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Reflection Journal: Related Learning


Please answer the following for each Reflection Journal Assignment:

(a) What 3 key ideas have you gained from the Modules: Weeks’ materials since your last

Reflection Journal, and why are these ideas important?

(b) What Christian worldview integration research or scholarly perspective from biblical or

Christian counseling experts relate to what you have learned from the course material?

Reflection Journal 1

Modules 1 – 4: Weeks 1 – 4

As noted in the course, you do not have to read and review all 3 treatment modalities in the first

4 Modules: Weeks (Prolonged Exposure Cognitive Processing Therapy, and Eye Movement

Desensitization and Reprocessing) for Reflection Journal 1, but rather you choose the model you

want to really focus on learning. This means you read that text for the treatment modality you

have chosen to learn about and review the materials in the folder for that model. The other

materials on the other treatment models will be supplementary for you. You might like to review

those also, or wait to review them after the course, but the goal is for you to substantively

develop your skills in at least 1 empirically supported model. The treatment modality you are

focusing on will be the focus of your first Reflection Journal.