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THE CONCEPTS OF A STUDY PLAN history assignment help in canada: history assignment help in canada

Study Plan


During my MA study, I would like to design and invent clothes to make people comfortable with their body shapes. With the rise of women’s status in the community and a lot of the increased influence that has been created by social media, everyone demands to feel good, and fashion is, therefore, one of the ways that can boost people’s esteem. After thorough research, I have discovered that women can be happy by being given economic power and making them feel comfortable in how they look. From the history of fashion, I tend to accept that fashion is an art that is meant to enhance how an individual looks. Besides a designer’s perspective, I believe clothes should be very comfortable and should not restrict one from moving freely. In my design, I hope to develop clothing that will be comfortable for everyone when worn and will not lead to any health problems like those associated with adjusting the spine.

Background Information

A couple of months ago, I happened to suffer from a severe lower backache that was mainly characterized by muscle strains and cervical spondylosis. From the examination I received from the doctor, the effect was due to the poor posture I had maintained while working during the day. Besides, I was told that another contributing factor is that I always wore a  neck bracelet that prevented my cervical vertebra from freely contracting and relaxing anytime I  bow.

X-ray image

Even though I was given medication that seems helpful, I am not still stable as I was before the condition. I besides tried adjusting my sitting position, but I forgot and assumed the bad posture several times. On the other hand, since I was given a collar to wear on my neck to rectify the condition, I find it hard and uncomfortable to put on to the extent that I only choose to wear it while at home.

(An image of the Collar on my neck)

Having gone through many struggles, I began thinking about incorporating this kind of clothing in everyone’s life but in a more comfortable way to correct any health problem related to bad posture and other spine-related problems. Since spine-related health conditions are a major challenge to most people globally, I believe the bracelet will attract a large market segment and help reduce the number of people suffering from spondylosis.

Program of Study

Study Plan

Comprehensively understand spine related problems.
Analyze bad postures people are likely to encounter in their daily lives.
Study corrective methods, instruments used, and experiment on the same to determine viability.
Gather suitable fabric and equipment to be used.
Come up with fashionable clothing that can help in correcting the problem.


Gather information about the causes and treatment options and medication administered to patients suffering from spinal complications.
Find out the types of postures and work durations that result in posture-related complications.
Investigate the principles and shortcomings of the instruments used in correcting the problems and come up with ways of attaining better results using light materials.
Try creating light materials.

5.Try using even lighter materials that can help in correcting the problem.

Design the final product and test its feasibility.




1.Designing of light and pretty device that can effectively prevent and control the problem.

2.Right fabric usage

3.Proper combinations of the tools and cloths



Discover the draft design and the fabric and color of the whole design and make a series of bracelets.

Understanding about Supply Chain Management ap us history essay help

Supply Chain Management


Supply chain management manages the movement of goods and services, including all processes that change raw materials into final products. It includes the lively restructuring of a business’s supply-side activities to capitalize on client price and gain a modest advantage in the marketplace.


Inside the grocery business, there are also systems of distribution brokers or agents that acquisition goods straight from manufacturers or wholesale grocers then sell the products to grocery store retailers. Our suppliers’ chain is tight at our grocery store, with brands dedicated to making sure their products are on the shelves daily. Distribution of fresh produce often is the result of the use of multiple produce distributors.  Most grocery stores focus on producing when it is in season, especially if it is accessible locally. Then this collection can be complemented using product gifts from other distributors.


As a fresh item, the collection of produce items vagaries seasonally; this is evident when products are available.  Americans have developed a bit spoiled as global supply has enabled products to remain fresh while being conveyed worldwide. Although products typically are grown in Mexico, Florida, California and other places worldwide, grocery stores often buy common items out of the local growing season from other countries across the globe using other distributors to satisfy consumer tastes.


Meat and seafood goods often reach grocery stores from regional distributors that cause product meats from businesses such as Tyson and Cargill.  As customers have become more troubled about animal well-being, sustainability and other factors, local breeders may be selected for their patented goods to ensure that clients have the material’s transparency and produce traceability that they desire. Clients want to be sure of high-quality meat products free from any disease-causing viruses.

