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Improved team-work is the first area of development need that surfaced due to the clinical microsystem assessment. Tenured instructors who have been with the university for many years are accustomed to the content as it has been delivered since the last curriculum revision. The team teaching model is new for the school of nursing. The literature is limited in the most effective methods for team teaching implementation. Review of the literature results in themes; interdisciplinary teams across disciplines, team learning and teaching already established health care teams. Improved team work is an area of needed development for the microsystem. Instructors may have different definitions and approached to what is effective teaching team.  


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Moreover, new technology is introduced frequently as updated formats and new instructional delivery systems. One needed improvement is to be more thoughtful and intentional about technology use in the classroom. Not all new technology enhances learning, particularly when faculty members are not provided adequate training or time to transition to a new way of doing things.  




Plan, do, study, act (PDSA) is a systematic cycle designed to organize a change (Hoyle & Johnson, 2015). Stage one involves the Plan, stake holders with knowledge and expertise come together to define the problem to be addressed and develop an aim (Minnesota Department of Health, n.d.). The aim statement addresses the following three fundamental questions; 1) What needs to be accomplished? 2) How will a change create an improvement?, and 3) What can be done to sustain the desired improvement. The microsystem analysis identifies the need for some improvement in team work for curriculum redesign and classroom instructions. Currently the definition of team teaching is based on each individual understanding of team. The concept of team teaching needs development to better serve the students and empower the instructors to participate in the process.    


Some course specific teams have been formed and started working on revisions to the curriculum. Team teaching has been discussed as an integral aspect of the curriculum redesign but a shared


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M2.04 Developing the Work Team Reflective Review Understand the nature of teams and the features of team roles and responsibilities including the advantages and disadvantages Q1. How does a team differ from a group? Give 3 examples of the differences. A team and a group are often classed as the same, but they are in fact completely different entities. Three of the main differences are Trust Leadership Working towards a shared common goal • Trust – In a team there are high levels of trust which enables members to express ideas and opinions freely and confidently. This allows feelings to be discussed and also will conflict can be resolved due to this. In a group there is usually a lower level of trust between…show more content…
With no established leader objectives will not be made clear.  Stage 2 : Storming During this stage open conflict between members can be commonplace. There will be challenges to original objectives and rules. Through this targets can become more realistic and trust is created throughout the team members, which is beneficial in the long run. There may be disagreements over issues within the team, with some members agreeing with one view point and while others agree with a differing view, causing a split within the team. Conflict can also manifest over leadership of the team.  Stage 3 : Norming This can be classed as a settling-in period, where some agreement has been reached and trust has started to develop. People have started to think of themselves as a team, and new procedures and roles have been implemented and accepted, enabling the team to function and members to work together. Ideas are exchanged freely and members are willing to listen and accept other member’s points of view.  Stage 4 : Performing At this stage the team will be harmoniously and they will have resolved any task or personal issues. Inner related roles will be established, and any issues between members will have been resolved so all their energy can be put into resolving the task. When problems arise a solution is found and the team constructively puts all their efforts to perform its task effectively. Q4. Briefly describe

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J Nurses Staff Dev. 2010 Jul-Aug;26(4):E12-7. Can Oper Room Nurs J. 2009 Jun;27(2):6-7, 14-5, 28-30. Mentoring new nurses in stressful times. Young LE. The Ottawa Hospital, Ottawa, Ontario. Clin Nurse Spec. 2009 Mar-Apr;23(2):61-7. Perceptions within a mentorship program. Wolak E, McCann M, Queen S, J Nurses Staff Dev. 2008 Sep-Oct;24(5):203-11; quiz 212-3. The development of expert performance in nursing. Haag-Heitman B. Clinical Practice and Standards, Extendicare Health Services Inc., Milwauke Madigan C, Letvak S. Nurs Econ. 2008 Jul-Aug;26(4):243-9. The organizational impact of a new graduate pediatric nurse mentoring program. Halfer D, Graf E, Sullivan C. Clinical and Organizational Development, Children…show more content…
“This example shaped me as a leader,” she says, and her work with a professional career coach convinced her of the strength of her newfound career. All of this led her to join the university as a career coach in summer 2008. Today, she supports the postgraduation pursuits of MBA candidates-lending her mentoring style along the way. “Mentoring is a special quality, skill set and attitude,” she says. “The benefits are not only between the mentor and mentee, but the future generations.” Invaluable Instrument for Onboarding After a 32-year career in human resources and nine years in her current position, Tamara Trummer still considers the benefits of the mentoring relationships she took advantage of as a newly minted college graduate. They gave her the “business smarts” necessary to get off to a good start. “I found mentors in two of my early companies, both male and female managers, who ‘taught me the ropes ‘ in an informal sense by giving me inside information about the company, certain executives-and even such practical things as how to conduct business travel and handle an expense account,” she says. One mentor, for example, arranged for her to spend a week at the corporate office, where he set up meetings for her with the key players in the corporate HR function that she would need to work with. “It was truly a gift and invaluable for me, working in a remote

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a. Generalist social workers practice at the micro, mezzo and macro levels. How do you see these levels as connected?
Generalist social worker practice at the micro, mezzo, and macro levels are connected by the mission of generalist social work practice. Each of the three levels of generalist social worker practice share the same mission to enhance social functioning, facilitate social change, and promote social justice for all individuals and groups by implementing interventions. Beyond the shared mission of generalist social worker levels each level of the general social work practice influences one another. A generalist social worker will practice at multiple levels to meet the needs of a client or a client system because all of the levels of generalist social work are influenced by one another. Changes at the macro level will typically address social issues that are experienced at the mezzo and micro level. Just the same social issues that are experienced at the mezzo and micro level can influence social change at the macro level. In addition, the levels of the general social work practice can provide needed resources to other levels within the general social work practice. A generalist social worker may need to draw resources from the mezzo level such as a community resource center to assist a client at the micro level or advocate for policy change at the macro level to create a change at the mezzo level. 
b. What did you learn about yourself from completing the