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Asset Allocation Model

For assets allocation, Mr. Ahmad had a total of 120,000 SAR in his account. Besides, since he had only a one-month investment horizon, we were trying to diversify his portfolio as much as possible to reduce the risk and gain a high return. To gain the maximum return, we need to invest in risky assets. On the other hand, we need to invest in safe with high liquidity assets to reduce the risk. Moreover, we decided to put 100,000 SAR in the stock market and 20,000 SAR in risk-free T-bills to capture each type’s benefits. With this asset allocation, we can meet the investment goals and having an optimal portfolio.





Company Overview

With the increasing population around the world, the demand for clothing and shoes continue to increase. As a result of this project, my startup company is called Top Touch Fashions. This company is primarily a shoe manufacturing company that produces shoes for all gender and ages. The reason why I chose this manufacturing company to make shoes is that first of all; there is a readily available market for people looking for quality shoes around the globe. Secondly, it is because it is a more comfortable market to penetrate as well.

Some of the considerations that I will have in mind while starting this company are understanding the market trends and customer buying behaviors. This will be critical to this company because understand how this specific market niche operates will enable me to know which shoes to manufacture more and which ones to minimize. The second factor is ensuring that I have skilled labor in designers, marketers, and sells people.

Value chain design

Designing the value chain and value creation process is a critical step that every company must always take. These are activities within the company that transforms raw materials into outputs and goods sold to customers. To create a compelling value chain for this company, first, I will start by identifying which activities are the most critical to the company and the value they bring to the return on investment. For example, things like raw materials for making the shoes, skilled designers are critical. The second thing that I would do is assigning the cost of each critical activity. This will help me determine which activities require the most priorities and most cost allocated to them. The third step is analyzing the environment to understand what customers perceive as value when it comes to shoes, for example, quality or designs. The final part will be analyzing my competitor’s value and competitive advantage to create a strategy that aims to increase my company’s competitive advantage.

Type of Budget

Considering that my company will be manufacturing shoes for all genders and ages, I will use the operational budget for all company budgeting processes. The reason why I will use this budget is that, even though it is involved, it will offer my company accountant to analyze different activities within the company like the revenue, which is the income that the company gets from the sales, analyze all the variable cost as they are dependent on the revenue of the company. Finally, the operational budget will enable the company to analyze its expenditure (Fedorova, 2018). Analyzing the revenue costs, variables costs, and expenses of the company will make it easier to understand the company’s financial performance on an annual basis.

Necessary budgeting review steps

Identify the expenses that a company will incur daily.
Identify sources of revenue.
The separate company wants from the needs of the company to know what to prioritize on.
Design the budget.
Budget implementation/ taking action on executing the budget.
Evaluation of the budgeting process based on the profitability that a company will make.


Benchmarks are vital when starting a company. These are the different factors that will help a manager understand and strategize how they can make their company perform well within the market. Some of the benchmarks that I will use are listed and explained below.

How my company compares to others. Analyzing competitors like Nike and Adidas, which are well-established brands, is good for my company. This is because I will understand some of the strategies the companies have been using and implement them in mine to increase my profitability. In the end, analyzing the competitors will offer more insight into strategic planning.
How is my company doing financially? Analyzing the financial growth of the company will be critical. I will be able to go through the company financial statement s to know whether the company is making profits or not. For example, suppose I analyze the financial activities and realize that women’s shoes are selling the most hence being more profitable. In that case, I could re-strategize and start manufacturing more of the most selling products.
Is my company using the best practices? Analyzing the company’s best practices is the critical function of the company. Hence, this benchmark will enable me to ensure that the company’s best practices I put forward positively impact the firm’s performance.
Is my company making enough progress? This benchmark is critical because I will be able to understand whether there is growth in the company or not. Hence this benchmark will consider factors like profitability, customer sales, and market share. Hence if I learn that the company is on a steady growth, I can plan on growing or increasing production.

