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Students’ Motivation Through Instructional Practices Help With History Assignment


Implications (Educational Importance) sampled summary history assignment help and resources: history assignment help and resources

school warmth does not significantly impact achievement measures.

Discussion or Conclusions

Responses to Research Questions

Most research findings address or attempt to respond to the study questions. I learned that I could keep my students educationally motivated during a pandemic by adopting favorable instructional behaviors. For instance, I can use my communication skills, speech mechanics, and behavior to motivate students academically. Teachers can enhance participation when teaching remotely by supporting students (Voelkl, 2010). Generally, support includes trust, positive class culture, and a competitive environment. Remotely or online-based teachers should create conducive environments in discussion forums to accommodate all students. Teachers should provide reading materials to improve students’ academic motivation.

Implications (Educational Importance)

The findings are of great significance in education. Generally, education stakeholders, including administrators and teachers, should know that school warmth and conducive atmosphere fosters high learner achievement. School warmth ensures that students perceive teachers and other education stakeholders positively (Kiliç, Kiliç & Durdağı, 2020). However, teachers should know that learners’ positive perceptions regarding relations with educators influence academic performance. The research suggests that when students perceive an environment as warm and supportive, they become more active and engaged. This most definitely supported my findings because when I introduced a buddy system, along with a reward system, my students found that I added some relief to their everyday life. The implication is that teachers should create and maintain conducive environment to boost students’ participation. Since many students participate in online-based sessions during the pandemic, teachers should pay more attention to warmth and instructional practices. Since the survey, the “buddy system,”  and implementing rewards in class, participation and motivation has significantly increased.

Limitations of Study Design sampled summary a level history essay help

Limitations of Study Design

The cross-sectional aspect of the research renders it challenging to apply the potential impacts of the research findings. Besides, the study could not determine the negative impacts of teacher efficacy in student motivational demands. I used student responses to determine and gauge my instructional practices—the process allowed for a possibility of bias since the student response might not reflect my true behaviors. Last, the research only focused on selected measures of student learning, ignoring others.

Reflection on Teacher Research sampled summary history homework help: history homework help

Reflection on Teacher Research

Teacher research is critical in education since it strives to determine how to motivate students academically. The bottom line is that the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic has introduced a unique environment. Many schools were closed, and online learning was initiated. Online learning forums are not identical to traditional classrooms hence the need to devise appropriate techniques. Today’s teachers display their educational interests since they translate to classroom management. Online classes also require teachers with great mastery-driven instructional behaviors. Many teachers have realized that educational interest enhances instructional behaviors, which positively impact a student’s motivation. Many schools today need teachers to be excellent classroom managers since the skill can ultimately contribute to a student’s motivation.

Next Steps or Lingering Questions sampled summary history assignment writing help

Next Steps or Lingering Questions

Generally, a longitudinal study would be needed to determine how the lack of student motivation may have impacted teachers’ self-efficacy. The approach will help education stakeholders determine the potential reverse effect of classroom practices on teachers’ motivation skills. Preliminary studies indicate that highly motivated learners are more likely to evaluate their teachers based on “positivity” and involved teachers might adopt designated instructional practices. So, it would be interesting to see just how much this past year has affected the mind of teachers as well and how that in return influenced students. Also, since evaluation impacts students’ motivation, teachers should use multiple measurement methods to enhance student motivation. Teachers can also enhance student motivation by solving exam questions in class after examinations. There are many questions that this unprecedented pandemic has brought into the field of education.