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Yes, because the professional team made an analysis, it was logical and objective. The group first identified the problem: the delivery-only model that dominated the company was not attracting new customers. Secondly, they established decision criteria since they focused on finding highly visible locations that would draw plenty of foot traffic. The team also weighed decision criteria, generated alternatives, evaluating alternatives, and selected the best alternative. Essenfeld says that if the business can’t find a prime retail location at a college campus, it will not open there. New store locations would be determined based on concrete information that offered a much clearer picture of where the company stood in each new market. Insomnia Cookies devised a strategy to make its decisions based on specific criteria. This essentially required the company to study each new student market to determine which campuses could accommodate stores.

USE OF WASHING MACHINE TO WASH CLOTHES history assignment help is it legit: history assignment help is it legit

If you actively participate in your house chores, you are undoubtedly aware that not all clothes require machine washing. Often, the majority of clothes come with a label tag indicating their washing instructions. Some indicate that they are ‘machine wash only’ while others ‘hand wash only.’ It can be stressful to know that you’ll have to hand wash a few of your clothes. But although hand washing your clothes can be tedious, it is pretty much worth it. Think about it. When you hand wash your clothes, you pay special attention to all the dirty areas. Besides, you can tell if your clothes are completely clean.

Conversely, some clothes do not come with a washing instruction manual. So, how do I handle such clothes? In such instances, it would be best if you perform a trial and error. What this means is that you try washing a hidden section of your garment in the water. If the fabric does not cringe or get damaged, it is safe to hand wash the fabric. But note that materials like silk and lace should get hand washed.

Additionally, when hand washing your laundry, avoid folding and squeezing out water from the garment. Doing this destroys the fibers in the cloth. Also, note that using the safe detergent for handwashing goes a long way in preserving your fabric. In this article, we look at some of the safe detergents for hand washing.

Dedcool Dedtergent 01 “Taunt”

When purchasing a laundry detergent for hand washing, you have to make sure it is nonabrasive. Otherwise, you might injure yourself if you have sensitive skin. One of the best laundry detergents for handwashing is the DedCool Dedtergent. This detergent is mild and offers the most pleasant smell that does not irritate your skin. Besides, the detergent is environmentally friendly due to its biodegradable nature. The Dedcool is also used in HE washing machines. So, you can wash all your laundry with this detergent. You can get the Dedcool detergent from any local store at approximately $32.

Woolite Extra Delicates Laundry Detergent

The Woolite Extra Delicated laundry detergent has got to be the cheapest. You can find it for as low as $5. And this does not mean that it is less effective than other hand washing detergents. The Woolite Extra Delicates detergent is mild on the skin and does not cause any skin reactions or irritations. Besides, it protects the fabric composition of your clothes. But, of course, you need to use the right amount of detergent and dry laundry to make sure your clothes remain in good shape.

Nordstrom Lavender Delicate Fabric Wash

Suppose you want the best smelling hand washing detergent; the Nordstrom Lavender Delicate Fabric wash is a perfect option. It is safe for use since it does not irritate the skin. In fact, the Nordstrom detergent is hypoallergenic. Thus, if your skin is allergic, purchase this hand washing detergent. The detergent is also ideal for getting rid of the toughest stains from chlorine, hard water, and sweat. Laundry experts rank the Nordstrom Lavender Delicate wash as the perfect hand washing detergent for gym wear and swimwear. Not to mention, this detergent is pretty much affordable.

TOCCA Beauty Laundry Collection Delicate

The TOCCA Beauty laundry detergent contains a pleasant yet mild fragrance. Thus, it won’t choke you during use. It is a perfect laundry detergent for innerwear since it is gentle on the skin. Fortunately, you can use this detergent for both hand washing and machine washing procedures. On average, the cost of the TOCCA Beaury laundry detergent is about $15. So, yes, it is relatively affordable compared to other hand washing laundry detergents. Therefore, if you are working under a fixed budget, consider purchasing this handwashing laundry detergent.

