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Environmental pollution as a result of man’s increasing activities such as burning of fossil fuels and automobile exhaust emission has increased considerably in the past century due mainly to significant increases in economic activities and industrialization. Burning of fossil fuels and petroleum industry activities have be identified as primary sources of atmospheric metallic burden leading to environmental pollution. In the United States, the burning of fossil fuels to make electricity is the largest source of heat-trapping pollution, producing about two billion tons of CO2 every year. The second largest source of carbon pollution is the transportation sector, generates about 1.7 billion tons of CO2 emissions every year. Several studies have shown that heavy metals such as lead, cadmium, nickel, manganese and chromium amongst others are responsible for certain diseases. Hence more Advanced Emission Detection Methods is become more important for us to control the greenhouse gases and other pollution gases emit to the atmosphere.








The combustion of fossil fuels is the most common pollution maker in modern society. Which including petroleum products, coal and nature gas. The chemical structures of those fossil fuels are different and after reaction they could generate different greenhouse gas, also impurity fuel contains some toxic heavy metal, they may react with oxygen and exhaust into atmosphere. Lead is a common industrial metal that has become widespread in air, water, soil and food. It is naturally occurring metal that has been used in many industrial activities. In the atmosphere, lead exists primarily in the form of PbSO4 and PbCO3. Also, cadmium is a primary pollution in atmosphere, the principal form of cadmium in air is cadmium oxide, although some cadmium salts, such as cadmium chloride, can enter the air during incineration.




Petroleum Products




The most common petroleum product would be gasoline, almost every single car need gasoline to operate. And the about 1.7 billion tons of CO2 emissions every year. The reaction of gasoline with Oxygen can be shown below:


C_8 H_18+12.5 O_2  →8 CO_2+9 H_2 O


This shows the stomachic reactions between gasoline and pure oxygen, which


The Impact of the Invention of the Automobile history assignment help and resources: history assignment help and resources

Karl Benz invented the first automobile in 1866; it has changed the world in how we commute every day. From riding in carriages to now cutting our time travel whether it is riding a bus or our on car. It has become more of a necessity in today’s world to have a car because its something that we choose to have in our daily life that it is a choice that is high on the priority list to own. As to wealthier people the type of car you drive puts in a different class. Where some get the choice of car that they want others have a certain budget on what to look for. The way an automobile symbolizes today, changed in society, and how a car has become a collection. Automobiles symbolize the good and bad, people often look at the make of the car.…show more content…

Without the automobile trucks would be unable to bring food and other important items to the cities. Another reason the automobile has changed society for the better is that it has created many jobs that revenue millions of dollars yearly due to the different types of jobs such as building highways, truckers delivering items from state to state and busses that people for daily. There are many ways that the automobile has changed the history of it, rather having it become a necessity into every day life. It has become a personal admiration toward some groups of people collect them. There are many collections that people are into, a big collection for humans are automobiles. People collect all different types of cars whether they are hot rods, old style cars or simply luxurious. It has become a materialistic to some where they feel a part of a group. Not only would this not happen for the invention of the automobile but also it helps others find a hobby that they can enjoy doing. Some may not have the opportunity to collect cars but people who do they cherish their cars as if it were their baby. To people it means the world to them where any dent or scratch hurts the owner of the car because they have invested so much money and time into it that they don’t want anything bad to happen. The invention of the automobile has put its mileage everywhere in the world that without the invention of the automobile we would


The Automobile Industry history assignment help ireland

In 1769, the first automobile, a steam-powered carriage that would carry up to four people at two miles per hour, was created. Years pass as gasoline engines, wheels, and a steering device were added to the automobile, which began to make it useful but expensive (“The Invention of Automobiles”). They were hand-crafted at this time, therefore making it unaffordable. Until Henry Ford introduced the assembly line in 1913, automobiles remained expensive. His discovery of the assembly line turned the hand-crafted machines to mass-produced automobiles. Since automobiles were being mass-produced, the cost for assembling a single car dropped low enough for it to be affordable to many families (“The Invention of Automobiles”).  


Later in the 1920s, life changed significantly in the United States as the development of the automobile industry influenced the American economy as well as individual Americans. The industry could provide Americans with jobs that had steady wages and consumers with a method of travel (Mazzeno).  People relied on the cars as a principal means of transportation (Mazzeno). Rural life especially was deeply affected by the transportation transformation. In 1920s rural United States, there were only railroad networks that had small towns along them. Each small town would be six to seven miles apart, so when farmers had to drop off goods, they traveled a round trip in one whole day. The arrival of many automobiles in the 1920s changed this picture. Automobiles gave


The Great Depression And World War II us history essay help: us history essay help

During the 1920s, the United States was believed to have followed a foreign policy of isolationism that led to the Great Depression and World War II. However, this is a historical misconception known as the myth of isolationism because the U.S. followed a foreign policy in the 1920s called independent internationalism, which was a new idea to promote economic diplomacy through peaceful relations and non-military intervention. In Jeremi Suri’s Opt-Ed article, Trump is repeating the isolationism that led to the Great Depression and WWII, he argues that Donald Trump is following similar foreign policies of isolationism such as the increase on tariffs, restriction on immigration, and the dismembering of alliances, that mirror what occurred in…show more content…

Howard Jones who is the author of, Crucible of Power, argues that the U.S. followed a foreign policy of independent internationalism to secure foreign markets through peaceful means and this can be seen in Latin America. Woodrow Wilson promised not to seek territorial acquisitions to the South, but would not renounce the spread of U.S. influence through economic means and this lead to the U.S. having influence in 75 percent of Latin American during the 1920s. To spread economic influence throughout Latin America the U.S. insisted it would be through peaceful policies, but continued the use of military interventionism in countries like the Dominican Republic, Haiti, and Nicaragua until the middle of the 1920 ‘s. This is also an example which shows that the U.S. did not pursue an isolationist foreign policy and wanted to go out in the world and expand its markets. Suri also compares how Donald Trump wants to replace NAFTA and impose high tariffs to the Smoot-Hawley Tariff Act from 1930, which seeks to prove that the U.S. acted with an isolationist foreign policy to protect its home markets. However, William Appleman offers an amazing argument as to how President Hoover was a smart business man that pushed for the Open Doors policy to try and solve the problem of


Emotional Intelligence In Nursing ap history essay help

The role of self-awareness and emotional intelligence:  


Emotional intelligence is the skill to observe, deal with and assess emotions in individual, group and the society. This emotional intelligence is very important aspect of nursing practice because in nursing practice communication among the doctors, nurses and patient is a most important aspect. Nurses with the good emotional intelligence, know how to talk to doctors, patients, family members of the patient. This communication helps in understanding the condition of the patient and also helps in giving exact feedback of the condition of the patient to the doctor. Nurses with the strong emotional intelligence can significantly improve the moral and gives motivation to the patient and family members. Thus emotional intelligence improves the quality of nursing practice and is beneficial for the healthcare practice. Self-awareness is fundamental part of the emotional intelligence.  Self-awareness is the ability for…show more content…

This understanding helps the student to plan in better way the specific care plan for that patient (Basavanthappa, 2003). Learning prominently starts with understanding particular subject or technique. Performing any technique without knowledge or understanding of that technique can lead to the erroneous results and interpretation. This, self-understanding principle of the cognitive theory was applied for mentoring underachieving student. For example : mentee was learning ECG instrument. In this case mentee made  aware of the all the factors in this exercise right from the instrument setup, working of the instrument, handling patient to record ECG, data output and reading (interpreting) the ECG. Understanding of the all above mentioned factors was dependent on the questioning, thinking, learning abilities and also, knowledge and awareness of the