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The Benefits Of College Education Summary Advanced Higher History Essay Help

First, it is worth noting that one of the benefits people get out of school is education. With higher education, students have the opportunity to expand their ability and think extensively. According to Holloway-Friesen (pg. 260),  college allows students to get an education and contributes to a better life. Colleges also prepare students for jobs and life. On the other hand, when students go to school, they exchange new ideas, values, and plans with other people. In so doing, the whole process of attending school expands their minds and changes their perspectives of life (Folsom 44). Secondly, there is no doubt that a degree has an economic benefit. For instance, there are financial benefits of attaining a college degree. College graduates, especially those with specialized skills, tend to get higher starting salaries and wages when compared to those who have only a high school diploma. Their salaries also tend to increase as they progress in their careers. Besides, white-collar employees are also entitled to retirement plans and benefit packages. For that reason, a college education is an investment to people (Madsen Camacho and Lord 60).  It is not only students that believe college is an investment. However, even parents believe so, so they send their children to school, hoping that they will take care of them once they are old.

Even though the benefits of college education outweigh the disadvantages, critics of college education usually use some evidence in disproving the idea of the importance of college education.  Some individuals who have succeeded in life minus college degrees, for instance, Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg, are examples of why some individuals may not see the essence of a college education. In other words, many people look up to these individuals who have a significant impact on our world and begin to wonder if college education matters when it comes to financial success. For that reason, many of these people start to think that there are better alternatives than going to college. Things like having the opportunity to be your boss and doing something you are passionate about (“Why Academic Degrees Do not Guarantee Financial Success – Africa Sustainability Matters” 8). However, you realize that such an occurrence is rare.  In the US, most unemployed people are individuals who do not go past high school. As a result, it can be concluded that the chances of achieving financial success without a college degree are minimal. Therefore, individuals with college degrees have higher chances of getting financial success when compared to those that only have high school diplomas.

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a college education may not be the best option for everyone in their particular circumstances. Individuals who believe that a college education is the only way to achieve financial success are doing a harmful action. However, that does not mean that we have to rule out a college education. This is because getting a college education also comes with some benefits. For instance, there is no doubt that college graduates will have more opportunities than their counterparts with only a high school diploma. Correspondingly, college graduates are also more likely to accomplish their goals and get better jobs with higher salaries than those with only a high school diploma.

On the other hand, that might not always be the case since there is no guarantee that all college graduates will get jobs with higher salaries.  Some college graduates usually find it challenging to get a job because of a lack of experience. Besides, blue-collar jobs can also make people attain financial success. This is because blue-collar jobs give individuals an opportunity to learn and get knowledge through observing other people. In other words, blue-collar workers learn through physical and verbal assistance from their colleagues. For that reason, being a blue-collar worker does not necessarily mean that you are a loser or that you will not achieve financial success as compared to those with college degrees. One advantage blue-collar workers have over college students is the issue of money. Unlike college students, blue-collar workers do not spend a lot of money on education. Instead, they learn day by day, working with their colleagues learning new things daily. Blue-collar workers can learn about budget and management without spending four years in college and getting a degree in business management, for instance.  Secondly, even though a college education helps mold a career professional, it does not guarantee financial success.  For example, colleges do not teach people financial literacy. In other words, while in the universities, individuals may be taught theoretical knowledge on many topics (“Why Academic Degrees Do Not Guarantee Financial Success – Africa Sustainability Matters” 1).

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However, in my view, the formal education system may be poor in teaching financial skills. As such, instructors may touch little on economic topics, but you realize that the knowledge in most cases is purely theoretical. For that reason, most students forget the lessons as they leave the lecture halls. Soon after graduation, you will realize that a few of these students will know how to earn and manage money. Another point is that grades skew perception. It is not a guarantee that a student who performed well in school will have to succeed in life. In real life, such a student may fail severally before becoming successful.

In summary, many years ago, college degrees meant a lot. In other words, college degrees were sure paths to financial success for most people (“Why Academic Degrees Do Not Guarantee Financial Success – Africa Sustainability Matters” 2). In some countries, soon after graduation or even before one graduated, individuals could get jobs in good companies or even government. What would follow was a successful career coupled with a decent salary, attractive allowance, and opportunities for further development. However, this is not the case today as things have changed. Currently, you realize that a bachelor’s degree is a mere requirement for a majority of jobs.

In some cases, it does not even guarantee an individual the first degree. This is because there many people with bachelor’s degrees in our current world. Correspondingly, the available master’s degrees are also depreciating. The inflation in degrees has led to employers demanding degrees even in jobs requiring such qualifications. However, we cannot dispute that a college education is essential to attain success even today. College is not only beneficial since it lands individuals high-paying jobs in the long run. However, the vital thing with college is that it provides students with education, experience, and opportunities that are all beneficial to the students.

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Why do you suppose that sociologists spend so much time in the research process conceptualizing? (In other words, why do many sociologists consider it one of the most essential parts of the empirical research process?) Answer in a way that takes seriously what “conceptualization” means and what you know so far about what sociologists study.

Conceptualization is how the sociologist singles out key concepts used in the research and give a unified explanation of this concept to promote an easy understanding of the study to the readers and the research team. The process of conceptualization is important as it facilitates the easy formulation of research questions and survey questions. Secondly, the sociologists are keen on conceptualization to ensure the participants can easily understand the research and respond to question appropriately. Conceptualization eliminates research error by enhancing clarity on the purpose of the study.   I believe that conceptualization is the core of every successful research.  Conceptualization involves selecting a process for the research and formulating a defensible research problem, thus promoting the creation of a reliable and valid experiment.

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What’s the relationship between a concept and a dimension? Please don’t just type in the definitions of each, but show how these two things are connected by writing about each of these concepts:


“Pie is a single aspect of a given thing. The measurement of the study’s spatial extent is determined by the “pie” representation of the data obtained. The relationship between concept and dimension is that dimension narrows down to highlight a given subject of the generalized idea of the entire study. Research study requires focusing on a single issue and conceptualizing the terminologies to eliminate ambiguity. Therefore, the relationship between dimension and concept is to clarify the outcome of the research.


The concept of wellbeing from the socio-psychological perspective that applies subjective indices of wellbeing involves numerous surveys with insightful and detailed analysis of the collected data. Wellbeing goes beyond the mere definition of research terminologies. It provides a long-term perspective of the hypothesis and the expected future change. The nature of research wellbeing is a multi-dimensional concept that opens a whole range of the study.