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Deception in The Kite Runner


Betrayal of trust often causes unforeseen consequences, harms relationships, and results in internal and external conflicts. Betrayal of friendships can influence the loss of trust which will, in turn, damage the relationships. Khaled Hosseini shows themes of consequences of betrayal and loss of friendship within his captivating novel The Kite Runner. Throughout Hosseini’s novel, readers follow Amir, the main character, on his journey to make peace with his past mistakes. To express betrayal’s effect on childhood friendships, Khaled Hosseini incorporates captivating vivid imagery, descriptive diction, and figurative language when describing symbols such as the crumbling wall, kite flying, and the scarred lips of both Amir and Hassan. In the novel, The Kite Runner, Hosseini uses symbols that parallel events in childhood and adulthood to emphasize the themes of consequences of betrayal and loss of friendship.


Throughout the novel, Hosseini’s use of symbols illustrates how betrayal is detrimental to a friendship. By incorporating the symbol of the crumbling wall, the author describes a fallen friendship. In the beginning of the novel, Hosseini introduces the crumbling wall to the readers when Amir states, “I remember the precise moment, crouching behind a crumbling wall” (Hosseini 1). The wall represents the deterioration of Hassan and Amir’s relationship, and Hosseini uses the word crumbling to illustrate that. Additionally, Hosseini uses


The Holocaust And The Holocaust Survivors gcse history essay help

The Holocaust was a genocide during World War II that caused millions of people to die. The Holocaust was the event where Nazi Germany killed millions of people that they did not seem to be a part of the Nazi’s Master Race. Adolf Hitler was the leader of Germany at the time and was a major supporter of their attempt at creating the Master Race and eliminating those whom he did not see being a part of his Master Race. Adolf Hitler and Germany caused one of the largest death tolls and most well known genocide in history, which is known now as the holocaust. My reaction to the  “Second Generation to Holocaust Survivors: Enhanced Differentiation of Trauma Transmission.” written by, Micha Weiss and Sima Weiss is that those poor, innocent people were killed or scarred for life for something they cannot control. I feel awful for all those kids and young people who had to live the rest of their lives out after experiencing their parents be killed or starved to death and seeing all those other people around them being killed. I also feel angry that Germany let this happen, and not only let this happen, but supported Hitler’s decision to kill off millions of people and treated them so unfairly. “Gail told of the death of her father after she was two, and thereafter moving between foster homes, due to her mother’s inability to provide for her.” (Micha Weiss and Sima Weiss) I could not imagine how hard it would be to grow up being passed around by foster homes and not knowing or having


The Importance Of Theater In Ancient Greece african history assignment help: african history assignment help

Theater has prevailed throughout the years, dating back to ancient times and still having importance in society today. Texts of ancient Greek comedy and tragedy have survived for over two thousand years, because a small handful of people thought they were worth preserving. It is a wonder that these plays are still around today, considering how much time has passed and the differences between society today and that of ancient times, also taking into consideration the difference in speech and language. Theater in the ancient world served as a source of entertainment for the people. Most of the evidence that is used today are from vases, which can tell a lot about what happened back in ancient Greece. Scenes are played out on vases, with most being Dionysian or mythological narratives. Painters avoided representing tragic scenes literally as they would be portrayed in the theater, but instead a ‘further reality’ of the myth. Even minute details about this evidence was important, including the shape of the pots the work was on. Mythic-tragic scenes could be found on large, prestigious vessels like volute kraters, while a comic scene might decorate a bell krater or small jug (oinochoe) which served wine at a drinking party (Hughes 5). Vases are not the only archeological evidence, as terracotta figurines are another source of knowledge for those wanting to learn about the costumes worn in comedy in ancient Greece. Nearing the end of the fifth century, the earliest comedy figurines were produced in Athens. These figurines were mostly static, unlike vase paintings were the scene was full of action and engagement. These terracotta figurines were souvenirs for the people to buy in admiration of their favorite characters. People cherished them and even took them to their graves, where they were found by archeologists (Hughes 39).

Other than using vase paintings and archeological evidence, some of the information known today was based on the reconstruction of the texts from the time. The writers of the tragedies and comedies that survived were Athenians. The dramatic festivals for which they composed took place in the theater dedicated to Dionysus, one of their gods, located in the sanctuary that contained his temple


Greek Theater Of Epidaurus advanced higher history essay help

The theater of Epidaurus was first formed in Ancient Greece around the year 340 BC. This piece of architecture was used for many celebrations including the God that it was named after. The theater was created for entertainment and to celebrate the God Dionysos. Polykleitos the Younger first built the Theater of Epidaurus. This theater could seat up to fourteen thousand people, before then the number that could be seated was only six thousand. The theater was a great way to bring people together under celebration and entertainment. The relation of the importance of the Greek theatre and the society. Furthermore, the form of the Ancient Theater of Epidaurus. The Theater of Epidaurus is built in the shape of an open oval. The value of the Greek