Dansam Grocery Store understands the local customers’ needs. It will ensure that we provide a wide range of food products, medicinal products, and household and goods from the leading producers in the US and other countries. We will provide a wide range of durable and perishable goods at reasonable costs in our store. Our products will be high-quality and sourced from reliable suppliers. Our highly-qualified team of food quality control experts will guarantee the quality of the products to ensure that our clients are satisfied with our products. We will also ensure that we maintain sufficient products to show our clients that we can reliably provide them with what they need.

We will provide our customers with high-quality groceries from the United States, Australia, Europe, Asia, Mexico, and the Mediterranean concerning our grocery store. Groceries will include products that represent the best acknowledged and preferred foods from these regions and items to prepare local cuisines. Items will include but are not limited to candies, unique desserts, chocolates, beverages, canned foods, wheat, rice, pasta, vegetables and fruits, frozen and fresh meat, dairy products, health products, spices, and other non-food products. A variety of frozen foods (prepared in our store) will be provided for home cooking and include tamales, pizza, sausage, and Italian meatballs.













Dansam Groceries Store                        Supply Chain






·         High inventory levels
·         Lack of visibility

·         High inventory levels


·         High returns

·         Frequent changeovers

·         A high rate of out of stock goods

·         Rush orders

·         Long leads times
·         Lack of communication


·         Production plans

·         Rush orders
·         Lost sales


·         Material need

·         Lack of communication
·         Rush orders







THE IMPACT OF SUSTAINABILITY history assignment help is it legit: history assignment help is it legit

Sustainability is time and again reflected as a goal, while sustainable development refers to the various processes’ to achieve it. Sustainability has three pillars, this includes; environmental, social, and economic. The first pillar deals with the conservation of the environment which aims at reducing the deposition of wastes into the environment. The second pillar means treating people especially employees, with utmost care and support, for example offering flexible work plans. The last pillar, on the economy, has to go hand in hand with these two other pillars. Most activities in this pillar include risk management and proper governance.

This paper is going to focus on waste recycling in construction sites. It’s going to show the process of waste-recycling in the construction industry and how sustainability is achieved to conserve the environment and the people’s health.

Recycling is central to sustainability because it helps save materials that can be re-used from ending up in landfills. It helps reduce the pollution of ecosystems, for example, when plastic and metallic materials are recycled, the land that may have been used and contaminated by their landfill can be utilized for other more sustainable purposes. For instance, recycling aluminum materials in construction sites is crucial to saving the rainforests that are often cleared to extract bauxite. It also aids to lower down costs involved in aluminum processing, also in recent years, polythene bags have been re-cycled to produce cement in the construction industry.


Waste is any material that the owner disposes of or intends to dispose of. There are many opportunities for re-using materials in the construction site. It is a win-win situation, saving money on both raw material and the disposal costs. It also saves the energy required to transport and reprocess the waste materials. Materials in the construction site that can be recycled include, glass, bricks, metals, doors, etc. Over a third of the materials purchased for construction can go to waste, but the disposal of waste into the environment can be reduced by reusing and recycling the waste that is produced. By managing site waste, you will improve working practices by encouraging workers to think about where they are placing their waste.

Waste production in the current world is not new. The new thing is the amount produced but is mostly due to the increased population.  Effective management of waste requires the collaboration of various sectors including the government, professional groups, and businesses in their activities. Some non-governmental organizations also play a part. Management of construction waste is a bit expensive and failure to manage will result in unsustainability. Waste management is an important aspect of construction activity. It encompasses elimination of waste, re-usage of wastes, and minimizing of wastes.

In the elimination of waste, for instance instead of using plywoods for concrete construction, durable metal plates that can be re-used,  can be used as a substitute for the plywood. After the plywoods are used, most of them are disposed of as waste products, but this can be eliminated. In addition, eliminating the use of wood materials such as plywood means that the cutting of trees should stop. This helps to protect water catchment areas, maintenance of soil stability, and also helps in biodiversity. Elimination of waste is beneficial since it reduces the impact of this waste on the environment. Wastes can be minimized by the selection of products that can be recycled. Wastes that escape this process of elimination, recycling, and minimizing are then disposed of at a fee.

