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The Consistency Of Delivering Mamma Mia’s Bakery History Assignment Help And Resources


The project scope of Mamma’s Bakery and Sandwich Shoppe help with history assignment: help with history assignment

Project Scope

The project scope of Mamma’s Bakery and Sandwich Shoppe is to provide an IT system that will modernize and support Momma herself, her employees and bakery business operations. She has enough to budget for the staff to implement the IT system. The bakery currently running on manually receiving orders by phone and documenting into a contact book. There is no IT system/ network in place such as computer equipment, local area network (LAN) and no telecommunication provider to access internet. In this scope, Team Magnificent Seven will provide the deliverables of services and products she asked and will be necessary to make her bakery and sandwich shop more efficient in ordering, receiving ordering, automated filing and increase of efficiency in the work environment.

Mamma’s Bakery and Sandwich Shoppe IT System online history assignment help

A. General Information


Project Title:
Mamma’s Bakery and Sandwich Shoppe IT System

Brief Project Description:
The project is designed to provide Mamma’s Bakery and Sandwich Shoppe with a modern information technologies solution for enhancing daily operations.

Prepared By:
Ronnie Beltran; Willie Carter; Ronel Galit; Freddie Mcclure; Jissel Pena; Tiffany Worthy


Customer and Stakeholders:


Identify the customer/user/client. Who are the internal and external stakeholders and their influences or interest in this project?

Main stakeholder: Mamma Mia – interested in a quick and easy to use system for point-of-sale, book keeping, and inventory. Also, a system that will have internet connection to be able to connect to suppliers and the health department of food services.
Internal Stakeholder: 2 Cashiers – interested in a system that will process credit and debit card transactions as well as cash.
External Stakeholder: Customers – interested in an easy to use system that will allow customers to make orders via online.

The expected results for the IT system includes ap history essay help: ap history essay help

The Mamma Mia bakery store has been in existence since its opening 15 years ago and Mamma Mia has been the primary baker and owner. Mamma is looking for an IT system that will be modern, easy to use, employee/customer friendly and that which will make her bakery and sandwich shop more efficient

By developing an IT system, the Mamma Mia bakery store becomes automated instead of the manual processes done using paper documents. The efficiency of the bakery store is also be enhanced as service delivery will be optimized through the usage of computers to record, update inventory, sales and other related items

The goal of the IT system will help Mamma Mia to connect to her suppliers, the health department for food services and other business relationship and also a web presence where she can connect with her customers for advance orders for pick-up. The IT system will solve challenges such as paper work for the Mamma Mia bakery, records can be easily store and retrieved when needed and the store can receive payments via POS instead of cash only.

The expected results for the IT system includes:

·         Point of sale machine for payment

·         Internet presence for advance orders

·         Bookkeeping and Inventory

·         Connection to suppliers, health department for food services and other relationship

The deliverables for the Mamma Mia bakery store is a functioning IT System which integrates with many aspects of the bakery which includes Inventory, Customer, Business Partners and Government regulatory agencies.

With the use of an IT system, the Mamma Mia bakery store will be able to serve more customers both instore and online. Processing of payment via cash collection will greatly reduce and several of the work processes will be done using a computer system.



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The American Dream: Good Will Hunting: An Annotated Bibliography


Ansen, David, and Jeff Giles. “He’s Writing His Own Ticket.” Newsweek 130.22 (1997): 96. Academic Search Complete. Web. 31 July 2014.

In this film review, David Ansen describes Good Will Hunting as the typical film with a young lost kid, who gets help from many persons around him. The goal is to open up his eyes and let him see that there is more to life than what he is currently doing. Ansen describes that the acting is what makes this film so special and convincing. The chemistry between Will and Chuckie, Sean or his girlfriend is what makes the audience interested and able to feel for Will.

Ansen offers a film review with detailed information about the most important scenes in the film. The reader is able to distinguish which of the characters in the film were the most supportive when it came to Will’s realization of his gift and making his dream happen.

This film review helps me in my research by describing how the plot is very common but, the various characters involved is what makes it so enticing. This shows to the audience how if the main characters gets help from others and work together the American Dream will be achieved.

Golfman, Noreen. “Getting Ahead Of The Class: Reflections On Good Will Hunting.” Labour / Le Travail 42.(1998): 323-327. Academic Search Complete. Web. 31 July 2014.