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Stigma can be defined as beliefs and attitudes that are negative. The community holds them in a manner that results in overall discrimination, rejection, and fear towards a given set of people in the society. The results of stigmatization lead to individuals who are segregated in society being treated as outcasts where they are considered creatures rather than normal human beings. In the film, individuals who had different races were considered thieves, such as the African Americans. Individuals such as Aibileen and Minny encounter difficulties in finding job opportunities because they are blacks. The stereotype associated with stigma makes them not be hired by the whites because of their skin color, hence disadvantaging them from the opportunities available and fair competition with their white counterparts. The stigma imposed on African Americans had far-reaching effects since they were primarily unclean and unsanitary. Many of the whites believed that they were potential carriers of diseases that could spread and harm them, hence alienated them on most of the occasions. The stigma made many whites to have a belief that associating with the blacks would make them vulnerable to deadly infections, and instead some decided to have different bathrooms to avoid much contact with the blacks.

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Stereotype is featured by having a set of beliefs about certain people in a given group of people without considering their existing differences at individual level. In the film various individuals are stereotyped and linked to certain traits and attributions (Priest et al 2018 pg.7). For instance since, Yule Mae is a race is a African American she is considered to be a thief which greatly undermines her reputation. It is despite her clear motives of development and progression she has in life to further educates her children.  It is undermining feature in her real life progression, since her personal attributions are overlooked which revolved in her situation. Stereotyping denies individuals their real traits and characteristics and poses them with wrong outfits by identifying them with undermined or negatively perceived groups in the society. Celia’s is denied proper attribution after being stereotyped by Hilly as ‘’white trash’’. Placing people into groups depending on the information regarding them forms the basis of stereotyping. It is as well featured by ignorance of inconsistent and inaccurate information regarding someone. Minny is branded as a thief by the people in their neighborhood and the people relies and believes on the information that Hilly gives them despite it being incorrect. Stereotypes happen to be contented with the information Hilly gives them just because of the African American aspect of racism. Despite all this blackmailing and stereotyping, it is evident and true that Milly did not conduct the act of stealing from Hilly and the information Hilly had initially given was untrue. Some personal decisions happened to be compelling factors in being victimized just because one did not give in to societal demands. The decision by Skeeter not to have children and a husband lands her on the chopping board of the stereotypes, where she ends up being referred to as a lesbian.


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The film provides a clear reflection of the society mischievous decisions towards portraying certain individuals as unwarranted and people who should neither in way associate with normal human beings. It creates a paradox of social classes and efforts the undermined groups take to outdo the set standards. The urge of social well beings, equality and fair treatment remains to be the vigor and force in the mind of most of the victimized characters especially the black race due to their color which is associated with negativity.


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Strategic Plan for Coca-Coca Company

Coca-Cola is a global American multinational company that has its headquarters situated in Georgia. The company has a tremendous reputation and recognition in the beverage industry, and this attributes to its dominance of brand value in the market from 2001 to 2014. The latest rankings put the Coca-Cola brand in third place after Apple and Google Incorporations. To maintain this reputation and manage the challenges that arise with time and variations in market needs, an organization requires a stable strategic plan that extensively outlines its mission, vision, goals, and action plan to achieve within a specific time, scope, and cost constraints. Coca-Cola has achieved success with most of its previous strategic plans, particularly those oriented to drive market dominance and attract wide customer segments. The forefront objectives of Coca-Cola company are to maintain consistency in its distribution of beverages, expand the market portfolio, re-engineer its distribution channel and promote visibility for potential new customers. Attracting and retaining customers and employees globally is another significant priority by the company. It seeks to rightfully outdo its critical competitors in the industry with better and improvised competitive advantages. This discussion seeks to analyze the strategic plan for Coca-Cola to determine its stability in the market by evaluating various contextual aspects, including but not restricted to resource allocation and budgeting criteria.