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Speech on Online Learning


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Speech – Online Learning

For as long as I can remember, taking classes physically is a phased out compulsory phenomena. Online learning is now the new trend in town. It is the outspoken way of doing studies. The essence of its introduction and efficiency can only be supported by the day-to-day advancements in technology.

Just to be sure we are on the same line of thinking and understanding; I will break down online learning based on its merits and demerits. The reason for this is because it isn’t the most efficient way of doing classes. Again, it is not the worst depending on individual approaches. In its essence, online learning is basically a decision by an individual to take their classes and tests in an online platform. It rules out physical attendance of classes as every work involved is done virtually. As such, the only reasonable approach is based on personal preferences and commitments.

There are many merits of e-learning. For instance, the most basic one is cost reduction. As there are almost no physical commitments done in physical learning, a student can cut off such costs as in traveling and material resource. Again, there is profound flexibility in both time and financial commitments. As a student can access their classes at any time with the help of a computer and internet connection, they can organize and plan their schedule in a way that favors them. It should also be noted that self-knowledge, self-confidence and material access by learners are enhanced as different self-paced learning modules facilitate successful course completion as learners can select learning materials suiting them. The culmination of all these factors enhances the need for e-learning.

However, e-learning comes along with its downfalls. When poor learners with unmotivated study habits take the option of e-learning, they are sure to fail in structure and routine adaptation. Online schooling is as successful as the efforts an individual puts to realize their potential. Poor internet connections and slow computer systems define a failure path which may affect the general progress of an individual. The lack of physical, social connection can relate to poor grades as confidence is rarely inspired online. It can be noted that instructor’s and student’s availability may not coincide with the basic requirements for accessibility. It can lead to different parts of the education scheme lagging behind.

As such, a person should beware when choosing an e-learning scheme. They should notice that it is not always a win-win situation, but rather a coincidental interaction which only prospers at different levels of complexity. The main logical part of social connections is never enhanced. Humans perform more on instinct that intuition. It means that if a given phase of the study fails, the rest are bound to be inconvenienced. Therefore, e-learning should be encouraged on a need-be basis.

Some truly memorable cues of e-learning are available at different online platforms. By visiting an institutions website and accessing their schedules, requirements, and dedication, a person is best suited to avoid failure. It is through intensive research that they will learn their best line of approach based on the information they come across. Otherwise, the only way to ascertain their chances of success is through going through the system itself.