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The Evil Side of The Internet

The Evil Side of The Internet

In my present employment at the moment, the usage of the Internet is not that important. The only times that I use the Internet is when I have to do a search for a research paper for school or in need of directions to a new location. I have always found the Internet to be a positive tool that helps with the spread of information in order to educate a large population. It is cheap and easily accessable by All. The internet was and is a new invention compared to the wheel and fire that has changed the way we view the world and has brought convenience to our finger tips. Information from across the world can be inter-changed within seconds that can help in the field of politics,medicine and personal relationships. However, there is a darker side to the internet. This side is one that I would like to focus on in my paper. This negative side of the internet is one that is being abused by regular folks everytime they copy articles and pictures and never give credit to the publisher or their actual authors. The dirty evil side of the internet has become a magnet for pedophiles and hate crime activists. The problem is that due to freedom of speech there is not much control that I know about in regards to items being posted on the internet. This device is so easily usable that even kids in middle and high school are posting web sites and chat lines in order to say what ever they like and send information to all corners of the world in a second, practically for free. There are some issues that have always concerned me in regards to the legal censorships over the internet that I would like to explore in my paper.

The reason for my curiosity began a few weeks ago when my 8 year old cousin was playing on…

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…t you can install which will block out certain sites and keywords. Those recommended by Newsweek Magazine were: Cyber Patrol, Net Nanny and Cybersitter. It is important to understand that Internet crimes should be dealt with just like real-world crimes. If you believe that your child or other children are being exploited or know of someone who is using child pornography in any way, notify the Police, the FBI or the local Customs Service Office. Many times there might even be an award awaiting you.

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Reputation and Image in William Shakespeare´s Othello

Othello Explication

In William Shakespeare’s Othello, unspoken fears of being an outsider and concerns about his public image contribute to the downfall of a tragic hero named Othello. Othello, a general in the Venetian army’s, final monologue reflects the importance of reputation and the conformity needed to fit his surroundings. He is seen as an outsider of the Venetian culture; he is frequently referred to as “the Moor” and is called an abundance of racial slurs by the Venice born natives. Although Othello never voices his internal struggle to feel accepted by the people around him, his image and physical appearance are some of major issues he faces. Even in the moments before he stabs himself, Othello is more concerned with the legacy he is leaving behind than with the death of his wife, Desdemona. Shakespeare uses Othello’s transformation from a heroic military soldier to a tragic figure to warn of the dangers of obsessing over one’s reputation and the need to feel accepted by society.

Othello is very particular in how he wants to be remembered by stating that he does not want his image to be exaggerated or toned down, but subconsciously, he is only trying to protect his reputation. After murdering Desdemona, Othello pleads with Lodovico and Gratiano, Desdemona’s father’s kinsmen, not to ask for forgiveness for committing such a heinous crime, but to remember him as an adequate man who made an irrevocable mistake. Instead of acknowledging his wife’s lifeless body, Othello is more with how he will be described in Lodovico and Gratiano’s letters. In the beginning of the play, Othello would profess his love for Desdemona at every available opportunity, but now he cares more about his own reputation than he does for his dead …

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…o he murders his wife. Then, he does not want to be made to look like a murderer so he begs to be remembered as a different man than the one he actually is. In the midst of trying to save his reputation, Othello reveals his subconscious fears of not being accepted and always looking like a foreigner no matter what he accomplishes. Out of all his accomplishments in the military, Othello wants to be remembered for one specific story – the time he saved a Venetian from being abused by a Turk. It is as if he is forcefully portraying himself as a contributing member of Venice by saying that he protected it from outside forces. At the same time, he equates himself to the Turk and kills himself in the same way he killed the Turk. Othello, in trying to save his reputation, loses everything he has ever cared about or worked for – Desdemona, his reputation, and his career.

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