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Television and Media – TV Violence is Ruining Children

TV Violence is Ruining Children

A young child sits in front of a television watching cartoons while his mother runs around the house doing various chores. The mother passes the room the child is in and glances at the television each time she passes. The child is watching “Sesame Street.” Then, a half an hour later, “Mr. Rogers” is on. The mother walks into the room a half an hour later and stops in horror at what is on the television. Her young son is watching the same station as before, but now a different cartoon is on. It is not one of the educational, “cute” cartoons, but one filled with violence and destruction.

Parents finding children watching violent and unwholesome cartoons is occurring more often. Television is becoming more violent. And, the violence shown on television and the destruction portrayed there, has lasting negative effects on those young children who view it.

There have been countless wars recorded, murders, assaults of every nature committed, and many violent acts too horrible to picture. These violent acts are recorded in ages throughout the history of the earth. Violence has existed since the beginning of time and it existed long before television was invented. However, the fact that it has existed for centuries does not mean that it won’t get worse, or that it cannot be slowed down. So, why does violence still exist? Of course it is in the human nature to be violent, but a recent discovery has found that media, namely the television, has become a main cause of violence. Yet, it must be made clear that television is not the only cause of violence, but that it is one cause that is progressively becoming more common as time passes.

According to the National Television V…

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… boy was only doing what he had seen done on television and what he assumed to be appropriate behavior.

The statistics revealing occurrences like this are too high. Children are witnessing too many acts of violence on television and are not seeing the results of violence. They do not understand that violence causes pain and even death to those it is inflicted upon and they do not understand that violence is a crime. Violence in television affects children in a negative and lasting way and it has become a threat to society and to the future.


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Censorship of Print Media is Wrong

Censorship of Print Media is Wrong

The printed media is undeniably a very powerful source used to communicate. It can be used for bad as well as good purposes. It can be used to inform the world of important events, or to publish pornography and mindless tabloids. Should the government be allowed to regulate what people can and cannot publish? Newspapers and forms of reading material are one of the largest forms of news that we use today. Every morning people can get out of bed, walk outside and pick up a piece of paper that informs them of important events that are occurring though out the world. However there is some published information that we never hear about. The U.S. government as well as several private distributors of printed media have censured several forms of printed information. Violence in the media has become a big issue for many politicians and national leaders. They feel that there are certain topics that should not be allowed to be talked about. To control this violence, politicians and private distributors have set unconstitutional standards on forms of media, censured certain materials, and banned several books due to their personal beliefs or morals.

There have been several types of media that have been banned from distribution in the United States. Books that express views in opposition of the norm have been banned. Magazines and articles promoting lifestyles that are considered unethical or unmoral have been kept from being released. Is this right? Should the government be allowed to control what we learn and what we read? As a free citizen of the United States I believe that this is unconstitutional. When the founding fathers wrote the constitution, they based their ideas around the o…

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… different from the general public and it is not our responsibility to pressure our views on them by silencing what they say.

The written word is mankind’s oldest form of recorded information. It has allowed us to discover our culture and learn of the events and ideas of the past. The printed word has become a powerful source for worldwide communication. It is not our responsibility to restrain that. As Thomas Jefferson, one of our founding fathers, once said, “If the book is false in its facts, disprove them; if false in its reasoning, refute it. But for God’s sake, let us hear freely from both sides.”

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