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Gender Discrimination In The Bluest Eye african history assignment help: african history assignment help

Gender Discrimination Charlotte Bunch said, “Sexual, racial, gender violence and other forms of discrimination and violence in a culture cannot be eliminated without changing culture” (“Charlotte Bunch Quotes.”). These ideas along with others make a huge impact in society back then and still make a huge impact in today’s world too. The most important one’s are racial and gender. These things are very common and cause a lot of people to struggle with issues through their lives. But gender discrimination and violence is more prevalent and a bigger issue than racial discrimination in past and modern society and the effects are much worse. In Toni Morrison’s The Bluest Eye and Alice Walker’s The Color Purple, the female characters struggle more with gender disparity than they do with race; this leads the characters to battle with low self worth but ultimately they overcome the gender discrimination that has impacted their whole lives, and this makes them stronger throughout the stories.  


In The Color Purple and The Bluest Eye both Celie and Pecola struggles with how they look because they aren’t seen as beautiful because they were black but also because they are girls and this caused them to struggle with themselves. Celie in The Color Purple was constantly knocked down about her appearance  throughout the story. “She ugly. He say. But she ain’t no stranger to hard work. And she clean. And god done fixed her. You can do everything just like you want to and she saint gonna make you feed it or clothe it” (Walker 8). In this quote it shows how Celie is described as ugly and she keeps that with her for most of her life. She is talked down to and called ugly, so why wouldn’t she believe that and it affects her self-esteem throughout the stories. Her relationships through the story cause Celie to finally realize her self worth. “Shug teaches Celie much about herself: to stand up for herself to Mr. _ , about her own beauty and self-worth” (Slomski). Celie’s relationship with Shug Avery is the relationship that helps restore Celie’s little self-worth through the story. Shug empowers Celie to stand up for herself against the demeaning actions and words of Albert. Celie is finally able to see the beauty in herself after


The Apology by Plato history assignment help and resources

The Apology by Plato


“Is the unexamined life worth living?” (The Apology, 2016, para. 48). This question has been asked by people since the time of Socrates. Many people delve into the quandary of this question seeking a greater understanding of their purpose. Often times, people live on the surface and never truly strive for self-examination, whereas others believe it is crucial to deeply examine one’s true self. Every life is worth living. However, the difference between simply existing in an unexamined life versus living life as God intended is momentous. An examined life is lived for the benefit of others more than oneself. Socrates’ question has revealed several different truths, including the value of self-examination, the importance…show more content…

Every life given by God is worth living. However, a self-examined life may well be one full of meaning, depth, and humility. It is vital to delve into life by being inquisitive and reflective rather than floating on the surface of existence.


Being a leader means providing the followers with guidance and wisdom. In the apology, Socrates was continually proving respected politicians, poets, and even craftsmen to be fools. Every man he spoke with only had knowledge of a certain field of study or basic information, but there was no depth to their knowledge. The people did not have any substantial and meaningful knowledge beyond their specific field of expertise. The politicians, poets, and craftsmen all truly believed they themselves were wiser than Socrates and none were humble. Continually, Socrates proved these men to be hypocrites, which angered them. Being a good leader and living a substantial and meaningful life means that whether you are a leader or a follower, delving into knowledge is beneficial for the greater good. Additionally, having humility while in a roll of leadership will result in a more significant life in that position, whether one is a respected politician, poet, or craftsmen. If a leader has knowledge of only how to do his job, he cannot provide the best leadership to his followers because he will not be able to give substantial answers that will benefit them and


The American Dream in August Wilson´s Play ap art history homework help: ap art history homework help

A recurring theme in American history has been that of the American Dream, the idea that anyone, regardless of race, can achieve success through hard work. In his stirring 1990 play The Piano Lesson, August Wilson uses African-American characters to embody the American Dream. Throughout the play, set in Pittsburgh in 1936, Wilson traces the economic successes of several African-American characters, such as Boy Willie and Lymon. However, Wilson’s portrayal of this apparent progress conflicts with the true historical setting. The reality between 1877 and the 1930s was that social barriers, such as Jim Crow laws and sharecropping, precluded economic progress for most African-Americans. A few black Americans such as Madam Walker, an Indiana businesswoman, made some progress, but in general there was stagnation in terms of pecuniary growth during this time period. August Wilson’s interpretation of African-American economic progress through fictional characters in The Piano Lesson is flawed because it represents a few economically successful African-Americans of the time, but fails to capture the lack of progress made by the majority between 1877 and 1930. Most African-Americans were unable to make economic progress because of de jure and de facto social barriers during that period. In a flashback from the play, the fictional Lymon Jackson was about to earn money by hauling wood, but was ruined when “the sheriff got [him],” “[said he] was stealing wood,” and “fined [him] a


A Strategic Analysis of Walgreens help me with my history homework





Knowing the importance of a strategic vision, every company undertakes a complete analysis periodically.  In order to create a strategic plan the parties involved must know every aspect of the industry and the company at hand.  The purpose of this paper is to describe and analyze the retail drugstore industry and then focus on Walgreens, the industry leader in terms of sales.  As part of the in-depth analysis of Walgreens, its major competitors will also be described and analyzed.  The retail drugstore industry consists of all those stores that contain a pharmacy and sell prescription drugs.  It also includes businesses that sell prescription drugs online and through the mail.  Most retail drugstores also offer other…show more content…

Currently, the most frequent users are children under 10 and seniors over the age of 65.  The buyers of health and beauty aids also consist of a wide range of users. Younger users tend to buy hair care and hygiene products initially, then add cosmetics and skin care items as they mature.  The addition of a wide range of household items, including kitchenware, toys, pet care items, and lawn care items has enhanced the appeal of the drugstore as a one-stop shopping destination, where frequently used items can be picked up while a prescription is being filled.  The development of a strategy that focuses on convenience items will further broaden the target market.




The sale of pharmaceuticals is considered to be a recession-proof industry, as medications are a necessity.  However, drugstores are impacted by factors such as payment rates offered by third-party providers, prices charged by drug manufacturers, and legislation impacting the extension of drug patents.  Obviously, the sale of non-drug items is not recession-proof.  




Suppliers:  Drugstores obtain their prescription drug products from the drug manufacturers.  Drug manufacturers have been accused of discriminatory pricing due to a practice of selling products to HMOs and mail-order houses at prices 40% to 60% under the price charged to community drugstores.  The community drugstores have filed a class-action lawsuit in response to this practice.  Many drugstores use large wholesalers as