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Baccalaureate-prepared nurses utilize evidence-based practice guidelines when implementing quality improvement interventions in their practice settings. One of the aspects of the EBP guidelines is the results of well-designed quantitative studies. This component will be crucial when implementing the safety improvement program focusing on medication administration in the healthcare setting. The purpose of this paper is to present an online repository comprising twelve peer-reviewed articles on the best practice strategies for the prevention of medication errors. The articles focus on four important themes: double checking, use of CPOE and CDSS, interdisciplinary collaboration, and participation of a pharmacist in an hourly round for effective medication administration. Three peer-reviewed scholarly articles are summarized for each theme. In the bibliography provided, a summary of the article is provided with the relevance to nursing and strategies that nurses could adopt to use the article as part of their evidence. 

The significant social structure history assignment help cheap: history assignment help cheap

Another significant social structure that plays a role in the development of adolescent violence is the accessibility of weapons. It is worth noting that the easy accessibility of weapons such as guns has resulted in the increase of youth violence in nations or countries where such weapons are easy to acquire. Nations such as the United States have policies that allow people to own guns. It is due to such laws that make it easy for people to acquire weapons, and even youths themselves can easily purchase guns. Youths who own guns or other weapons are easily prone to violence as they tend to use these weapons to attack others or commit crimes. Therefore, easy access to weapons means high levels of crime in an area. Another social structure that promotes the development of youth violence is racism. People who are discriminated against sometimes tend to respond by violence. For instance, when teenagers are discriminated against in school because of their race, they tend to develop anger and aggressive behaviors towards the offenders. This, in turn, results in violence such as fighting. Poverty is another significant aspect that causes the development of adolescent violence. Notably, teenagers who come from economically deprived or challenged households might resort to crimes to meet their needs. This would therefore result in youth violence in the communities where these teenagers reside. Joining gangs also plays a role in the development of adolescent violence. In societies where there are many gangs, teenagers are tempted to join such gangs and are involved in violent activities. 

In conclusion, youth violence is one of the major social issues that affect the modern world. This issue is caused by numerous social structures such as domestic violence and child abuse, racism, accessibility of weapons, media influence, communities and neighborhoods. Among the examples of adolescence, violence consists of fighting, bullying, gang-linked ferocity, sexual assault, kicking and pushing, and intimidation with weapons. Youth violence can create severe and long-term impacts on teenagers’ physical, mental, and social well-being, such as augmented occurrences of depression, apprehension, and post-traumatic stress.


sole proprietorship type of ownership for Kairee apus history essay help

I recommend a sole proprietorship type of ownership for Kairee. A sole proprietorship is the most accessible type of business. It is standalone and has one owner who pays personal income tax from the business profits. Since Kairee plans to start a small graphic and web design business, a sole proprietor is her best option.

A sole proprietorship business has several advantages. The main benefits include low creation and maintenance capital, the pass-through tax benefit, and the ease of creation. Kairee being a student with less capital and resources, the ease of creation benefit will favour her startup. When registering the business to the state, Kairee will not have to do a massive load of paperwork. A license or permit will be enough to start the business in accordance with state laws. The startup process will not be tedious and will enhance the fast opening of the business since Kairee already has web design software. Kairee will also not need the employer identification number from IRS when undertaking the tax process. 

Kairee also won’t have to pay any costs involved with renewing her registration or any other fees linked with the procedure because she won’t be obligated to register with your state. This will save her substantial money, which is critical when beginning a business. In this proprietor business, Kairee will not need a business checking account. She can conduct all her finances through her private checking account. All the profits will not be shared and will belong solemnly to Kairee, which will be crucial in funding her education. 

One of the disadvantages that Kairee might experience in her sole proprietorship business includes unlimited liability, challenges in getting capital funding, especially through the lines of credit. Banks mainly prefer to work with companies. However, as the business grows, it will regularly evolve to a limited liability unit. 

Phenomenological studies are advantageous history assignment help in uk: history assignment help in uk

Phenomenological studies are advantageous since they rely on unique perspectives. Phenomenological studies explore the unique perspectives of people who have lived with the experience, thereby increasing the uniqueness of the responses (Alase, 2017). This method can be particularly advantageous because it can help researchers build on the existing scholarly perspectives about the phenomenon being researched by introducing new ideas not featured in other studies. Another main benefit of using this approach is that it promotes a better understanding of certain conditions (Alase, 2017). Instead of solely focusing on a hypothesis and trying to prove if the idea is true or not, the objectivity of phenomenological studies allows researchers to understand a phenomenon from divergent perspectives, which the participants share. This approach enables them to have a profound and detailed understanding of the situation, which is almost impossible with other studies. Another critical benefit of phenomenological studies is that they can lead to an impressive and rich data trove collected from the many participants. Since phenomenological studies’ credibility relies on participant triangulation, they can collect massive amounts of data from many people from divergent backgrounds, allowing the researcher to have data they could not have collected while using other methodological approaches.

The Impact Climate change global history essay help

Climate change is expected to have a devastating impact on continental Europe in several ways. These include increased inequalities in temperature ranges and precipitation, rising sea levels due to warmer ocean temperatures, and decreased snow and ice cover on land and at sea (Macquire, 2014). All of this will harm continental Europe’s economic, ecological, and human well-being. Human activity is the primary cause of global warming, which affects continental Europe and the entire world as a whole. Greenhouse gas emissions are principally responsible for the high carbon content in the atmosphere, contributing to global warming.

The emergence of devastating heatwaves is one of the most severe possible repercussions of global warming on continental Europe. It has already been felt in other parts of the world. Heatwaves are pretty dangerous, mainly when temperatures are high. Heatwaves have already occurred in numerous parts of Asia, and current trends in continental Europe suggest that heatwaves will become more common shortly (Marquina & Barrio, 2010). Massive concentrations of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere act as a blanket, preventing the sun’s heat from finally bouncing off the surface of the planet. As a consequence, temperatures rise much above the norm.

As a result of global warming, a food shortage in continental Europe is a distinct possibility. Even though substantial sections of continental Europe today generate an abundance of food, global warming has the potential to hurt these regions, increasing their dependency on imported food. Marquina and Barrio (2010) argue that this scarcity would harm the continent’s economic development and its general human well-being. A shift in weather patterns would significantly impact areas that rely on natural rainfall for irrigation, resulting in substantial revenue losses for many farmers.

To conclude, global warming will have a negative impact on continental Europe unless appropriate actions are taken.