitive delays in development can harm cognitive skills and thinking abilities. Delays in cognitive abilities often come from genetic defects or disorders, major medical problems fright after birth, or environmental exposures to harmful pollutants (WedMD 4). Whatever the cause of the delay, it can be seen in a number of signs that show how the young child is struggling to keep up with the normal cognitive development of other children their age. In children 1-2 years of age, delays can be seen in a lack of gestures, pointing to objects and the inability to understand the function of objects (WebMD 4). The inability to imitate words is another sign, which shows that cognitive delays are often correlated with speech and language


Thesis Statement For Food Pyramid african history assignment help

Research Question:


In what ways does the school feeding program of the local community help in increasing children’s awareness of the food pyramid?




Thesis Statement:


School feeding program of the local community help in increasing children’s awareness of the food pyramid it is an excellent way to educate the children on how to eat healthy, understand why they should be eating, and enhance children’s education.






Based on a statement, a nutrient deficiency occurs when a person lacks one or more nutrients in a period of time. This deficiency is classified as primary and secondary. The Primary deficiencies are commonly caused by an improper diet and can be assessed by based on asking the patients diet history. While the Secondary deficiencies are caused by a problem inside of the body. In addition, nutrient deficiency commonly results in malnutrition. The most prone of malnutrition are the infants, preschool children, adolescents, the elderly, and the pregnant women. If parents do not know about proper nutrition it will make their children prone to the illness. Infants and preschool children depend on their mother’s selection of food. Preschool children may face additional hazard because they are particular about what they eat.


Furthermore, psychologists says that the growth of the…show more content…

The food pyramid is a good way to educate the people on their best interest, so they can be healthy. The food guide pyramid is made not to harm others but to benefit them. This promotes each individuals own interests and it is the best for most of the people. When children who do attend school are unable to get the full benefit of doing due to being malnourished, education systems are damaged. The feeding program is not only useful in encouraging children to enroll and stay in school but also for enhancing children’s learning and knowledge about their