Costing method: Activity-based costing

Activity-based costing is a costing method that assigns overheads on indirect costs related to the production of any product. For my shoe company, using the activity-based costing method will enable me to understand the relationship between direct and indirect costs involved in manufacturing. Hence this method will give me a clear avenue to plan my budget to ensure that it fits all the direct and indirect overhead costs (Bourne, 2005). The other reason why I chose this method of costing is that it will give my managers a clear grasp of the cost of production to make well-informed strategic pricing, which will influence profitability.

One main challenge associated with the ABC method is that it could be complicated to put a cost on certain indirect activities associated with the production (Hoozze & Hansen, 2014). To handle these uncertainties, I will start by making sure that I have recorded down all the critical indirect activities associated with our manufacturers to ensure that they are all assigned costs.

In conclusion, starting a company is a huge task that requires a lot of attention. Understanding which is the best product to start with, doing an environmental analysis, and effectively budget for your company start up are some of the critical aspects to consider.

At What age should citizens be allowed to vote in US apus history essay help: apus history essay help

Student’s Name

Professor’s Name



At What age should citizens be allowed to vote in the United States?

Voting is a political activity that is designed to allow citizens of a particular nation to exercise political and democratic freedoms. These freedoms can only be exercised effectively in a secret ballot where citizen cast their votes to choose leaders or representatives of their choice. However, the dilemma arises on the determination of the voting age in a political setting. According to Glenn and Michael Grimes, “Aging, Voting, and Political Interest.” American Sociological Review, analysis of voter turnout, indicates a pronounced increase in political interests and participation from young adulthood to middle age (Glenn pp. 563–575). This study seeks to explore the most significant age limit in the United States that should be considered to take part in the voting.

The American constitution plays a fundamental role in incorporating many of its citizens to participate in political affairs. The constitution provides an opportunity for young and older age to participate in the ballot. However, age has been the debate for quite some time in various states on what age should be considered to participate in the ballot. American history indicates that the voting was initially controlled by individual state legislatures who only allowed white men aged 21 years and above to participate in the voting.  In recent years, constitutional amendments have demanded alteration of the voting age to incorporate different age groups in political affairs. The need for amendments in the voting age has been due to increased awareness of the citizens’ political rights and the need to extend democratic freedoms to a large mass.

The united states’ population statistics indicate that the big population of the state is made up of young individuals aged between 15 years and 44 years. This range of individuals indicates that the youth’s political, social, and economic needs need to be addressed with maximum care. Considering them in politics implies that their interests are much catered for. At adulthood age, the citizens are characterized by active and dynamic innovative forces that have the ability to catalyze reforms in the governance. However, the United States youth face a number of political discriminations that hinder them from pursuing political affairs. An amendment done in the U.S in the year 1971 sought to consider the youth in the ballot by amending the voting age from 21 years to 18 years. This amendment was stimulated by young citizens who took to the street, cold demonstrations demanding the suspension of the 21 years and reducing the voting age to 18 years.

In my opinion, I would suggest the voting age in the United States to be amended to 17 years. This amendment will accommodate more youths to exercise democratic rights and freedoms while campaigning for fair representation in the government. The choice of the age of 17 was based on the dynamic democratic transitions in the United States and the increased interest in the participation in politics by the youths. To address and guarantee the young citizens’ social, economic, and political needs, the current government should seek a system to include the young citizens in the political arena. Interactive social engagements expose the youth political intellectuals from where they borrow and share ideas on democratic governance. As a result, they are enlightened and acquire skills that build confidence in them to participate in political systems.

For so many years, the United States’ politics have been characterized by large turnouts by the most aged and the middle age groups. The major reason for having the aged in politics is because of their past experiences in politics that have built in them political interests. Since the current generation has been exposed to so many individuals in the political race, it is worth noting that young citizens deserve to be considered and engaged in politics. By doing so, the United States’ government will build interest among young citizens and equip them with the knowledge to understand their political roles.

Initially, illiteracy was common among the youth, but academic excellence became part of the United States providing high standard education as time went by. Since America is one of the highly-rated nations in terms of academics, the government should understand that even the youth are readily equipped with knowledge that is enough to make them participate in politics even at a young age. Similarly, it can motivate them by introducing forums that seek to equip them with a better understanding of the political arena. At the age of 17, American citizens possess significant knowledge to participate in the ballot and choose leaders who campaign to represent their interests.