Today, sustainability has obtained the top priority in the construction industry. Recently, plastics were used to prepare coarse aggregates, thereby providing a sustainable option to deal with plastic waste. It can be used as a component of composite construction material, as an inorganic filling material, and as an aggregate of concrete. They maximize the benefits of the economy, environment, and society and minimize adverse impact. This leads to an increase in the efficiency of a process and reduces the amount of pollution


Using recycled products lessens the impact of wastes on the environment and improves the health of human beings. Also, for example, reducing the number of plywoods and substituting them with metals, reduces the use of plywoods which is a natural resource. Recycling helps in greening our infrastructures by conserving natural resources, decreasing energy use, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution, reducing the extraction of virgin materials and minimizing their consumption, and environmental protection.

In conclusion, re-cycling and re-using of the wastes particularly in the construction industry play a significant role in sustainability because it reduces the negative impact that human activities have on the environment. The earth is an aesthetic place and it will be very mean to leave it exhausted and depleted for future generations.

Security, privacy, and confidentiality of Health Information african history assignment help


Protected Health Information: Security, Privacy, and Confidentiality







Security, privacy, and confidentiality of Health Information

People are naturally social beings and seek to connect to friends, family, and society members such as workmates and corporates through different means. Health professionals are no exceptions and seek to connect with friends and society through similar communication channels and to socialize. In the contemporary world, social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat are prominent and frequently used by professionals, friends, and family members to convey their moments, excitements, and other events to their followers. Health workers being friends and professionals, are captive of social media use similar to other users. However, there is a caution on ethically and morally shared social media pages by different professionals. Some health professionals are aware of rules and laws of sharing protected health information while others are not.  The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act describes the codes of do’s and do not’s in health practice to protect patient information sharing that is deemed to disadvantage the patients. This information may relate to patient identity, the amount charged, health status, (or) and provision of health services by any facilities. However, the information may be disclosed to any party with confidentiality consent for purposes of analysis or public consumption.

Health workers are expected to observe privacy, security, and confidentiality code described by HIPAA in sharing health information. The HIPAA Security of patient health information is described as the restriction to access information classified as private or accessible to providers and patients; thus, health professionals are instructed to use passwords and log out from the providers’ websites whenever the websites are not in use. Healthcare workers only know the passwords and security codes and are regularly changed to protect malware and spyware information. The organization has also codified rules for any breach of the security rules, especially in sharing EMRs and EHRs through the HITECH act. Further, there are both state and federal laws enacted to secure shareable health information by workers.

Privacy of PHI code refers to the range and scope in which the patients accept their information data to be shared. Unless otherwise, the patients should identify when, how, and to whom the information should be shared. When a patient is HIV positive, he/she may request anonymity and bar information from spreading to the public. HIPAA codes require health professionals not to contravene the patient’s request for anonymity. Confidentially which revolves around security and privacy, it entails protecting the patient information from spreading to unwanted parties. The HIPAA confidentiality code combines both privacy and security .i.e. providers should only share patient information with consent and to only authorized groups.

Since health practice is a combination of physicians, clinicians, nurses, informaticists, doctors, and others, protected health information codes are practiced through team members. In a health facility, only the team professionals are allowed to access the patient information protected by security codes, passwords, encryption, or lock syncs. This prevents unauthorized members from accessing patient information.

Breach of any HIPAA code on PHI is an inappropriate practice and is illegal for sanctions, jail, or sentences. HIPAA codes decided that neglect or violation of any rule or law on PHI attracts a fine between $100 and $50000 for health facilities or professionals working in the health facility. However, the magnitude of fines and jail for avoidable violation of the HIPAA codes may be appropriated through a court of law.

Health professionals are restricted to a good code of conduct in social media regardless of their organizations’ positions. While sharing any information relating to patients’ health, the workers are held accountable for PHI privacy, security, and confidentiality rules. This includes avoiding giving personal medical prescriptions on social media, observing ethical and professional code of sharing health information, interacting with patients professionally when engaging in social media, and preventing a breach of any patient information in social media through any manner or form. Extension of the professional practice is maybe altered when authorities deem it possible to allow awareness, the spread of information, or convenience depending on established codes.



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