The Laundress Lady Delicate Wash

The Laundress Lady Delicate Wash is specially crafted to eliminate all grease and sweat marks from the laundry. You can get this safe handwashing detergent at a relatively low price from your local store or supermarket. When using this detergent, all you have to do is insert two capfuls in a medium-sized bucket full of warm or cold water. Then, you can start washing your laundry. Note that the laundress lady delicate wash can also get used in a washing machine setting. However, in this case, you’ll have to use four capfuls in the machine. This detergent not only leaves your clothes clean but also with a long-lasting fragrance.


What should I look for in a handwashing laundry detergent?

Suitable water temperature

Before purchasing any hand washing detergent, check to see whether it is suitable for hot water or cold water use. Often, homeowners prefer laundry detergents that can work perfectly fine in both hot and cold water. Purchasing a laundry detergent only for hot water use would limit you. Some hand washing detergents may not deliver maximum functionality when in cold water. So, always consult your manufacturer on the best hand washing detergent to purchase.


If you are hand washing your clothes, always use a mild detergent. At times, homeowners don’t know if their skin is sensitive or not until they develop boils or wounds due to a laundry detergent. It is advisable to go for the mildest hand washing detergent. If you have extra sensitive skin, avoid using scented hand washing detergents. You would rather purchase a scent enhancer and use it separately if you want your clothes to smell really good.

Additionally, check the ingredients of the hand washing detergent. Ensure that it is hypoallergenic. If you have a small baby, also go for mild hand washing detergents. This way, you protect your skin and your child’s skin.

Environmental friendly

Currently, not many people are keen on taking care of the environment. But you can be different. So, consider purchasing environmentally friendly hand washing detergents. Such detergents contain little to no chemicals. Also, since they barely contain synthetic chemicals, they will not irritate your skin.


Several hand washing detergents contain overpowering scents. So, if you have an existing respiratory condition, it would be best to avoid such hand washing detergents. Otherwise, they would affect your health. On the other hand, if you live alone and love strong scents, it is okay to settle for a detergent with a strong fragrance.

In summary

When purchasing hand washing laundry detergents, always go for mild options that won’t irritate your skin. Also, consider the cost, scent, and user-friendliness of the handwashing detergent before purchasing it.


FITNESS AND EXERCISE CHOICES apus history essay help

Some of the fitness and exercise choices I have learned are aerobic exercise, flexibility and strength exercise, stretching exercises, bodyweight resistance. Aerobic exercises help “improve cardiorespiratory endurance” (p. 4)—aerobics help improve the endurance of elevated heartbeat, improving the heart’s efficient functioning. Flexible and strength exercise helps in improving the number of movements possible within the joints. They also help improve the well-being of the person by reducing stress. The strength exercises help in building up body muscles. The strength of the body increases, and you can be able to lift heavier things. The body structure is beautifully shaped by the muscles, which improves physical appearance. The bodyweight resistance exercises such as sit-ups help in increasing the movement flexibility. Movement flexibility helps increase the speed of walking and running. It also helps in increasing the exercising time because you can be able to handle your body easily.
I exercise regularly. I exercise regularly to improve body fitness and flexibility. I am motivated to exercise to maintain body size. Big body sizes are usually characterized by heart and breathing problems. By exercising, I can regulate the rate of breathing and improve the heartbeat. Accidents are also common in sports and even during our social life. Exercising helps to reduce the effects of accidents on the muscles and joints. As a youth, I need to maintain a good physical appearance, which sells a lot in our today life. Exercising helps maintain the size and the shape of the body, enhancing a good physical appearance. I can also be able to get well-fitting clothes since the shape of the body matches the size and shape of the clothes. Exercise increases the endurance of the body against pressure. The body is able to work for long hours without getting fatigued.
The fitness component that I focus more on is flexibility. A flexible body means that you can easily handle your body and maintain any shape according to the joints. I can, hence, be able to join in the sports and be an excellent player. Flexibility also helps in protecting yourself from accidents since you can move the body parts easily. You can extend your legs to stand on two distant points, which if you are not flexible, you will end up stepping in areas before the required point. Joint pains are widespread, especially if they are not flexible enough. Moving the joints will reduce the pain and maintain healthy body parts. Flexibility exercises help reduce and maintain body weight. The repetitive movements of body organs help pull and strengthen the muscles around them, which helps maintain a good body shape—recreation activities such as dancing and swimming relay on flexible bodies. Taking part in such recreation activities is fun while the body is flexible enough to move through the water or make different dance moves, which other people cannot do.