In general terms, the youth is more active both physically and mentally compared to the elderly. Therefore, the united states government should bear the role to include the youth in political affairs. This can only be achieved through constitutional amendments to include the needs of young citizens. Since constitutional amendments characterize America’s history, then it should similarly consider amending some of its constitutional provisions to extend political and democratic freedoms to young citizens. There have been many efforts to increase turnout and encourage massive voting. Therefore, the government should consider including this age category to help compensate for those who never turn out during elections.



Works cited

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The Intelligence, Learning Styles and Self-Concept african history assignment help



Intelligence, Learning Styles and Self-Concept


Student’s Name






Learning styles

I have learnt two major skills in the past. These are the driving skills and playing the piano. I have been learning how to play the piano for close to five years until I perfected the skill. At first, it was not easy and I almost gave up. We could play the piano as a group of seven individuals and every day, after our normal classes, we could pass by the local music studio to perfect our playing skills. The Studio had all the instruments that made music sweet but we settled on playing the piano since all of us had an interest in the same. Our Desire to master some lyrics to the songs inspired our mission. The hobby has made our talents to grow. From the commitment of learning to play the piano, we have developed a love for music. We can easily identify the tone of a song from just the lyrics. Playing the piano is important as it helps the body both physically and mentally. The piano creates a channel for escape, joy, fun, and creative expression. Playing a piano result in a healthy mind, healthy body, and healthy life. Playing the piano offers different physiological and physical advantages to all the players. For example, playing the piano regularly improves eye-hand coordination besides sharpening fine motor skills for young people and the developing. For old people, playing the piano increases the levels of Human Growth Hormone significantly. The hormone slows the adverse effects that the elderly may experience as they age (Hsieh, 2014). When individuals bring music to their lives, they reduce anxiety, respiratory complications, heart and cardiac malfunctioning. Music also increases immune response and lowers blood pressure. Playing the piano also boosts intellectual and cognitive abilities. The practice makes the players smarter as it activates brain parts to math and partial reasoning besides improving verbal memory. The skill has made me be focused, diligent, creative and patient. With modern developments, owning a car is becoming a necessity. The motive has inspired my desire to acquire driving skill. I have been training on how to drive for close to a year now. It all started as a fun activity until the desire to perfect the skill increased. For both the driving skill and piano playing, I have employed the kinesthetic (Physical) learning style and spatial (visual) learning style. I have also employed the logical learning style especially when our trainers subjected us to new songs that we needed to create lyrics and rhythms. The learning styles were very effective since am a fast learner, keen and can follow instructions well.

Multiple intelligence

There are six main forms of intelligence which are intellectual intelligence, emotional intelligence, social intelligence, intrinsic intelligence, health and spiritual intelligence (Hatlebrekke, 2019). The intellectual intelligence defines the special knowledge that an individual can possess. Under intellectual intelligence, the ability to learn new tactics and skills is crucial. If an individual can easily accommodate cognitive and complex learning, then the individual is intelligent. Emotional intelligence is the ability to manage emotions most effectively or even understand other people’s emotions. When a person has high emotional intelligence, the person is courageous, self-confident, resilient, motivated and can easily take risks. A social intelligent person can easily create bonds with other people. An individual is also socially intelligent if he is trustworthy, empathetic, genuinely cares for others, can connect with other people easily and has an easy-going personality (Whitesmith, 2020). An individual with high social intelligence can create a strong and large social network of relationships. An intrinsically intelligent person has a strong inner personality that combines attitudes, values and beliefs. The intrapersonal and interpersonal communication falls under the category of intrinsic intelligence. Intrinsic intelligence is visible through the behavioural traits, language skills, form of character and way of expression. Health intelligence defines ways of leading a healthy lifestyle by maintaining mental vitality and physical strength. The spiritual intelligence is the ability to connect with the deeper self and the universe. The spiritual intelligence can reveal through unperturbed personality, selfless acts, positive energy and a high degree of resilience. An individual can have a high degree of intelligence in one dimension yet a very low degree of intelligence in another dimension.

