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The Economy Of United Kingdom Sampled Summary History Assignment Ideas

Environmental Analysis

Macro-environmental Factors


Before the year 2007, the economy of United Kingdom has increased on an average percent of 3.3. Because of the recession though, in the past three years development averaged merely 0.9%. The rate of unemployment reduced during last year and currently it measures around 7.7 %. However reducing unemployment rates are positive signal for the employees, Starbucks remain to keep a hold on salary raises averaging at around 1.4 percent. Combined with a calculated inflation of over 2 percent (Mcgrath, 2012).  This refers that the United Kingdom is confronting another year of reducing living standards. The RPI or Retail Price Index for coffee along with other hot beverages, which impacts margins and they are a good signal for the growth of selling cost for the consumers, has been rising constantly over the last eight years ( 2005-2009) exceeding the rate of inflation. Therefore, creating the products more costly for the consumers. Ever since the year 2010, the prices of coffee have been rising beneath the level of inflation, creating products a little more affordable (Mcgrath, 2012).

Real profit in the United Kingdom Sampled summary history assignment writing help: history assignment writing help

Starbucks had only once reported on real profit in the United Kingdom (Easton, 2005). The organization was capable to prove this tax spending through adding number of different payments to its subsidiaries overseas and large research and development expenditures to their calculation of profit and loss. Even though, pressure not coming from the government of the United Kingdom since the organization has not breached any laws, however from the customer side to depict regret and pay a justified amount of business taxes, combined with the risk of boycotts against the organization’s outlets has directed to the company voluntarily paying around $20 million for the next 2 years (, 2013). As per the managing director of Starbucks, Kris Engskov, the organization takes this initiative not because they are lawfully compelled to do so or due to the fact that the company recognizes that it did something unlawful or immoral, but because they cared to listen their consumers and want to keep their customers happy. One of the big issues when utilizing raw materials like cocoa and coffee beans is right sourcing. This includes gaining these raw ingredients from farmers that pertains a sustainable manner of growing and paying those cultivators a just price for the harvest they produce. A just price in this sense should facilitate them to enhance their individual and their families’ standards of living (Easton, 2005).

The information obtained from the OECD’s Better Life Index history assignment help and resources



As per the information obtained from the OECD’s Better Life Index, the United Kingdom achieves quite well. The country ranks among the leading states in numerous aspects that impact general well being. The average income of the country which is around 26.552 USD in a year is quite above the average calculated by OECD. Even though, a huge disparity between the poorest and the richest people in the society with the 20 percent of the total population earning around six time greater as compared to the lowest strata of the population (Ferrell, 2012).

A main technological fashion within the coffee industry history assignment help ireland: history assignment help ireland



A main technological fashion within the coffee industry is the persistent development and enhancement of household coffee makers. Products such as Kraft’s Tassimo and Nestle Nespresso that generates a number of diverse coffees from capsules and pods raise the predictions of consumers for the coffees they buy in coffee shops. Also, they are probably increasing the custom of developing the individual coffee experience at home (Schultz, 2012).


Starbucks Competitors Analysis sampled summary history assignment help ireland

Micro-Environmental Factors


Competitors Analysis


Competition is fundamentally a scenario where in two more entities have the same purpose to achieve. It can majorly be segmented into two broad groups, direct and indirect competition. A market situation, in which competitors manufacture the similar product or service to cater a specific customer segment or need, is known as the direct competition. On the other hand, in indirect competition, the competitors may produce slightly different products or services which cater the needs of the specific group of customers in an indirect way (Pham-Gia, 2009).