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The Acquisition Of Certain Services Or Products History Assignment Help Is It Legit



Outsourcing refers to the acquisition of certain services or products from an external third party. In outsourcing the location of the contracting organization is not significant as it can be done between different parties located in any part of the world. On the other hand, offshoring implies obtaining products or services strictly from companies that are based in other countries other than the home country.


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The Advantages of outsourcing

Swiftness and expertise: Work is delegated to those who are specialized in their various areas and those who have specific equipment and techniques that are better than the ones at the outsourcing organization and, therefore, work completion becomes faster and with better outcomes.

Giving attention to essential process rather than the backup. This will give the organization enough time to reinforce their main business process.

Risk transfer: Outsourcing specific elements of business process helps the organization to transfer certain risks to the sub-contracted company.

Cost-effectiveness: Outsourcing non-core activities of an organization is cost-effective since the company does not have to hire extra personnel to undertake such operations, which would otherwise be costly.

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Lack of confidentiality: This arises when an organization outsources the human resource function. This may of expose the company’s confidential information to a third party and it could lead to competitors using such information to malign the organization.

Delayed deliveries: This occurs when the outsourcing company fails to choose the right partner to outsource to. Also the sub-contracted firm may deliver sub-standard products, which may lead to customer complaints and losses.

Hidden costs involved when entering an outsourcing contract with international companies is a serious issue although at times outsourcing is cost effective

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Question 6.


This indicates that the Romanian manufacturing contractor is in breach of the contract by leaking the product designs to counterfeiters, who produce versions of the company’s product and sell them at cheaper prices.


The company should take legal actions against the Romanian contractor and also the contract should be terminated due to breach of the terms. Also, the company should seek compensation from the contractor for leaking the product designs or blueprints to counterfeiters. This is a serious issue since the company’s sales volume will decrease in the countries where the counterfeits are sold, which means that the company will incur losses.

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Question 7

Business processes and human resource outsourcing: This is outsourcing activities such as employment, payroll, and secretarial services which gives the company access to specialized services and leaves the company to concentrate on its core activities.

Sales, marketing, and communication outsourcing:  This is used by both large and small organizations through the use of consultants or marketing firms who also handle communications services.

Accounting outsourcing: This is done by outsourcing accounting functions such as auditing, book keeping, tax management, and invoicing.