I am strong in terms of intellectual and social intelligence. I have the potential of learning new skills and tactics fast. I can easily digest complex learning and understand cognitive math. I can easily make friends even from strangers within a short while. I tend to feel more empathetic when something bad happens to someone even if I do not know the individual. People have always found it easy to trust me even after meeting for a short while. My weakness is in spiritual intelligence. I tend to forget about how I feel so long as I see other people happy and comfortable. I can sacrifice my happiness to make someone else happy. Usually, I get sad when I come across a sad person.

Self-Awareness Reflection

Intelligence is an asset for every individual. When a person is intelligent, be it emotionally, health-wise, intrinsically, spiritually, intellectually, and socially, the person is in a better position of handling issues and solving problems. For instance, when an individual finds herself in a case where she is tempted to fight back, emotional intelligence will help her to control the anger and also become friends with the offender within a short while. While other individuals have all the six dimensions of intelligence, others possess a few. Children bear some intelligence dimensions from birth while they learn others as they grow.

The style of learning depends on the intelligence of a person and the activity of learning (DiYanni & Borst, 2020). Some activities require active participation while others require just observation. While learning some skills may take a long time, other skills require one to just take a little time to learn into perfection. A person needs to understand their strengths before committing to learning a given skill. The parents can learn the weaknesses and strengths of their children by observing them or exposing them to given activities. The way the children respond to the activities will help the parents to decide on the suitable learning method that they cause of their children depending on their abilities.



My dream career is becoming a financial consultant in a well-known company. A financial consultant works with individuals and companies in planning financial futures, offering guidance and information about investments, taxes and decisions of insurance. The consultants mostly work with the clients and offer them personalized financial advice. A consultant gives direction on selling and buying of stocks and bonds in the financial markets. Working as a consultant for a big firm requires putting the focus on the financial issues of the company to ensure that it does not lose its operating capital. Most organizations hire consultants who can advise them on the correct investment to make and at what time.

Americold Logistics advertised for the job position on the Indeed website and below are the details of the advert:

Americold Logistics is looking for a financial consultant that will be responsible for the following:

Meeting clients personally to assess their financial situation
Preparing and Presenting a financial plan that defines the long-term and short-term financial goals of the company.
Help the clients to make decisions on financial issues of education, retirement, petty expenses and investments. The consultant should be flexible enough to meet the clients regularly to assess changes in life like a job change, marriage, and childbirth. The consultant should also be in a position to buy and sell financial products like bonds, stocks and insurance policies.

Note* The consultant may need to spend more time to reach out to customers and prospective clients in a bid to build a strong customer base. Some clients may demand your services at odd hours and outside the office.

Should have vast knowledge in consultancy hence can manage to offer seminars and financial planning classes to all the willing students.

Job Requirements

Must have a college or higher diploma in financial consulting or a field related to finance.
Professional certificates like the Certified Financial Planner will be an added advantage.
The applicant should have a minimum of three years of working experience in the same field.
The applicant should possess and demonstrate strong computer skills.
The candidate should have effective communication skills, both spoken and written. The ideal candidate should be quick to learn, have strong interpersonal skills and be keen to detail.
The candidate should adhere to the practising codes of ethics and should be ready to enrol for a training lasting not less than thirty hours in the same field to ensure that he is up to date with the market practices.
The candidate should have an operating license and be a member of the Securities Exchange Commission.

Being a financial consultant is my dream job since the field is challenging and will always keep me on my toes to learn new tactics. The job will also create an avenue for me to pursue my passion of making the companies run their operations openly and honestly. Being a financial advisor will create an avenue for me to help the companies get maximum benefits from their operations.

I have strong communication skills. Since the job involves interacting with the clients and giving them one on one advise, the consultant must be a good communicator and I believe I am equal to the task. I also have strong interpersonal skills and these will help me create a good rapport with the clients. My major weakness is that I only need to take orders from my boss. This trait may not be beneficial as some of the clients may need to give me orders. To maximize potentials and strengths, I will always enrol for short-term training and courses that will help me to sharpen my skills.


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