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Shakespeare’s Othello – The Triangle Between Othello, Iago, and Cassio

The Triangle Between Othello, Iago, and Cassio

I chose to look at the triangle between Othello , Iago, and Cassio because these three men are very important in the play. They are important to each other and the people around them. The relationship between the three of them is very strange because someone is always trying to get back at the other one and they don’t care about each others feelings or anyone else’s. In the end this leads to a blood shed fight.

Othello is the main character, heÕs the head of the Vinician army and he has just made Cassio his Lieutenant. Iago is very upset by this because he wanted to become Lieutenant but what he doesnÕt realize is that in some ways heÕs more important to Othello just without the title. Iago is OthelloÕs right hand man but Iago canÕt take that he wants more. The main problem that IÕve noticed in this play is a lack of communication and trust between the characters.

Even though Iago must figure out a way to get get this position as Lieutenant I donÕt think he hateÕs Cassio or Othello. Iago is a very power hungry character and he will do anything and hurt anyone to get what he wants. Iago just canÕt understand how he could be chosen over someone who is very naive, but he never even asked Othello why he wasnÕt chosen as Lieutenant. Maybe Othello had a good reason for not giving him that position and he may have had another position waiting for Iago. Being in this situation leaves Iago to be jealous of Cassio and very angry with Othello, and the question WHY? ( But Iago never asks this question)

Othello is a very strong will and minded character but also very naive in believing everything that Iago tells him.

His other weakness is the love he has for his wife Desdemona. Othello being head of an army, I would assume would not be so gullible to believe everything he hears. But then you also have to look at who its coming from his Òright hand manÓ , but even so wouldnÕt you search around and try to find out for yourself whether or not all these accusations are true. Othello trusts Iago to much and doesnÕt really think for himself, he automatically believes in Iago which gives Iago even more power and control over his mind.

The Women of Shakespeare’s Othello

The Women of Othello

The women of Shakespeares Othello are put into stereotypical roles, but behind peoples backs play much stronger types. Desdemona, goes against her fathers orders and marries a moor. Bianca innocently takes part in Desdemona’s death. Emilia has an opportunity to save Desdemona but sneakingly remains silent. These women are similar because they are treated like they are lower then the men in their days. But they do not let that hold them back. These women take part in anything that pleases them. In no way would they let men tell them what to do!

Desdemona was the daughter of the Venetian Senator Brabantio. Against her father’s wishes, she marries a moor, Othello. “The marriage seems to be monstrous- in the sense that it represents a deviation from that which is natural. How else, Brabantio asks, would Desdemona, so carefully, have brought such scandal upon herself and her father by shunning, the wealthy curled darlings of our nation”(Act 1 Scene 2 Line 68). Desdemona arrives and gently resolves the dispute by acknowledging split loyalties to her father and to her new husband, but making it clear that she now belongs to Othello. For the play being set in the late sixteenth century, Desdemona’s defense of her actions is remarkably forthright, spirited, and courageous. She was aware of the great risk involved when she married a moor. She says “She remains bound to her noble father for her life and education; he remains her lord of duty, and she will always honor him as such. Now however, she has a husband, and she must recognize her duties to him just as her mother did to Brabantio”(Act 1 Scene 3 Line 181). Desdemona is a well-born and well educated daughter of a Venetian senator. She has been trained to adapt herself easily to any social situation. You could see how she is headstrong in her choice of a husband and in her defense of him. Desdemona’s generous nature tries to help Cassio receive his spot as Liutenant back. This is when her kindness falls for weakness. Using Desdemona and her natural goodness, Iago will “turn her virtue into pitch, and make the net that shall enmesh them all”(Act2 Scene 3 Line 366). It is Desdemona’s innocent attempt to reconcile Othello with Cassio that gives Iago the opportunity to wreak vengeance upon Othello, causing the murder and suicide, which bring this tragedy to its violent conclusion.

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