UNDERSTANDING THE BUSINESS MODEL CANVAS history assignment help in uk: history assignment help in uk

The right business model canvas will propel this idea into the perfect business that can eventually outgrow the owners and become a living organism on its own. There are important aspects to consider in this case. The key partners needed to make this idea a success are the owners of the company, the car paint manufacturers who will provide the main intermediate raw material for the project as well as the manufacturers of the nano-ceramic coating. These key partners come up with the product and make it available to the final consumers who turn the business into a venture. The next important aspect of the business model canvas is the key activities that need to take place to make the business worthwhile. The business needs to have activities such as packaging, logistics, and customer support that will add up to the day-to-day operational activities of the business. The value proposition of the business is nano-ceramic car paints, which are better than normal car paints. The business offers the public a chance to have their cars looking better for longer and saves them money when it comes to car maintenance. The management needs to build quality customer relationships that will ensure that the sales of the company are at an all-time high. The canvas will enable the management of the business to make profits and channel the revenues towards business expansion. The canvas also helps in decision-making and puts reasons behind the decisions made by the management. Above all, it ensures that the business is a separate entity that can continue running even if the owners are not around.

How to Navigate a Claim Dispute Concept world history essay help

How to Navigate a Claim Dispute and Why You Need Cameras

Claim disputes are a common issue. You may encounter disagreements over the price of repairs, the extent of damage, and your claim’s scope, which shall be covered. Thus, it’s good for you to be informed when it comes to handling such claims if you have a tow truck service.

So, we have this guide for you on how to navigate a claim dispute and why you need cameras.

The options are many for you, including supporting your case, review your insurance policy, and more. Plus, you also need a camera, and this guide goes in-depth into this topic.

Problems of a Claim Dispute

A claim a tow truck insurance dispute can bring various challenges to your daily routine. For instance, such issues often drag around for several weeks, which might mean you won’t have access to your car during such a time.

Plus, you may also fail to get the right compensation. Usually, that happens if you don’t get your facts right or use the right techniques to manage the tow truck insurance issue. You need to be well informed as a driver so that you can handle such claims smoothly.

4 Tips for Managing Claims

There are a few key things you can do when you are facing a claim dispute. Below are the useful techniques you can use to navigate through such an issue to ensure your truck is safe:

Get in Touch with Your Insurance Company

Usually, a representative or agent helps you to solve the claim. However, if they fail to help, get in touch with the managers of the insurers’ claims. Remember that your insurance company might have a support team where you can submit your complaints. Also, most companies have documents and policies online, which you can use to navigate the claim process.

Get Your Facts Right

Send documents and even an email detailing why you are not satisfied with the claim. Remember to include all the useful information in the text. Plus, they might also need your contact information and claim number. You may need anything such as videos, witness statements, evidence of damage, and more to support the claim.

Get an Arbitrator to Help

An independent arbitrator with the skills and prowess to handle cases involving disputes can be an excellent recommendation. You can get referrals to arbitrators from an arbitration company such as the American Arbitration Society. However, remember that you may have to part with some fees for this service.

Consult your Attorney

You could also benefit from an attorney at this point. It’s always good to have the contacts of a competent attorney with you. Get in touch with the attorney, and explain the accident’s facts and the claim you want to post.

Why You Need Cameras

Installing cameras is important if you are truck owner. The good thing is that there are many compact cameras, which are easy to install and have large storage capacities.

The key benefit of a camera is that it records your driving activity. In the event of an accident, you can share the video as part of your claims. More so, some insurance companies require that car owners install cameras in automobiles. It can be a good way to avoid claims and settle disputes based on facts.


Driving might be a great way to move around. However, you never know when you will get an accident, leading to personal injury or damage to the truck. Since the truck is a key aspect of your business, keeping it running should be an priority. Thus, we have outlined some of the key aspects of how to navigate an insurance claim and why you need cameras.