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The Evil of Human Cloning

Human cloning would certainly lead to social harm. If an individual led a distraught or irresponsible life, would the clone be inclined to follow in his footsteps? Because of negative publicity, this clone’s life may already be in the road to destruction prior to even becoming a clone. Would you want to be the clone of Hannibal, who devoured his victims after he murdered them?

Cloning would also lessen the worth of an individual and diminish the respect for life. If humans feel they can be replaced, like that of an object, then disposing of a human life would come at no great cost to their conscious. Resulting in perhaps a killing spree that would have no type of harsh punshment. As it stands, it is difficult to lose one loved one, but the thought of losing several would be a disaster.

Match has launched a second opposition party called CATCH (Coalition Against The Cloning of Humans). Together both MATCH and CATCH joined forces with MCD (Movement for Christian Democracy). All three opposition parties have a concern about the mutation of genes. This is because the technique’s are extremely risky. The main worry is the possibility that the genetic material used from the adult will continue to age so that the genes in a newborn clone could be more on the day of birth, this is what the cloning of Dolly concluded. It took 277 attempts to clone Dolly, the clones before her were disfigured and contained severe abnormalities.

The Catholic Church, Pope John Paul II made a recent statement against cloning of all life forms. The Vatican issued statement specifically condemning the cloning of humans but has not come out officially against cloning of other animals. If God would have wanted us to clone ourselves, he would of given us a way for a-sexual reproduction. But because we were made to reproduce bi-sexually, this is the only way we should continue to do so. However, in contrast to the opinions of their peers, some Jewish and Muslim religious leaders testified before the National Bioethics Advisory Commission that they feel that embryo and cloning research might provide discoveries that would lead to an appropriate way to counter infertility.

Others feel that the emotional pressures on a teenager trying to establish his or her identity is also a concern. How will a child be able to distinguish between her mother, and her sister, will they be one in the same?

The Problem of Pornography

In the United States someone has to be eighteen years old before they can buy pornography, but just because they have to be eighteen to buy it doesn’t mean they have to be eighteen to look at it. Everywhere around the Internet one may stumble upon pornography where anyone, including children, may look at it. Pornography is not something to be proud of and is not something that our children should be able to see randomly on the Internet or in a store at a young age.

In Susan Brownmiller”s essay, “Let”s Put Porn Back in the Closet,” she argues that “pornography represents hatred of women, that pornography”s intent is to humiliate, degrade, and dehumanize the female body for the purpose of erotic stimulation and pleasure,” which I completely agree with. (Brownmiller 53.) Women that respect themselves or other women would never pose for any type of pornography. People should never look at a woman as if they are just an object in a magazine or movie. Women should be respected and so should their privacy.

When I was growing up, pornography was not something peopl…

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